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How to install shaders in Minecraft

When Minecraft only appeared on sale, everyone was surprised: how do developers plan to make the project successful using an eight-bit obsolete graphics? And this is in those times when the picture on the monitor almost does not differ from the real photographic image. But all doubters and unbelievers were waiting for a surprise - "Maynkraft" climbed to the very top, became one of the most popular games in the world, which now attracts millions of people. This schedule was perceived as a definite raid retro, people plunged into memories of the times of old prefixes, so this aspect affected the project only positively.

However, some people still do not like such an image on the screen, and they have to put up with it if they want to play in Mayncraft. However, from this situation there is an exit - this is the installation of shaders. Of course, this does not completely change the image, but will make it more beautiful, pleasant to the eyes, impressive. Therefore, if you do not like what your "Maincraft" looks like, you can always change it - for this you need to figure out how to install the shaders.

What are shaders?

First of all, you need to understand what shaders are in general. This is a graphical program that allows you to greatly improve the image in the game. For many projects, questions about how to install shaders are irrelevant, since there they have long been used. In others, such as "Maincraft," they are not provided for the original version. But if the game is so popular, and the demand for shaders is, then there will always be specialists who will do this or that graphic texture. If you are not a specialist in game programming, then you do not need to think about it - you just need to know how to install the shaders, and also find them on the Internet.

Client with shaders

The easiest way to get a "Maincraft" with shaders is to find a ready customer. It pre-installed some sets of textures, so you just need to install the game and not suffer from how to install the shaders separately. However, this method has its drawbacks. First of all, you should understand that the set of shaders will be limited and unchanged - you will only have access to those textures that the compiler wanted to add to the client. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about whether you need this, since, quite possibly, you will want to add some additional shaders, and some already available to remove. Therefore, it is better to sort it out in detail (if you really want a customized Minecraft client for your needs ), how to install the shaders manually.

Installing the Core Kernel

Everyone understands that if such high-quality textures were not provided for in the original version, you can not download them and download them to the game. To put shaders on "Maincraft", you will need a special software kernel, designed specifically for this game. You can find it on the Internet, you should not cause problems, but the result will definitely please you. From now on, you will only need to find those textures that interest you, and load them into the game, without any problems deleting those that you do not want to use. Most often the software kernel already has several ready-made shaders, which clearly demonstrate the systems in operation.

The use and harm of shaders

Now that you know where to download and how to install shaders, you need to figure out whether it's worth it. After all, everything always has not only pluses, but also disadvantages, so you need to separately consider the use of detailed textures for "Meincraft." So, shaders transform the game world: you have a realistic sun that creates shadows from objects and characters, many textures become much more detailed, such as grass or leaves. This makes the picture much more attractive, which is what was required from the use of shaders. But they also have a very impressive shortcoming - this is exacting. The better and more detailed the texture, the more demanding becomes the game to your computer. And if Minecraft was designed in such a way that even the weakest computer can support it, then with the use of shaders this property is lost - on a low-power machine there will be strong glitches and brakes in the game, and in some cases it may stop running altogether. Therefore, check whether your computer can support all those textures that you want to impose on the game, so that you do not experience discomfort in the process.

The most important shader

It's no secret that the first thing that the captivating shaders captivated was water. With the help of texture data it became as realistic as possible, the first projects using shaders were literally fascinating. Gamers could stay in the game for hours, just admiring the water scenery. In "Maynkraft" such textures are also provided, although to them the danger of increasing the exactingness applies to the maximum extent.

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