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Rings on the fingers and their meaning

The ring is an excellent decoration used by both women and men. By the way, the tradition to decorate fingers with ringlets appeared in ancient states. In addition, with the help of these ornaments it was possible to emphasize the status, to show some personal qualities. Often rings on the fingers were a symbol of entry into a narrow circle of the population, belonging to this or that part of society.

Of course, today rings are used for the most part as decorations. Nevertheless, psychologists and astrologers agree that the finger on which the ring is worn can tell a lot about the character and aspirations of the person.

Rings on the fingers: ancient etiquette

It is interesting that the so-called "language of the rings" began to emerge in ancient states. By decorating one or another finger, a person could inform the public about his personal qualities or intentions. Rings on the fingers were worn according to etiquette until about the beginning of the twentieth century. Despite the fact that such traditions are rarely revered in modern society, the information is very interesting.

  • If a person decorated the index finger with a ring , it meant that he was ready for marriage and was looking for a "soul mate".
  • The ring on the middle finger indicated that its owner is a very experienced lover.
  • A man with a ring on an unnamed finger informed the public that he already has a lover (wife or bride).
  • If the ring is worn on the little finger, then the person has not yet found his love. He is not against intrigue, but he is not ready for serious relations yet.

Engagement ring: on which finger is it worn?

The tradition of using rings as a symbol of married life arose in ancient states. For example, in Ancient Greece and Egypt, wives wore engagement rings on the ring finger of the left hand, since it was believed that it was to this finger that the so-called "love artery" leads. In many European countries, this tradition is honored to this day. In Russia, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

If everything is clear with the engagement ring, then on which finger do they wear an engagement ring? At us it is accepted to put on the same ring finger of the right hand and to wear together with an engagement.

Rings on the fingers: value

As already mentioned, astrologers and psychologists attach great importance to the finger on which the ring is worn. It is believed that when decorating hands with rings, a person consciously or unconsciously demonstrates some of the properties of his character. It is interesting that not only the finger, but also the material, the dimensions and the presence of the precious stones, is important.

The index finger decorated with a ring gives out a powerful, ambitious person. Many famous rulers, including Julius Caesar and Ivan the Terrible, wore rings on the forefinger. It is also believed that wearing a tin or gold ring on this finger greatly increases self-esteem, makes a person more self-confident.

The ring on the middle finger shows a selfish man who, with the help of this ornament, seeks to emphasize his own charm. It is interesting that such people, as a rule, believe in the inevitability of fate. Massive rings on the fingers are a symbol of pride. It is interesting that it is customary to wear expensive family jewelry on middle fingers.

Know the meaning of the ring on the ring finger know, probably, everything, because that's how they wear engagement rings. In addition, the decoration of nameless fingers speaks of a person who aspires to pleasure and sensual pleasures.

The owner of a ring on a little finger is, as a rule, a rather cunning and quirky person inclined to constant intrigues. Such people like gambling, constantly flirting and flirting.

But the value of the ring on the thumb is quite interesting. Long ago men decorated this finger to demonstrate or protect men's strength. The ring on this finger indicates a thirst for attention and self-affirmation.

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