Motorcycle Stels Flex 250 - reviews of the owners. Characteristics and description of the model

Back in 2013, a new sample of light two-wheeled equipment was presented to the public, which connoisseurs could not ignore. This refers to the Stels Flex 250 motorcycle, which in its design and appearance resembles the model Honda CB 300R, which debuted in 2011 in Brazil. Despite the similarity, these models also have some differences.

The presented motorcycle should be attributed to the class of urban vehicles, slightly embellished with plastic body elements, sports fairings and stickers. The image of the dashing inhabitant of a megacity replenishes front and back headlights which are presented in the form of thin inserts of the extended form giving to it aggressiveness, promptness and dynamism. It seems that the bike is ready to go off and rush until it runs out of fuel. The holistic style of this vehicle is complemented by an impressive chrome-plated muffler and original gasoline tank.


Many also note the seats of increased comfort on the Stels Flex 250. Reviews of their convenience are very favorable, because they provide an even, direct and free landing both to the driver and the passenger. When looking at the dashboard, the rider can easily count the readings of the tachometer, speedometer, the odometer's liquid crystal display and the position of the gearbox without difficulty . In addition, before the driver's eyes, the parameters of the current state of the motorcycle and the electronic clock are presented. The location of the ignition lock also does not cause confusion, it is below the control panel on the steering column.

Reliability and productivity

Compared to the Honda CB 300R, the new bike has acquired a reinforced steel frame, which allowed to install a more powerful power unit on the Stels Flex 250. Reviews of the advantages of this engine note: despite the model's marking, its actual working volume is 225 centimeters cubic. However, these characteristics are enough to feel confident on the road. The engine has one exhaust pipe. This leads to speculation that the power unit was deformed. Although this process has a positive impact on operational features, reliability and its resource, sometimes there is a desire to slightly increase the cubature.

Ease of management

According to consumers, the motorcycle has very good stability and stability. When driving, there is no vibration, so it fully meets the requirements that are imposed on vehicles of this class. The sound of the engine running is very pleasant and bass, this property is due to the chromed resonant silencer installed on the Stels Flex 250.

The owners' feedback notes some features of the gearbox of this motorcycle. Despite the fact that the first four speeds are very short, the fifth is extremely long. This feature does not always allow you to effectively overtake vehicles or switch depending on the traffic situation. A lot of stickers that decorate the body of a motorcycle, eventually become unfit for use and acquire a sloppy and repulsive appearance. Therefore, if you have a desire to prevent such a development of events, it is better to remove them in advance. Let's pass to consideration of specific features of this vehicle.

Detailed description

The motorcycle Stels Flex 250 features the following:

  • The frame of the vehicle has a diamond-shaped geometry and is made of tubular steel elements. Has stiffness and strength.
  • The four -stroke 225 cc air-cooled engine with one cylinder has a maximum capacity of about 16 horsepower. These values are achieved at 5500 rpm.
  • The torque of the power unit is 17.5 Nm.
  • The power system operates on gasoline A-92, its carburetor design.
  • Ignition is noncontact, with electronic control elements.
  • Transmission is presented in the form of a mechanical gearbox on 5 stages, installed on the Stels Flex 250. Reviews about her work are somewhat ambiguous, but if the owner wants, you can debug it.
  • Type of clutch - multi-disc, in a special oil bath.
  • Drive chain with the transfer of torque to the rear wheel.
  • The start is made by means of an electric starter.
  • Rear suspension - with spring-hydraulic shock absorber pendulum type.
  • A telescopic fork with a pair of elastomeric-oil expansion joints is installed at the front.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear wheels provide a shortening of the time to a complete stop.
  • The fuel tank holds 18 liters of gasoline A-92.
  • 17 "tires on wheels are made of quality rubber and have high resistance to abrasion.
  • Aluminum alloy wheels prevent radial runout.
  • Dimensions of the motorcycle - 208.5 x 74 x 104 centimeters.
  • The size of the base between the wheels is 140.2 cm.
  • The total weight of the equipped equipment is 146 kilograms.

Preparation after purchase

Despite the impressive equipment that Stels Flex 250 motorcycle has, reviews of its owners recommend immediately after the acquisition to perform a full technical maintenance of the equipment and its revision. To do this, tighten all fasteners, check their availability, correct the position of the control cables and so on.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer has not provided official data on the maximum speed of the Stels Flex 250, the owners' reviews claim that it can accelerate to 120 kilometers per hour. By empirical way, the average flow was calculated when moving in the urban cycle, it was 4.5 liters per 100 km. This is quite a lot for a vehicle with such a small amount. Most likely, this is another important argument in the piggy bank of those individuals who talk about the deformation of its power unit. Of course, fuel consumption may vary due to the manner of driving and its aggressiveness, but 4.5 liters were observed by many owners, which makes such an assertion untenable and represents a correct picture of the average indicators.


Most likely, the increased consumption of gasoline is a payment for reliability of the engine. Despite these features, the Stels Flex 250 has excellent maneuverability. It can seep through traffic jams, like a knife through oil. According to its owners, it can be concluded that they are satisfied with their acquisition and do not plan to part with it. After all, in the jungle of road interchanges of megacities, the motorcycle does not hamper the driver's route, since it allows you to move between the rows of cars, as if on a bicycle. However, unlike its two-wheeled fellow, it is equipped with the necessary light and sound equipment. The role of the headlights is delegated to high-quality halogen optics, and the indication of turns and braking to signal elements. Safety of motorcycle control is provided by a good overview of the rear-view mirrors, which help the driver to monitor the road situation.

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