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All radio stations in Moscow and the Moscow region: list, rating. Popular radio stations in Moscow

If with television broadcasting for a long time all is clear - it is scolded even by those who look - then from the radio things are noticeably more fun. It accompanies us literally at every step in everyday life: at home, at work and during rest. Radio stations allow us to learn not only the latest news, but also enjoy your favorite music.

Radio stations in Moscow and the Moscow region operate on the extended FM-band from 87 to 107 MHz. Some 42 stations were able to fit there quite successfully. Tastes, of course, all are different, but the abundance of channels is quite enough even for the most demanding music lovers.

Further we will present you the rating of Moscow radio stations, each of which enjoy an enviable demand both among the Muscovites themselves and among the guests of the capital. So, radio stations in Moscow and the Moscow region (list of the best):

  1. "Autoradio".
  2. "Russkre radio."
  3. "Retro-FM".
  4. "Europa Plus".
  5. "Radio Chanson."
  6. "Echo of Moscow".
  7. "Radio Energy".
  8. "Humor-FM".
  9. "Business FM".
  10. "Road Radio".

"Autoradio" - 90.3 MHz

The broadcasting grid of Avtoradio is designed for 1,500 cities in Russia, including Moscow and the region. Almost all popular radio stations in Moscow have some features and chips, but unlike most events, Avtoradio is amazing. So, annually under the name of the radio station a grandiose event is held - "Disco 80", where crowds of fans from all over Russia gather. The event amazes with its enchanting, scale and has an excellent entourage in the style of the 80s.

For the first time the voice of Avtoradio was heard in Perm, in 1990. And after some couple of years, the radio station received a broadcast status, and as a source and mass media, rushed to conquer all of Russia. Three years ago, at the celebration of the 20th anniversary in Moscow, Russian stars and foreign singers, famous politicians, sportsmen and actors came to the celebration of Autoradio. The jubilee marathon lasted almost eleven hours, huge sums of money, gifts and other significant prizes were drawn.

"Russian radio" - 105.7 MHz

The second most popular channel and silver in our list, which represents the rating of radio stations in Moscow, goes to "Russian Radio". The main feature of this station is broadcasting exclusively in Russian, that is, no western songs, only Russian speech and music.

All the radio stations in Moscow before they reached the peak of their popularity went through a difficult and thorny path, and "Russian Radio" was no exception. His first broadcast was released in 1995, and initially everything was broadcast in a test mode.

A few months later, the first advertisement appeared, and the creators of the radio did not lose by inserting into each ad unit the phrases of Nikolai Fomenko, who humorously ridiculed our realities. Few years later, Vadim Galygin came to replace Fomenko, and afterwards Dmitry Nagiyev became a humorous commentator.

In 1997, the Golden Gramophone Award was established. It was recognized by all radio stations in Moscow and Russia. A ceremony of awarding is held every year in the Kremlin, and the winners of the award are chosen according to the results of the voting of radio listeners.

"Retro-FM" - 88.3 MHz

Bronzeau receives "Retro-FM", on the waves of which sound the musical compositions of the 70's, 80's and 90's of the last century. The station began its work in late 1995 and is oriented to the age group from 30 to 50 years.

All radio stations in Moscow and Russia have their listeners, but the number of admirers of "Retro-FM" is amazing - 8 million people, and this, almost 12% of the total population of the country.

"Europe Plus" - 106.2 MHz

The station broadcasts mainly for a teenage and close to her audience (from 16 to 30 years). Radio stations in Moscow and the region can envy the territory that Europe Plus can cover. Broadcasts are conducted not only for the capital and the Russian listener, but also for the former CIS and other nearby countries.

It would be superfluous to note that the station takes the first place at the cost of ad units.

All Moscow radio stations recognize the scope with which "Europe Plus" operates. She is a partner and organizer of stars' concerts of such magnitude as Sting, Madonna, Timberlake, Kylie Minogue and Bionce. A few years ago, the radio station signed another good contract for a partnership with the U2 group, whose concert was held recently in Moscow.

"Radio Shanson" - 103.0 MHz

As already mentioned, many radio stations in Moscow have some original pieces and musical images, but they are still far from the level of Radio Chanson. More than a million people wake up and go to bed with the waves of this radio. Across Russia, this figure is naturally greater, but what is remarkable is that the main audience of Radio Chanson should in theory be male, but judging by the statistics, more than 47% of listeners are women.

On the air of the channel there are thematic programs and musical compositions with the mark "chanson". There are conversations with famous bards, performers of urban romances and other authors of folk art. A high-quality radio station was loved not only in Russia, but also in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

"Echo of Moscow" - 91.2 MHz

His fame "Echo of Moscow" acquired thanks to the events that occurred in August 1991. In those difficult times for the country, the channel became a single radio station that opposed the Emergency Committee. In principle, little has changed since then. "Echo of Moscow" is still considered an independent mass media, not only listeners, but also external critics.

In the words of the general director of the station, A. Venediktov, "Echo of Moscow" is a place where you can freely discuss, analyze and express your (any) point of view.

Radio has the status of a closed joint-stock company, where most of the shares are in the hands of Gazprom-Media Holding, and the rest are distributed among the employees of the station itself - hence the "frequency" of opinions.

"Radio Energy" - 104.2 MHz

One of the most popular French stations fell in love with Muscovites. Broadcasting on our territory began about ten years ago, after Radio Energy purchased a license to use the brand.

The ether is filled mainly with mobile and youth musical compositions, therefore the station has a corresponding age group - from 16 to 30 years. On the air you can hear short news and the latest innovations of modern musical trends.

"Humor-FM" - 88.7 MHz

The main priority for this radio was and remains humor. The station began its broadcasting about 11 years ago, replacing the disappeared former popularity of Radio Disco.

On the air of the radio station you can hear light pop music, diluted with all sorts of jokes and anecdotes. For the inexhaustible flow of new jokes, the radio station "Humor FM" has established close relations with the TNT channel, popular Internet resources, such as "AnecdotRU", and, of course, with radio listeners themselves, who send new Hochma through an unending flow through telephone communication and SMS.

Many Muscovites very warmly speak about the radio station "Humor-FM", because this is practically the only channel where you can get distracted from the bored city bustle and shoddy news.

"Business FM" - 87.5 MHz

This station is purely businesslike and is characterized by fresh and reliable news of stock markets, exchange rates, business press monitoring and other business information.

According to critics, "Business FM" is the rare case when its slogan: "The first business radio" does not lie. The special pride of the station is the concept of "instant news", which go out as quickly as possible, without waiting for the main news block.

"Road Radio" - 96.0 MHz

Closes the rating favorite by Muscovites radio stations no less significant for car owners channel - "Road Radio". In addition to Moscow, it sounds in more than five hundred of our cities and on all major highways. By the way, some particularly meticulous listener considered that the total length of roads where one can hear "Road Radio" exceeds 1,000,000 kilometers.

In Moscow, the radio came from St. Petersburg and Kirishi about 12 years ago. On the air of the radio station, popular songs of chanson, city romances, music of the last century sound and dilute all this light pop music along with important information about the events on the roads events. Also on the waves of "Road Radio" you can find out the current weather forecast, important news and participate in numerous quizzes and surveys.

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