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Tell about the bones of apricots: the benefit and harm of the product

It is generally accepted that eating apricots affects life expectancy. Maybe it's partly true, if you also lead an active and healthy lifestyle. The tribes of the Hunza Indians consume a huge amount of these fruits, including apricots. The benefits in them are enormous, first of all, the nuclei are rich in magnesium. This micronutrient has a beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Indeed, this people did not find chronic diseases and malignant tumors during the study, and the life expectancy averaged 120 years. Let's take a closer look at the chemical composition of apricot kernels.

In fresh fruits, as is known, there are a lot of organic acids, tannins, starch and vitamins. They are also rich in minerals and a range of trace elements. A significant number of amino acids (arginine, methionine, tyrosine, valine) contain apricot kernels. Their use is essential.

It is in the nuclei that the most important vitamin B17 is present. It prevents the development and development of malignant tumors. Daily consuming 50 grams (a day portion) of these fruits along with bones, you get natural chemotherapy. It should be noted that this vitamin is found even in wild berries, but the amount there is minimal.

Taste qualities of the nucleus like not everyone, but they bring great benefits. Most dieticians do not recommend the inclusion of apricots in the diet. The benefits from them will be great, but they will harm the figure, since 100 g of the product contains 450 kcal. But if you do not abuse them, then there will be no changes in your figure, and health will increase. They can be eaten raw, dried and fried.

Apricot Bone: Benefit or Harm?

Very useful nuclei for avitaminosis, bronchitis, nephritis and whooping cough. Regular use of bones will help normalize blood and cope with anemia. They will also benefit people with diseases of the intestinal tract. As the prevention and treatment of the gallbladder, pancreas and liver, too, use the seeds of apricots. The benefits are proven by scientists.

Crude nuclei have antihelminthic and antitussive effect. They can be added to the tea and enjoy a terrific taste. Decoction of them can be taken as a laxative, with dysbiosis and flatulence. Scientifically proven that the nucleus protects against cancer, this is the best natural cure for this ailment.

The area of application of ossicles is great. Of these, a stunning oil is produced, which is added not only to shampoos and creams, but also to confectionery. The use and harm of apricot kernels has been studied for many centuries. In ancient times, the nucleus saved people from various diseases: from nephritis and respiratory diseases.

For example, in China healers were preparing from this product medicinal infusions, which had a calming effect, and also were used to treat joints. In our time, oil from the bones of apricot is widely used in cosmetology, medicine and cooking.


In small amounts, the kernels are safe. It is necessary to consume them moderately, as they are rich in cyanides (chemicals that have a harmful effect on cancer cells). At high doses, this substance can kill healthy cells. Contraindicated these fruits to people suffering from diabetes, since they have a lot of sucrose.

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