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Nodular goiter: the essence of pathology

Under the concept of nodular goiter all neoplasms, nodes and outgrowths in the thyroid gland fall. This disease completely depends on the hormonal background of the thyroid gland, hence the degree of its complexity is also revealed. Similar neoplasms on the neck are located on its front surface, directly under the thyroid cartilage, and are of a benign nature, but still requires systematic observation and timely treatment. Visually, this thyroid anomaly can be found in the neck by every potential patient, since with such an aggravation the thyroid gland can increase several times. Sometimes such neoplasms dissolve independently without the participation of medical assistance, but can often be an alarming symptom of a serious illness, and the help of specialists is simply necessary.

There is quite a relevant question, why are such "knots" on the neck formed, on what does it depend? Of course, everything depends on the state of the thyroid gland, since pathology occurs only when there is a disruption in the production of thyroid hormones and hypothyroidism (their deficiency) or hyperthyroidism (their excess) is observed. Rarely the reason why there is nodular goiter, there may be a stimulating effect of the pituitary gland on the production of these hormones in the thyroid gland. But until the end to identify the root cause is not yet possible, but a certain pattern has already been discovered. Thus, people exposed to radioactive radiation are more prone to disease progression. Also, a significant role is played by a genetic factor capable of transmitting this disease from parents to children.

Often it is possible to diagnose nodal goiter independently , the symptoms of which in most cases are quite obvious. Most often, such neoplasms on the neck have different sizes. If the site is large, then it can be felt on the neck, in addition, there may be a feeling of pain and a feeling of "coma in the throat", as well as some difficulties in swallowing and breathing. In hyperthyroidism, there is also nervousness, excessive sweating and a significant weight loss. With hypothyroidism, there is a violation of digestion, depression, dry skin and memory and gastrointestinal problems.

If pathology is not found independently, it is necessary to conduct a number of clinical studies that include ultrasound of the thyroid gland, which reveals the presence of pathogenic nodes, their number and characteristics, and a general blood test for detecting the level of thyroid hormones.

When confirming the disease of nodular goiter, treatment should be started in a timely manner. Most small neoplasms do not disturb the habitual work of the thyroid, so there is no urgent need for serious medication, and patients with similar anomalies need to undergo an ultrasound examination and a thyroid gland once a year.

If there is an increase in the thyroid gland, nodular goiter requires a reduction in the load on the affected organ, this will allow the thyroid gland to work as usual without connecting its additional capabilities and thereby avoiding possible relapses. Treatment should not only eliminate the cause of the disease, but also regulate in the body the normal production of hormones by taking hormonal medications. Malignant nodes are a rarity in modern medicine, but when they are detected, conservative treatment is necessary, and sometimes even with surgical intervention. But such an operation does not exclude further progression of this disease, and several such surgical procedures often have to be done, so it's better to try to correct the situation with the help of therapy (certainly, not by yourself, but with the help of a qualified endocrinologist) before taking such extreme measures.

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