How is hair styling done on black hair?

Melloring hair to black hair - all known procedure for staining individual strands, with which you can radically change your hair. Such a popular method of changing hair color is constantly being improved, which allows each woman to become even more beautiful.

But unlike the coloring of light hair, melirovanie on dark hair (photo) has several nuances, which are worth exploring in more detail. Initially, with this coloring, it is supposed to lighten the strands, then the desired shade should be given. But before doing highlights, dark-haired girls should remember that this can damage the structure of the hair and they will subsequently need careful care.

Dyeing options

Most often two main technologies are used:

- with the help of a cap;

- with the use of foil.

The first technology involves using a cap with a number of holes through which hair strands of the required thickness are passed. Depending on the experience of the master with the help of this method, you can give the hair an additional visual volume that any girl will like.

In the second method, black hair dyeing is carried out by wrapping each clarified strand in foil, thereby achieving maximum ink application accuracy. Dark girls, as a rule, prefer to make light highlights.

When you visit the salon for sure you will be offered a procedure with the use of sparing oxidants. The composition of these products includes special components that not only do not break the structure of the hair, but also make them healthy and obedient.

Naturally, this coloring will not be expensive.

Such procedures, as a rule, include:

- Elumination;

- American highlights ;

- Biolamination.

Melloring hair to black hair makes it easy to hide gray hair. Due to this procedure, it not only becomes less noticeable, but also the hairstyle looks more interesting and beautiful. In addition, meliorating hair to black hair creates the impression that the strands just burned in the sun, and it looks natural and attractive.


The advantages of this type of staining are:

- change the image in a few minutes;

- use of highlights with several light tones;

- staining of individual strands;

- the use of rich and contrasting colors to create an extravagant image;

- Change the tone of individual strands and update the hairstyle.


Hair melting for black hair has several varieties, the main ones are the following. "Veil" is an absolutely safe method, in which the strands are lightened with the help of wax applied to the ends of the hair. "Vanilla" - this melirovanie on dark hair, it has a pearlescent effect, in which the shine of curls is similar to the shine of pearls. "Mazhimesh" - the use of colored waxes, staining without perhydrol and ammonia. "Мажиконтраст" is optimum for dark hair as allows to clarify considerably curls and to reach a proof light shade.

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