Toyota Yaris: advantages and disadvantages

Today, around the world, you can observe the massive migration of people from villages and towns to large cities. The reason for this is a lot of factors. Among them can be identified such as high unemployment in small towns, lack of development prospects, limited opportunities for education. Thus, regional and regional capitals of the countries became densely populated, almost crowded. This situation was caused by a change in the infrastructure of cities, their transport links.

Many people living in densely populated megacities transferred the car from the category of "luxury" to the "necessity" section. This caused an increase in demand for cars with a small engine volume, and, accordingly, and the expense. It is to such a class that Toyota Yaris belongs.

First impression

It is worth noting that the most common model is Yaris in the hatchback. His appearance encourages every man to take him to the category of women's cars. But, in addition to this version of the body, also produced a few sedans and station wagons. They appear in a different light: small sizes, streamlined forms, traditional Japanese craftsmanship and the ability to create coziness.

The interior of this car is not spacious. The rear seats do not accommodate three adults, or at least they will be uncomfortable and cramped.

Test Drive

Toyota Yaris behaves beautifully on the road. Management is very convenient and easy. Of course, because of the small mass, there are certain unpleasant sensations in the open area in strong winds. Special praise deserves a small fuel consumption, which consumes Toyota Yaris. Feedback about this car further confirms its good name. Often, it is changed only because of the increase in the number of passengers or the change of social status.

Evolution and development of the lineup

Cars of this brand began to be produced in the 1990's only in the hatchback. Initially, Toyota Yaris was positioned as an economical car, but its cost was incommensurable with similar models. As a result, the company's management revised the concept of the car a little, changed the appearance, making it more attractive and provocative. Also improved and technical characteristics. Toyota Yaris has become more maneuverable and manageable. In some models began to put more powerful engines, others - to supply hybrid systems.

To date, we have a Toyota Yaris third generation car, which has excellent maneuverability, ease of control and defiant design. In addition to this model, if desired, complete with the latest technology, and while fuel consumption is still the same small and pleasant figure. Toyota Yaris is already targeting a completely different target audience and is in a borderline state relative to the class of the car. At the same time, it is still convenient in metropolitan areas, and its size allows you to park virtually anywhere.

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