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Decoration of a table for a children's holiday

To a holiday was fun and memorable, you need to think about a lot. Make a list of guests, a festive menu, take care of entertainment. Create a festive atmosphere will help decorate the table and hall in accordance with the chosen theme of the holiday. A wedding or a birthday, a romantic date or a banquet on the occasion of the defense of the thesis - every celebration requires special design of the table. In this article, we will dwell on children's holidays.

Like the theme of the holiday, the decoration of the table must take into account the age category of the guests. Perhaps, the children's holiday gives the greatest scope for imagination. It is limited only by the number of guests and free space. If the birthday marks a girl, you can choose flowers, cute little animals or her doll as the theme of the holiday. Boys, as you know, are more fond of cars, airplanes, locomotives and ships. In any case, a holiday on the theme of your favorite cartoon will be a win-win option, especially if the cartoon is liked by friends of the birthday party. In addition, manufacturers of holiday goods often use images of the heroes of popular cartoons.

When we want to decorate the table for the holiday, the first thing that comes to mind is the table decoration with napkins that can be folded into different shapes or simply harmoniously matched by color. For example, weddings are often made with swans of napkins, on February 23, they can be folded in the form of shirts, and the decoration of the table for children is unthinkable without bright, colorful napkins with cartoon characters, clowns or flowers. In any case, the napkins should be in harmony with the tablecloth and dishes.

If complex ornaments are planned or there will be many, a tablecloth is better to choose neutral, it is possible even monophonic in pastel colors. If the decorations are fairly simple, you can choose a tablecloth with an ornament or a bright pattern. Excellent decoration of the children's table - white paper instead of tablecloth, guests can give pencils and ask to write wishes to the birthday boy or simply hold a contest for the best drawing. The tablecloth itself can become a memory of celebration.

If you plan to To leave from a sideboard ancient porcelain for children's holiday, it is better to refuse this idea. Children will not appreciate it, and porcelain can suffer during a party with active games. The best decoration of the table at the children's party is a multicolored glass, plastic or even paper utensils with a bright pattern. Paper cups can be signed with the names of guests, as well as the name on the guest card, which will stand next to each device.

In the center of the table is usually placed a large decoration. They can become a beautifully decorated dish, a cake with candles, a basket of flowers or toys, since we are talking about a children's holiday. To decorate, you can tie balloons filled with helium, each of which to attach a wish or a small surprise, and at the end of the holiday to distribute the balls to guests, so that they leave with a gift and have already seen at home what surprise awaits them. Happy Holidays!

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