How does avocado grow at home and in nature (photo)?

Only a few years ago, a strange plant with its pear-shaped fruits with a very juicy and specific taste of flesh, called avocado, caused caution in the consumer. But already today no one will be absolutely surprised to see how the avocado grows on the site or on the windowsill.

What a striking resemblance

The name, which means "alligator pear" in translation, the plant received thanks to a striking similarity with this fruit tree. Most likely, once they had a common ancestor. Simply taking into account the ecological and climatic features of the countries in which they have received their greatest distribution, in the course of evolution these trees and their fruits underwent certain changes and acquired features that differ from each other today. Comparing how the pear grows and how the avocado grows (photos clearly demonstrate this), you can once again be convinced of their close relationship.

Invaluable use of avocado

To date, the use of avocados in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, including the digestive and circulatory system , is widely known . Oil from this fruit is very widely and actively used in the creation of many medications, and also found its application and recognition in the field of cosmetology. It should be noted that its medicinal properties and field of application largely depend on the age of the plant and on the conditions under which and how the avocado grows. A large number of leading scientists are studying these features for the most rational use of the beneficial properties of the fetus.

Be careful when using

However, this fruit, if not properly applied, can cause enormous harm to the body. In his bone contains a large number of toxic substances that, if improperly stored avocados in a store or in a warehouse can get into the pulp, and from there when used and in the human body.

How to choose a quality fruit?

When choosing avocado fruits, you need to pay attention to their appearance. Peel should be dense, smooth, free from stains, damage and unevenness. If the fruit is ripe, if it is lightly pressed with a finger, it is slightly pressed down, but then it takes on its original form, but does not blot out. If the fruit is very hard, it can ripen at home for several days.

Features of growing at home

This tree is grown mainly in subtropical and tropical countries, and residents of other parts of the world at any time can buy fruits in stores and supermarkets. The plant does not tolerate droughts and severe frosts, so it was not widely spread in our country. However, if you know how the avocado grows, at home, you can also get a real mini-harvest of these remarkable fruits of their own taste.

An obligatory condition should be observance of optimal temperature conditions and abundant watering at room temperature. Having studied the information available in specialized magazines on the growing of this plant on the windowsill, and constantly watching how the avocado grows, you can not only create the conditions required for its growth and development, but also lightly harden the young tree. Indeed, in the case of excessive guardianship over it, even an accidentally open window with a piercing raw and cold wind can cause its death.

Take into account the environmental conditions

To get the best result, you need to know how avocado grows in nature, and try to create conditions for it that are as close to natural as possible, but at the same time taking into account the distinctive features of our climate.

The plant grown on the windowsill will not only bear fruits over time, it also decorates the room remarkably well. It grows very quickly under favorable conditions. Falling leaves throughout the year are soon replaced by new ones.

The grown fetus can be used to prepare various dishes. Avocado, even in small amounts, gives a piquant taste and aroma, actively fights against cholesterol and helps to lose even high-calorie meals while eating.

Try cooking

It is not necessary to cook some culinary masterpieces. Even simple and familiar dishes in the daily diet after adding avocados in them become a decoration of the table and favorite delicacy of the whole family.

For example, paste. While, according to the instructions for cooking on the package, the pasta is brewed, you need to have time to quickly prepare the sauce. To do this, blend a couple of spoons of olive oil, a little lemon juice and put three small cloves of garlic. In the resulting mixture add the peeled and cut into medium sized pieces of avocado and again grind. Preparation of the sauce takes only a couple of minutes, and when the paste is ready, it just needs to be thrown in a colander, then put it on a plate and pour the sauce. The taste is gorgeous.

Preparing for the cultivation of avocado from the stone

Having studied the information on how the avocado grows from the stone, you can proceed directly to the process, but in spite of the seeming simplicity, there are some points that you should pay attention to.

It will never be possible to grow a full-grown plant from a bone obtained from an unripe fruit or overripe, in which the stone has already begun the process of decay. If you can choose the most suitable for all parameters of a mature and high-quality fruit, then the next thing to take care of - this is a special composition of the soil.

You can mix it yourself, taking into account the recommendations of experts, and you can buy ready, designed, for example, for growing citrus plants. They are similar in accordance with the requirements, and very soon on the windowsill will surprise with its beauty avocado tree. How quickly grows up this resident of the tropics? The annual increase is about 1 meter. An avocado blooms during seed reproduction for the 3-4th year. Of course, it is unlikely to completely duplicate the natural process, all the same you need to make a discount on the environmental conditions, but still certain positive results will be achieved, of course.

Small details

So, we buy sufficient ripeness of the fruit and prepare to watch how the avocado grows from the stone. You can grow it in two ways. According to the first bone, you need to half dip into a glass or a small glass of water, and do it so that it does not touch the bottom, but as if it were on weight. You can use a piece of cardboard that will serve as a cradle for the future sprout, or you can stick it into the bone from the four sides of the toothpick and, on the resulting basis, immerse it in the water as shown in the picture above.

The second method involves dipping the bones in half into the prepared soil and creating a mini-greenhouse in this pot, wrapped in film. The second method is more durable.

Very exciting activity

It is very interesting for both children and adults to watch how avocados grow at home. First, the bone will swell, split into two halves, and from the middle there will appear a pink growth. We must wait until it becomes about 10 cm high and transplant it into a pot of soil.

This heat and moisture-loving tree will grow very quickly, you just need not forget to water it and sprinkle the leaves that appeared. Watching how the avocado grows is very exciting, and still quite useful. For example, you can instruct your children to once a week to recalculate new leaves and measure the height of the plant. This will develop in them responsibility and love for nature.

It should be noted that many fans of indoor plants, viewing information and pictures about how the avocado grows, specifically acquire this fruit not for eating, but for growing it at home.

Interior Decoration

Undoubtedly, a piece of the tropics on the windowsill will warm their owners with cold frosty and damp evenings, and the process of growing it can become not only an exciting hobby for the whole family, but also an opportunity for additional earnings. Record your observations on how the avocado grows. Photo and video instructions on this topic are of interest to many, therefore, having laid out the information about your experience with a detailed description of the whole process on the relevant site, you can get not only moral, but also material satisfaction from the final result.

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