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Full Guide: CS settings: GO from professionals

In the most popular network shooter for any gamer you need to know the settings of CS: GO from professionals. Players who already have thousands of races in their assets have found the most optimal set of parameters. Setting the characteristics of the game to a certain level helps in all cases of confrontation. The role is played by each setting, starting with the speed of the mouse and ending with the expansion of the screen.

Description of the game

CS settings: GO from professionals appeared because the project itself is a cybersport discipline. In games where only the most inveterate gamers play, a fraction of a second, a reaction, a sight, parameters and much more play a role. The fights themselves are divided into two teams. Five people on one and the other side try to win round after round by way of destroying enemies, installing a bomb or demining it. For constant shootings, the developers have provided for a huge arsenal of weapons of different types. For the battle, money is earned, equipment is bought and mass confrontation begins on the chosen map.

Specific examples

In order to better understand what the best game settings for CS: GO are, it is necessary to consider real examples of configurations from professional users. The arrows show their own personal sets of parameters. It is recommended that the sight be not set by a dot, making it green with a transparency of 255 units. The distance between the strokes is minus two units, the fourth style, the third size and the minimum thickness. Models of the keyboard, mouse and monitor are chosen at their discretion. A few users have a real opportunity to buy new equipment specifically for network races. Other experienced gamers change in the parameters of the sight only some values. For some, the optimal distance is minus one, and the size is two. Other characteristics repeat those that were indicated in the configuration above.

Desktop: color scheme

Customizing the game CS: GO from professionals provides for changing the brightness of the desktop, which is nice for the graph inside the client. To do this, users need to open the Nvidia control panel on the desktop with the right mouse button. They set firstly in the drop-down box the display of all color channels. The slider in front of the "brightness" is set at 65%. Contrast should be five units higher, and the gamma should stop exactly one without tenths and hundredths. In the third paragraph, we cast the hue down to zero, so that the outlines of the enemies in the battle are not slightly blurred. These settings CS: GO from professionals will help improve the picture in terms of display. If you consider that in shooters, even trifles are important, then they can repeatedly help you win the round. It is also worth noting that the digital intensity should remain at a standard value of 50%.

3D settings and graphics

Further settings CS: GO from professionals go to the item 3D-control panel Nvidia. Almost all of the characteristics indicated here should be turned off or simply freeze at the "no" level. The exceptions are adaptive power management mode and graphics processors. The last paragraph should include all of them. Now save the changes, close the panel and go to the client itself. There you need to open the graphics settings and set the full-screen mode with the extension of 1024 to 768 points. The display mode is normal, 4: 3. Turning to the textures themselves, it is worth noting that you will have to choose between the effectiveness of the game and the beauty of the picture. Twist all the graphics settings to the very minimum. This will reduce to zero the probability of some signal delay and subsidence in the FPS signal. Filter textures instead of anisotropic textures and set them to bilinear. The remaining items such as "vertical synchronization" and other lotions should be completely disabled. The remaining settings do not have the proper effect on the game process itself and are responsible only for visualization. Put the name of your team near the nickname and start the fight for the championship.

Mouse in the shooter

Mouse settings in the CS: GO professionals propose setting the DPI parameter to a certain level. Most advanced players choose exactly 400 units. Not every device allows you to change the speed. First, the mouse itself must be a game mouse and have a special key for switching the speeds. Secondly, the computer will have to install a special program settings for a particular model of technology and already there to put all the cursor movement parameters. Choose the model of the mouse according to your own discretion and material possibilities. Do it together with other changes mentioned above, and you will be fully provided with a comfortable game in the most popular network shooter.

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