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How to turn off the radio in the apartment in St. Petersburg. Disabling the radio

Radiocheck - this word is called ordinary wire radio, the outlet for which you will most likely be able to find in your kitchen.

Few people know that its main function is not the broadcasting of radio programs, but the warning of city residents about emergency situations. After all, wired radio is autonomous from the main electrical networks and can function with a total power outage. This important point allows you to use it to convey important information about potential threats. Because of this fact, radios are installed in residential premises necessarily. Both old houses and new buildings are all connected to a wired radio. Without a radiotype in each apartment, the state commission does not issue a permit for the operation of the house. But despite this, tenants have the right to refuse to operate it in their apartment.

The choice of radio stations for broadcasting from wired radio is not enough: "Mayak", "Radio Rossii", "Says Moscow". Radio stations are on air from 6 am to midnight. But for three holidays - New Year, Christmas and Easter radio, you can listen to 3.00.

Using the radio

As mentioned above, three radio stations are available for listening. The well-known "Radio of Russia" broadcasts at audio frequencies and is available for the most inefficient radio receiver. To be able to listen to the other two stations, you will need a device with an amplifier that works in the high frequency range.

You can purchase the radio at the conclusion of the order for connecting the radio. The simplest device, which has a range of one channel, costs around 170-180 rubles. A radio receiver of high-frequency range can be bought for 800 rubles and above. It should be noted that these loudspeakers are produced only by domestic manufacturers, there are no foreign loudspeakers (unless you are lucky enough to buy an old receiver of the times of socialism).

Although wired radio has an important function, it does not have so many fans. However, the fact that you do not listen to it does not mean that you do not pay for it. Payment is mandatory and occurs monthly, in St. Petersburg, for example, fluctuates around 100 rubles. But you have the right not to pay for that service that you do not use. You ask: "How can I turn off the radio in the apartment?" You can refuse it, but this process should not violate Russian law.

As an example Turn off the radio in the apartment in St. Petersburg.

How to turn off the radio in the apartment in St. Petersburg. Quick way

You need to apply to the FUP RS JV, located at Rasstannaya Street, house 18 B. There you will have to write a statement about the rejection of radio, after that it will be turned off in your apartment by the master. With a mandatory need to have a passport and a document claiming your ownership of the apartment. Without these documents, you will be refused service.

How to turn off the radio in the apartment in St. Petersburg. Slow option

Here, in order to perform a radio-trip (STB) First you need to make a photocopy of your passport and the last document you pay for utilities. Then make a free-style statement, where you must specify the reason for not using the radio. Also, the following information is required in it: the address of your residence and the contact details, with which you will always be able to contact. After these actions, fax the documents to the number (812) 240 44 55. After some time specialists will contact you to agree on the visit of the master. Upon arrival, he will give you a receipt to pay for the disconnection of the apartment from the radio, the price of such a service is 100 rubles. After the receipt is paid, the master will visit you again to turn off the wired radio. He will compose a certificate on the disconnection of the service and he will take it himself to the accounting department of the managing company servicing your house.

This was the main algorithm of actions regarding how to disable the radio-point, St. Petersburg was an example.

Follow-up - do not miss it!

And this is not all the action on how to turn off the radio in the apartment in St. Petersburg. You will be recalculated only after all the necessary references are in the accounting department of the settlement center. There you can also ask for the application form "Waiver from wire radio", and also with it a receipt for payment of the trip. And be careful, if the application is not written in the form-sample or sent by mail, then it will not be considered!

Then within a month wait for the notice with the date of the radio switch off. Confirm to the radio service representative that you do not need a wired radio. A master must necessarily write out to you an act in which it must be written that from now on you do not have a radio-point. This document must be submitted to the EIRC. And after all these actions from your payment receipt, finally, delete the line "Wired radio".

For those who are puzzled by the question of how to disconnect the radio in the apartment in St. Petersburg and do it legally, we recall the Law on Consumer Protection, point 3 of article 16: you are not obliged to pay for services that were not given consent. According to this article, all the actions described are 100% legal.

How to restore radio?

If you for some reason began to feel the need for an already disconnected radio, then the algorithm for reconnecting it is simple. First, write an application for its recovery, and then buy the radio you need, which you will install the wizard in response to your application.

It's worth pondering

In conclusion, we can focus on the fact that it is the radio network that can sometimes be the only means of alerting the population to an approaching catastrophe, martial law or a natural disaster. In its absence you can lose a very chance to save, no matter how absurd it is in our peaceful everyday life did not sound. You should think about this carefully before writing a document to refuse the broadcasting service in your apartment. Ultimately, a hundred rubles a month is not so much a loss as to deprive yourself and your loved ones of the opportunity to avoid an unforeseen danger.

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