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Sourdough for bread: cooking secrets

Baking bread at home was engaged since ancient times. It was believed that the baker should bake only in a good mood, since the positive energy emanating from him through the product was passed on to other people. The bread on the leaven, baked in a Russian stove, was fragrant and incredibly tasty. But even now, skillful housewives bake it in the oven. Now yeast is most often used for baking bread. But they are not used by everyone, for various reasons. Some people do not like the smell of yeast, which is transferred to baking, others have an allergy to their constituents. Specifically for such people there is a recipe for a yeastless leaven, which will be discussed below. In order to bake bread at home, you need to prepare for him a special starter. At the heart of its preparation is the fermentation of fermented milk products. There are quite a lot of sourdough recipes, so consider the main ones.

Bezdorozhevaya leaven for bread: a recipe for cooking

Whatever you say, baking based on leaven is always lush, tasty and with a delicate, pleasant bread scent. The sourdough for bread, used for baking, saturates the body with vitamins, organic acids, minerals, fiber.

The recipe for its preparation is very simple. It is necessary to mix 1 large glass of flour and water, preferably room temperature. This stock should be poured into a glass jar or other dishes and put in a warm dry place. After 4 days in this mixture you need to add 1 more glass of water and the same amount of flour, so it is fed. After about two or three days, the leaven for bread will be completely ready. Keep it in the refrigerator so that air access to it is free. To do this, they usually close the jar with a gauze or linen cloth. It should be noted that the dough on a yeastless leaven is easily kneaded and almost does not stick to your hands. This is a fairly easy recipe for making bread sourdough. At the same time bread on its basis turns out magnificent and very tasty.

Hop leaven for bread: a recipe for cooking

To prepare hop seeds, mix 1 tbsp. A spoonful of hops, (fill it in a thermos bottle) and 1 glass of hot water, shake well and leave overnight. The next day, you need to filter the infusion through a special strainer and cool to about room temperature. After the infusion has cooled, it must be poured into a glass jar with the addition of 1 tbsp. Spoon the sugar and mix thoroughly. After that, you need to add flour to the homogeneous consistency, like sour cream. The bank should be closed with a gauze cap (so that air penetrates) and send it to a warm place for a day. The next day you need to open the jar (do not be afraid, at first the smell of the ferment is very unpleasant, but eventually it will pass) and fill in the rye flour again to the consistency of sour cream. After that, the can should be covered with a towel and sent again to a warm place for a day. Then again, we carry out top dressing with water and rye flour. The next day the leaven for bread will be completely ready. This can be understood by its structure (on the surface there will be bubbles) and an acidic odor. In the evening, you can put a spoon, which should be insisted for about 12 hours, and then bake bread on its basis. Despite the fact that it takes a lot of time to prepare the hop culture, many people use this recipe. Because it can be cooked once and used for a long time, as it is well stored.

Bread prepared by own hands, is a subject of pride for any mistress. In addition, homemade bread has an amazing taste and is stored for a long time, unlike the store one. And the secret of his successful baking is the rightly prepared leaven for bread.

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