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Can I make a crossbow with my own hands?

Many men are fond of sports shooting. And about the love of the representatives of the stronger sex to arms and talk is not necessary - this is their passion, which is called "in the blood." And it's no wonder - any man subconsciously warrior and hunter - this is inherent in us by nature. One of the most ancient weapons is a crossbow - the development of onions, for centuries, effectively used in war and hunting. Arbalests for hunting with their own hands are made today. Why do modern men choose a crossbow with their own hands? The fact is that these weapons, although known since ancient times, but not so common today as, for example, bows. The lack of prevalence is explained by the inadequate choice of industrial crossbows produced, as well as the insufficient presence of shooting equipment in the market. Searching for a crossbow, we can say that even if the finished weapon is found on the market, it will be quite expensive. That is why we consider the manufacture of a crossbow with our own hands.

It may seem that making a crossbow with your own hands is very difficult, but you should not forget that our ancestors used this simple and effective weapon to use only simple tools and materials that were at hand. Their success in the field of manufacturing small arms is due to the simple design, which is characterized by a crossbow. So, to make a crossbow with your own hands is quite simple, let's consider how to do it.

The most important element of the crossbow is the bed, that is the base of the weapon. For the manufacture of wood is necessary for viscous wood. These are such common trees as walnut, birch or ash. Of course, as a material for the manufacture of the bed, you can choose metal, and already install wooden slats on it, but with this approach one can not speak of the simplicity of the manufacturing process.

So, you need to pick up a board, the thickness of which will be 3 cm and you can start making butt. On top of the stock is formed a groove, which will serve as a guide arrow. It is highly desirable to reinforce this groove by installing metal rails along its sides.

Next, you need arcs of the crossbow. For their manufacture it is possible to use automobile springs, which are machined on the machine to the desired size. In addition, the arc from the broken sports bow will do. Arcs are attached to a special shoe, but without it you can do without. In this case, it is necessary to firmly tie the shoulders of the crossbow to the box, or to make a metal frame that will tightly grasp the bow and the bed of the future weapon.

When a crossbow is made by hand, the master should not forget that the bowstring should not be stretched, so it is better to choose materials like fastflight, deynema or lavsan as the material for it. Strings of string are wrapped after it is stretched on two nails. Also it is necessary to remember the loops that form at the ends of the string, which will later allow it to be dressed. After the bowstring is ready, it needs to be fixed on a crossbow, after which the level of tension is regulated. The above-described type of bowstring makes it possible to make a large number of shots - up to 10 thousand.

After the bowstring is ready and fastened on the crossbow, you can begin to manufacture the mechanism responsible for the descent. It is a lever made of wood and built into a crossbow. In order for the crossbow to shoot accurately, you need a sight. This important component can be mechanical, consisting of flies and dioptric, where the whole is replaced by a diopter - a plate equipped with a round hole. In addition, together with a crossbow, you can use an optical or laser sight, which you can not do by yourself, you'll have to buy them in the store.

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