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Treatment of a knee injury. What you need to know

One of the most common injuries is bruises. Any person has already met them from an early age. You can get a bruise even when doing the usual homework. Often, this problem occurs during training, as well as during ordinary walks through the streets.

The most common injury is a knee injury. This phenomenon is often observed not only in children, but also in adults. It should be borne in mind that any injury, regardless of the age of the victim, can be quite dangerous to health.

Unfortunately, there are no contusions for bruises. The most effective fight against them is correct and timely treatment. It is a mistake to assume that it is not difficult to get rid of this phenomenon. Treatment of a knee injury, first of all, begins with the establishment of a correct diagnosis, which is possible only when carrying out radiography. As the first aid in the event of injury, the maximum protection of the damaged joint should be ensured. In this case, even the most minor physical exertion should be excluded.

Treatment of a knee injury begins with the use of cold. Such procedures cause vasospasm and reduce the size of internal hemorrhages. In this case, the main task of these actions is to stop the development of extensive hemarthrosis, since the resulting hematoma will squeeze the nerve endings and create strong pain sensations. If it is impossible to apply cold, the injured leg should be raised as high as possible before the doctors arrive. This position of the limb will reduce the influx of blood into it, which will create the necessary effect.

Treatment of knee injury, conducted before the provision of skilled care, will significantly accelerate the further restoration of joint performance. In the future, in the presence of severe pain, analgesic procedures are performed by a variety of medications. They must be controlled by a doctor. Anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs are commonly used, in particular, Diclofenac, Ketanov and Analgin. Treatment of a knee injury is possible with the use of various ointments (Traumel C, Fastum, etc.). In order to reduce the manifestation of pain syndrome and to remove puffiness, the doctor performs a puncture of the joint. During this procedure, the accumulated blood is sucked away. After this, a dressing is applied, which fixes movements and warms the area of damage.

Knee injury, the treatment of which, as a rule, is carried out at home, requires the limitation of the motor functions of the joint. To speed up the recovery, it is also necessary to carry out various procedures, for example, physiotherapy.

A knee injury and a bruised leg, the treatment of which can be successfully carried out on the advice of folk healers, are faster when using an ointment with the addition of a plantain leaf, the basis of which is pork fat. Official medicine recommends the use during the course of treatment of drugs that contain in their composition analgesic and anti-inflammatory elements. These include ointments: "Lyoton", "Artroactive", "Ferbedon" and others. Rapid recovery of the knee joint is possible with the use of chondroprotective agents, for example, cream and "Collagen Ultra" gel.

The usual period for recovery of the knee after an injury is two to three weeks. If the case is severe, the rehabilitation time increases.

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