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High-pressure washing with your hands. Repair of high pressure washers

High pressure washers have become quite popular products in the modern economy. It can be used for cleaning terraces, street tracks, cars, homes or other items. In doing so, you can build the product yourself.

Advantages of self-made apparatus

High pressure washing with our own hands is designed quickly. In addition, it has other advantages:

  • Simplicity and speed of manufacture;
  • Does not require any complicated spare parts, everything can be made from simple improvised elements;
  • Ease of use;
  • The possibility of modernization;
  • The efficiency of the work is almost the same as that of the purchased model;
  • low cost.

Presented equipment very quickly washed away even the most resistant dirt from the surface of the object. Thus there are no any divorces. An additional positive feature is that when using the presented apparatus it is practically impossible to damage the surface of the object being processed.

What elements are necessary for work

If you know that a high pressure washer is constructed simply and quickly with your own hands, now you need to understand its design, and also answer the question about what parts are necessary for the job.

So, the device consists of a pump or a compressor that provides water supply. Also need an electric motor, which will ensure the work of the entire structure. Naturally, the required water tank, high pressure hose, tube, connecting elements (couplings) and handpieces are necessary. If you want to make a multifunctional model, you will also need a jet head control.

How to choose the right elements of the device?

In order for the high-pressure washing to be done correctly and with high efficiency, it is necessary to understand which parts are to be purchased.

So, the pump should have an operating pressure of about 200 bar to provide a powerful jet of water. Naturally, it must have high performance. Pay attention to the material of the pump (or compressor). All parts of this device must be made of strong materials that will not succumb to the negative effects of moisture.

As for the engine, it is best to purchase a single-phase device, whose power is 220 watts. That is, such a device will be economical and efficient. To connect the elements it is better to use soft couplings that perfectly fix the connections and serve as a kind of safety device in case of jamming the pump.

In order for the high pressure washer to be optimally made, you also need to use a water tank. It is desirable that the tank is connected to the water supply. In this case, your jet will be uninterrupted and stable. Naturally, filters for mechanical cleaning of liquids must be stopped in the tank. In the tank you can add a variety of detergents.

A regulator with a non-return valve is best purchased at a specialized store. Also, a short tube is needed on which a gun with a nozzle will be worn. The type of tip depends on what kind of jet you need, and what exactly you will be washing.

An important element is a high-pressure hose. It must be flexible and have a reinforcing layer that will not allow the product to collapse under the influence of high water pressure.

Features of the device

Now consider how you can make high-pressure car washes yourself.

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to equip the tank with a pump. Please note that all connections must be strong and airtight. For fixing use soft couplings.
  2. On the other side of the tank, you need to attach a hose to which water will be supplied.
  3. The hose is put on the hose, with which you will direct the jet.

Note that the power cord must be well insulated from moisture.

Features of repair apparatus

In principle, if this unit breaks down, it is better to contact the customer service. Naturally, if you are well versed in the design of the device, you can perform self-repair high pressure washers .

So, let's see what kind of malfunctions may occur in your device. Most often in the sinks there is a decrease in the performance of the pump or pump. Naturally, the effectiveness of the device in this case significantly decreases. The reason for this situation is usually the wear of the seals in the pump mechanism. In this case, they should be replaced. However, if such a breakdown happens too often, then pay attention to the water quality. Perhaps it contains too many abrasive impurities.

If a pressure regulator is installed on your machine, the rubber rings that are present in its design can also wear out. In this case, you can reduce the density of the water jet, its pressure and detergency.

In case the failure was very serious and the equipment is not repairable, it is better to purchase a new apparatus. The same should be done if spare parts for high pressure washers are very difficult to get.

Helpful Tips

Your product should be easy to use, so do not select too much detail. During the manufacture of the device, be aware that it will need to be earthed. To do this, you can use a three-wire wire with good insulation. From time to time, you should always check all connections.

To ensure that the pressure pump does not fail, do not use a high-pressure jet at all times. In order for you to adjust the shape and pressure of the jet, you can use a special nozzle.

If you often turn off the light, then to operate the device you can additionally equip it with a battery. In addition, you can equip the machine with nozzles that will replace some household appliances.

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