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Evening prayer: why and how

Any prayer is more than a request or gratitude. Wrong attitude leads us to a peculiar consumer attitude, as well as the search for miracles. Of course, the hot and sincere prayer often happens impossible, especially effective is the mother's prayer about the child in distress. But a true Christian prays not only when there are problems, he also observes daily rituals. Among others, a special place is occupied by evening prayer. Rather, it is a whole complex of prayers.

How to pray ?

All the necessary prayers are collected in prayer. If you read them regularly, in time they will be remembered. The time for careful reading of all evening prayers takes about 15-20 minutes. Of course, for many, this also seems like a long period of time, however, remember that God sees your efforts and sacrifices, to which you are going for him. Perhaps, to begin with, do not read all the prayers, but only a part if you can not give enough time to read. You should speak in a whisper or out loud. If you are distracted, stop and go back to the last moment that you remember. In this case, select some standard time for prayer and stop when it is over.

Why pray before bedtime ?

First, the evening prayer is an appeal to God with a request to forgive the sins that have been committed that day, for even the most righteous people sometimes sin, even with thought. Therefore, it is necessary to turn to God with the admission that you remember your bad deeds. Some pious people record sins every evening for future confession, think about the past day and draw conclusions for the future.

Secondly, it is believed that in a dream our soul is more vulnerable to evil spirits. They can send dreams that will embarrass us, frighten us or make us make wrong conclusions. Therefore, in the evening prayer, protection is requested at night from bad beings, that is why the evening prayer contains the prayer "May God arise," the most "powerful" means against demons. This prayer should be learned by heart and read, if you suddenly started to be afraid of something or if you are overcome by bad thoughts.

Thirdly, any believer and a knowledgeable person is afraid to die in a dream. It would seem an easy death. Maybe the process itself is not torturous, but only if a person does not have time to confess and take communion before death, the answer in the next world can be extremely difficult. Therefore, in the evening prayer, they are asked to protect from death in the night and prolong life until they can repent.

Fourth, the evening prayer allows a person to protect himself with grace, nurturing the determination to fight bad thoughts and actions. Many believers know that if they miss a prayer once, how sins begin to accumulate as a snowball and do not want to fight with them anymore. Without prayer, protection goes away, a kind of "screen" of grace.

What prayers are still required?

Of course, a Christian prays not only in the evening. In addition, morning prayer, prayer before eating, and gratitude after this process are also required. Also, prayer is important before the reading of the Gospel (and it must be read every day at least by chapter), prayer before leaving the house. The Christian lives constantly in the circle of prayers.

What if you can not sleep in the evening? Is there a prayer for insomnia? Recommend that a dream come, read at least 9 times the prayer, "Theotokos, devo, rejoice." I experienced on myself, helps, most importantly, utter the words completely.

The presence of God is not an element of comfort, it is necessary to make an effort for it, even in the form of prayer. At first it will not be easy, but in time you will find it hard without prayer. And you will learn to pray so that you want to do it many more times.

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