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Beautiful Arabic names for girls

The topic of today's article will be Arabic names for girls and their meaning. Modern Arab fathers want for their daughters of happiness and prosperity. With this, the choice of a name is connected today. In Muslim traditions, when parents give a name to their child, they bring him a gift. Therefore, names bear such a profound meaning. Arab names for the girl are selected very carefully. They should emphasize femininity, beauty of the girl and be euphonious for their future husbands. The pronunciation of Arabic names for girls is very melodic and contains a deep subtext.

How Muslims choose the name of their daughter

There are a great many Arabic names for girls. But there are more common, and there are few that have been popular in the past.

The most common Arabic names of girls are chosen by Muslims for two reasons.

1) The religious adverbs of the associates are very popular, serving as their good deeds to the Prophet. Almost all Muslims like them.

2) The most harmonious and beautiful in the sense of the Arab names of girls are also loved by the people of the East. Although they do not have any historical value, they are so tender and feminine that they are long cherished to the heart of many Arab parents.

The choice of a name always remains with the father. However, in the realities of our world, Muslims understand that the name should be pleasant to the ears of not only the inhabitants of their lands, but also to foreigners. Therefore, Arab names for girls are so popular today. Modern versions of them have appealed to many European parents.

Name structure

In Arabic, words borrowed from other languages are quite rare. Therefore, their names store the maximum semantic load. Modern Arabic names for girls originate from Semitic languages. This gives their structure a complexity, because the name consists of an entire semantic chain.

- Alam. The first name that parents give at birth.

- Nasab. This is a patronymic that contains the particle "umm" and carries information about the genealogy.

- Lacabus. Contains the meaning of all human titles.

- Nisba. The information load of this part of the name can give a variety of characteristics - from the origin of a person to his religious beliefs.

The higher the status of the family, the girl's name will be longer.

Meaningful name load

Choosing names for girls, Muslim, Arab parents discuss it with the whole family. But the choice is still made by the father. What, in his opinion, the most euphonious, this he will give his daughter.

The value of beautiful Arab names for girls reflects the nature of the woman of the East. It is hidden from the eyes of others, externally closed, but burning and sensual inside.

The name can not carry any sexual overtones, openness or rudeness. Only the most delicate, feminine options are chosen by the inhabitants of the Arab countries.

The most important purpose of the girl's name is to be a delight to her future husband. He should like her name, it should be melodic for his ear and serve as one of the adornments of a woman.

Religious names

Religious areas have some names of girls of the Tatar and Arab people. They are taken from the Koran. These are quite nice options. The name of the girl is Tatar, Arabic is of Persian origin.

A feature of Arab religious names is their choice in accordance with the famous, close to the Prophet women.

The most popular religious names for girls among Arab Muslims are Aisha, Maryam, Assiya, Fatima, Khadija, Zainab.

The Name of Aisha

Aisha means "beloved wife of the Prophet". He was really worn by his beloved wife, and also by 8 associates.

Other religious names have also been borrowed from Muslim holy women, and today these Arabic names have simply spread tremendously.

Girls are trying to call melodic and beautiful, euphony - a very important factor, often determining the choice. Thanks to the combination in the name of Aisha religious and euphonious qualities, it has become very popular.

First name Maryam

The beauty of this name is confirmed by its high popularity, while it is one of the ancient names.

This is the only name, the mention of which is directly found in the sacred Koran. In Hebrew this sounds like "Miriam".

The name belongs to one of the "best women in Paradise", to which belong Khadijabint Huweide, Assiya bint Muzahim, Fatima bint Muhammad and Maryam, the daughter of Imran.

The image of a woman with a similar name is full of humility and piety, chastity and purity.

Arab names for girls have a unique charm. Maryam is perhaps one of the most melodic and beautiful. Therefore, it enjoys such a demand.

Popular Arabic names in the past decades

Beautiful Arab names for girls, which were in vogue a couple of decades ago, are now losing their popularity.

In past years, at the height of popularity were the names Amal, Mona, Manal, Hanan, Iman.

They are often met because of its softness, melodic sound. They are like the sweet waves of oriental music.

These names are pleasing not only to the inhabitants of Eastern countries, but even to Europeans. It is such a general sympathy conditioned by the demand for these beautiful and modern Arab names for girls.

Popular Today Arabic Names

Under the current circumstances, the fashion for Arabic names has undergone some changes. In place of popular earlier names came others.

According to statistics, in such countries as Jordan, Egypt, and also Saudi Arabia, the most popular today are the names of Lian, Shahd, Jana, Nur, Gazal, Gina.

Modern names are chosen more in view of the sense that they contain in themselves.

First name Lian

Such a modern Arabic name for the girl has the meaning of a "happy life". This is a classic example of a situation where the choice of parents is determined not by religious traditions, but simply by the trend of fashion. In 2009, it was the fifth most popular name in Jordan.

Liaian's name has a very melodic euphony, for which it is chosen quite often in the current Arab countries.

