IZ (motorcycle) 49 - living history

Often there are cases in the history of the Soviet motorcycle industry cases that for lack of own copied someone else's. For example, a successful foreign motorcycle by magic obedience of the wand becomes domestic. The issue is getting better, but everyone forgets about the original. Well, that means fate. This pattern is not missed and a wonderful German two-wheeled unit of the war DKW-350. Already IZH-350, to be correct. The "new" motorcycle delighted many buyers. This quality and convenience have long been seen.

Development of the model

IZH-350 was produced from 1946 to 1951. He perfectly outlived his time, and in return came a new, slightly improved IZH (motorcycle) 49. There were no significant alterations, mainly designers replaced front and rear shock absorbers. They have become softer and more effective. Forty-ninth model was remembered by many. Convenience, reliability and exterior beauty have made this motorcycle a legend. The revised IZH-350 was produced between 1951-1958. In such a short time Izhevsk plant of motor-vehicles produced half a million copies. It deserves respect.

Motorhome (motorcycle) 49

The forty-ninth IZH is made in the traditional tones of the manufacturer. The classic medium bike, intended for movement around the city, no more: characteristics do not allow. A rider can carry an additional passenger with him. For him, a separate saddle is intended. IZH-49 was produced as a two-wheeled motorcycle, but sometimes the developers attached a stroller to it, which was rare. All the same "forty-ninth" was remembered by all the single motorcycle.

To date, this bike is difficult to call good. Technical characteristics are weak, the appearance is not that fascinating, but it's better to keep silent about dynamic parameters. Now he is not visible on the roads, but he still lives. In history IZH-49 remained forever.


ИЖ (a motorcycle) 49, as it is specified above, it is made in the best traditions of the Izhevsk factory. It almost does not differ from other similar models (IZH-1, IZH-350, IZH-56 and many others). Among the common features can be identified fuel tank drop-shaped. It is higher than the seat (unlike later IZ copies). The rudder is not high. This arm is bent and does not lie flat. The engine does not take up much space. One cylinder though! The driver's seat, unfortunately, is bad. He has many shortcomings. The armchair is small, single. People with large dimensions will be hard not to fall off, especially at high speeds. In addition, the seat is hard, without any pads.

Motorcycle IZH 49: technical specifications

The German foundation did its work. The bike not only looked elegant, but also on the roads kept himself skilful. The main advantage of the forty-ninth IZH is the engine. As for the sixty-year-old aggregate, the characteristics are at altitude. The motor hides behind itself only one single cylinder. It belongs to the push-pull system. The whole volume is rather big three hundred and forty six cubic centimeters. It is worthy of respect. The power, of course, is not enough. The motor of a motorcycle can squeeze out all twelve horsepowers. The maximum speed to which you can disperse a bike is 80 kilometers per hour. The fuel consumption is rather small. Four liters per hundred kilometers. Transmission reliable - four-speed.


IZH (motorcycle) 49 is evaluated in different ways. All the fault of the century and the state of the unit. The average cost of a bike is 30000 rubles. For 60 years, the two-wheeled nodes are obsolete, so not often you can not find a converted, original IZH-49 (motorcycle). Spare parts have not been sold for a long time, so any, even a small breakdown, will bring big expenses and a big expenditure of time.

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