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Prayers for all occasions - both in joy and in a difficult moment

Do you often face difficult situations? Do you find answers to all the questions at once? A rare person will answer yes to both questions. Geniuses are rare, and the problems are incomparably greater, they all lack. So what - to sit with folded arms? Of course not. Until you have enough experience, use prayers for all occasions. How do they help, how do they work? Let's understand.

What is prayer?

You say that this is an appeal to the Lord? So, probably. Only we are accustomed to the fact that the words in them should be exactly the same as in the prayer book. Their You need to teach, and then pronounce, not really understanding the meaning of your own speeches. For this to work, true faith is necessary. That is, the worldview of the individual must be built on the inviolability of religious canons. Believe me, this is achieved with great difficulty. And for a common man, prayers for all occasions should be simple and understandable, so that you can fill them with your energy. After all, the meaning of turning to the Higher Powers is to create a connection between your soul and them. This requires words, thoughts, feelings. And is it possible without any preparation to put it all in the obscure text? Even "Our Father" is necessary for the beginning through the soul to miss, comprehend and feel every word. Then you can use. By the way, if you do not know what prayers for different occasions to read, then remember "Our Father" - do not go wrong.

What is more important: words or feelings?

People who seek prayers for all occasions sometimes do not understand that this is a rather complex tool. The fact is that simply pronouncing the text is a waste of time. Let's say you learned the words, figured out when to pronounce them, to whom To apply. And they began to apply, the tambourine, as a routine, can, while crossing itself, and so on. It will help, you think? And then begins "hula", which boils down to the thesis: "prayers for all occasions - a complete deception." No, in order to dig in, and find out what was wrong. Immediately criticized. And okay, if silently. So no, it is necessary loudly, to knock other people off the right track. Well, you do not treat these detractors, do you? A thoughtful person will first study the "theory" of the process, and then begin to practice. So are you doing?

How to pray

In fact, everything is quite simple. The words of prayer should be filled with your intention, emotionally colored. Imagine that you want a peach. You can get it if you ask. The first time you indifferently say (to someone who gives fruit): "I want a peach." A person will not turn your head in your direction. And if you imagine how ruddy, fragrant, tender, filled with summer heat ... Imagine how sweet his flesh is, with what pleasure you will pierce her teeth, how the juice will flow into your mouth, enveloping him with an unusual sweetness. And only after that you utter the same phrase, then the timbre of the voice will be different. No one will be able to answer your request without an answer. It will be filled with the intention of enjoying the peach. Let the example be trivial, but it's good to tell how to pray. Naturally, one does not need to imagine fruits, but the specific goal of your appeal to the Higher Powers.

Prayers for All Occasions

Ask the believers, they will definitely say that it is always necessary to turn to the Lord! It is not necessary to search for a special occasion. Your inner monologue must be continuous. Bad - ask for help, well - thank. And so all the time. If you have not yet developed such a rule, then start soon. This is very useful. Since you yourself will eventually convince yourself that you have a very powerful "patron". And it's so nice - to feel constant support, not to be lonely. If you think that only specially selected words work, then you will have to learn a few texts. For example, a prayer for help in life may sound like this: "Lord! In my life there is always a divine surplus! "It is believed that it is necessary to pronounce these words at once, as you wake up. Spend this thing about five minutes every day. They say miracles begin to happen.

If it becomes hard

It is clear that people who turn to the Lord in sorrows are much more. Very few people share their joy. And if trouble comes, so do atheists remember the Almighty. If you want the prayer to support you in a difficult moment of your life, then try to exclude the negative from the thoughts. Do not be angry. After all, everything that you are falling out of is from Heaven. Let now it's hard for you, it's impossible to understand: "For what?", Then you will understand. The Lord often sends severe tests to the most beloved of His children. And the text can be used this: "My angel, please take my saints under the wing!" A suffering comfort, an inept peace find - teach, the danger of avoiding help! I hope for goodwill of yours! You are always with me and with me. Amen! "In addition, in risky or difficult situations, do not be lazy to read" Our Father ". This short text has a powerful power, helps you to find peace and confidence.