Fundamental principles of this name - smoothness, tenderness and suppleness. It seems to want to live its owner in harmony and prosperity. A good wish for a newborn girl.

Name of Jan

The second most popular among girls born in 2009 in the countries of the East is the name of Jan. In translation into Russian it means "fresh fruits". It is also found in the Qur'an.

Bearing such a name the girl is considered endowed with chastity and freshness. It is a fruitful branch from the paradise gardens of Allah.

Analyzing the Arab names for the girl and their significance, it should be borne in mind that each of them, according to legends, determines the life path of its possessor and the specific features of her character.

Jana in the eyes of Arab people should be chaste, fresh. She is destined to become a good wife. This is the wish for faithfulness and good continuation of the family, for many children.

This is a hidden influence, but it will accompany the girl all her life.

Such an Arab name for girls in its meaning implies their acquisition of happiness in the family life in the future.

Name Nur

In 2009, the name Nur took the 7th place in demand. Even in European countries, so often called the newborn. Arab names of girls are beautiful and modern, that's why they are so popular all over the world.

Its meaning can be translated as "ray of light". A child with this name came to this world to give light.

Happiness girl Noor will find in the service of people.

Earlier, Nur named both boys and girls. However, now it is given exclusively to the fair sex.

Beautiful Arab names for girls and their values will interest not only the residents of the East, but even Europeans. In Belgium, Noor is the 40th most popular among newborns.

The influence of the meaning

Arabic names for girls, modern and ancient, boil down to one common defining meaning. They are called upon to give their possessor femininity, tenderness and prepare it for the future of marriage and the birth of children. The names define the role of the eastern woman, who should be the guardian of the family hearth.

A woman must possess the beauty and passion hidden from others' eyes. It is a beautiful flower that gives its fragrance to its sole owner. But at the same time it should not be rude, provocative. The eastern name teaches the girl from childhood to be gentle, modest, clean and restrained.

Therefore, choosing beautiful Arabic names for girls, it is necessary to take into account each meaning that they carry in themselves. After all, with the qualities that this choice implies, the child will go through life for many years. In addition to the names considered, it is worthwhile to mention briefly some more, very popular in the Muslim world.

Alia is sublime.

Amani is a desirable one, the one she dreams of.

Amira is a princess, a princess.

Amina - true, honest and reliable.

Anisa is a friendly friend.

Assiya - healing, comforting.

Adylia is honest, fair.

Basima is smiling.

Valia is a friend, mistress.

Gulnara is a flower of a pomegranate.

Dana is a big pearl.

Darin is knowledgeable, knowledgeable.

Jamila - called by Allah.

Judy - generous, generous.

Jumana is a pearl.

Juri is a beautiful rose.

Dilya is the reunion of mind, soul and heart.

Zagra is bright, beautiful, bright.

Karima is a noble daughter.

Kalima is a sweet talker.

Leila is the darkest night.

Lin - gentle, meek.

Lyudzhein is silver.

Lyabiba is witty, clever.

Lamys - gentle, pleasant.

Malika is a princess, a queen.

Peace - feeding, feeding.

Munir is a bright, shining star.

Muhsina is without blemish.

Niall - a gift for her husband.

Narmin is tender, fragile.

Rania is alert, attentive.

Rahma is merciful.

Ryan-quenching thirst.

Rome is a white antelope.

Ruweida - leisurely, unhurried.

Ravil - the spring sun.

Sabir is submissive, patient.

Sakina is calm and quiet.

Salima is healthy.

Salih is pious.

Salma is lucky, prosperous.

Samira - a companion, leading night conversation.

Samia is a tall, high person.

Sarah - giving joy.

Safia is clean, transparent.

Sultana is the ruler.

Zumaia is heavenly.

Tasnim is a paradise source.

Farah - carrying joy.

Farida is a jewel, a rare pearl.

Habiba is my favorite.

Halima - meek, patient.

Halia is a goddess who lives in luxury.

Khanin - a passionate sigh, a hidden melancholy.

Sharif is noble.

Shema is a woman endowed with benefactors.

Yasmin is a branch of jasmine.

Selecting Arabic names for the girl, you can pay attention to their euphony, meaning or historical significance. There are many options.

The main thing is to remember that the meaning that any name carries in itself is a gift to the child, a wish from parents for his child. Do not rely solely on the beautiful sound, the melody of the chosen option.

Specific features of religion, culture and identity of the Eastern peoples are enclosed in every name. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether this option is suitable for a newborn girl.

After all, next to the exotic name can stand the usual Slavic patronymic and surname. It is necessary to think carefully whether all the components of the full name will be combined among themselves.

Nevertheless, Arab names for girls do not cease to be the object of increased attention of parents of almost all countries of the world. And this is not accidental. The charming melody of the East combined with the deep meaning of each name make them especially popular.

Going competently to the selection process, you can give the baby not just a beautiful, melodic name, but also a wish for happiness, prosperity and beauty for life.

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