Create your own luck

Prayers for a happy life are read in good spirits. It is important to understand that the Lord will "return what is due". This means, among other things, that he can punish despondency or anger. Try not to address him when you are very upset or condemn others. Everything happens according to His will. If you are "offended", then you are taught. Only a lesson has not been learned by you yet. The text of the prayer: "The Will of God guides my share today and always! Please, let all the events be successful, and the desires realized! Let the light of joy and love shine around! Amen! "Or so:" Lord! Today I choose happiness! I accept your gifts with gratitude! Today I choose success! As for yourself, and for everyone! Today my choice is benevolence and love for me and all on earth! Amen! "Read these words in the morning, as soon as you open your eyes. And do not forget that the Lord does not welcome evil selfishness. If you want yourselves well, then do not forget to wish it to others.

Prayer for the joy of life

Many people understand that "not by bread alone ..." It seems that there is everything, but there is not enough joy. And others have problems with a bunch, and they are happy. And the whole thing is in a special state, which must still be created. Of course, prayer helps, too. For example, read this text daily: "Lord! Send me Angels of Love, Health, Harmony, Happiness, to fill me with strength and mildness! Let them meet me on the threshold of my house, they accompany me every minute in my affairs! May the soul of the angels burn with joy! Lord, I beg you, send your angels to me! Amen!"

That the wishes were fulfilled

Do you know why appeal to God in this case must necessarily be composed by another person, that is, not "on your own"? Because, making a wish, we impose our fears and fears upon it. It turns out, on the one hand, you want something, on the other - you are afraid of execution. Is it possible to get what you want? Therefore, it is good to use the text that someone compiled for this case. For example: "Lord, I trust in Your kindness! I know that everything is in your power! You can realize my desire, it is already realized in an unmanifest world! Now I'm ready to accept your gift! Lord, strengthen my faith and help realize what was planned to manifest in the world what I pray for! Amen! "These words must be accompanied mentally, clearly and specifically characterizing what you want to receive. It is also recommended to feel the satisfaction and joy of realization. They say it helps a lot.

Appeal to Saint Marte

You can still fulfill the desire with the help of such a prayer, which is necessary to read nine Tuesdays in a row. To begin with, buy church candles. After seclusion, light one, put it to your left and read: "O Miraculous Marta! I pity you for intercession before the Lord! Help me in trials and hardships to me and my family! Protect and worry about me. I pityingly ask for mediation in my care ... (describe). O Miraculous Marta! I ask your help in every need of mine! The hardships are my victory, like the serpent that lay at your feet! Amen! "You do not have to extinguish the candle. Let it burn to the end. Be sure to read the "Our Father" and the "Virgin Mary" after this text. Just keep in mind that the ritual must be done completely. That is nine consecutive Tuesdays without interrupting. Even when the desire has already been fulfilled, it is by no means recommended to stop the rite.

To live happily ever after

Not all people constantly have problems. Some live a normal, even slightly boring life, events in which not so much. You know, this state does not completely exclude the need to appeal to the Almighty. For example, a prayer for a long life or harmony will be very welcome. After all, everyone wants to die as late as possible, while not facing disease and other ills. In this case it is quite possible to do with your own prayers. Address the Lord "in an arbitrary" form. It is advisable not to be lazy, at least sometimes visit the temple. There is also such a tradition of putting up candles. This is your prayer for a long life. If you want to learn a special text, you can offer this: "Jesus Christ! I need Your holy help! Fill my body with mortal energy! Let the Divine Love heal all my ailments, prolong the years, deprive the infirmity! Thank You, Lord, for all Your lessons, which I try to learn with diligence and humility! Completely surrender to Your will! Heal the body and suffocate, so that for many long years I could offer prayers to You! Amen!"

I must say that prayer is a sincere revelation of your soul. Of course, you can use the text invented by someone. But you need to concentrate on what's inside you. That is, open to the Most High, trust in Him, try to understand His lessons and help. If the prayer is pronounced "on duty" or from mercantile reasons, then do not wait for the result. You are hardly deceiving the Lord. But you must create your own problems. The soul of Heaven is open. No matter how you hide the negative, you will not be able to hide anything. It is better to sincerely treat the world, to love him and the Lord to ask for mercy.

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