Gel for washing "Efaklar" (La Roche Posay Effaclar): manual, reviews

Acne rashes can disturb people regardless of sex and age. To combat acne and excessive fat content of the skin there are many means, but the best and most popular of them is the gel for washing "Efaklar". It carefully removes all dirt, narrows the expanded pores of the face and successfully fights with pimples, preventing their appearance in the future. Therefore, it is often recommended by dermatologists with problematic skin in adolescents.

On the composition of the gel

Gel for washing "Efaklar" provides delicate and thorough cleansing of the skin of the face. Here the main active substances are:

  • Niacinamide and pyroctonolamine, their action is aimed at cleaning the pores of contaminants and fat;
  • Linoleic and lipo-hydroxy acids have the ability to exfoliate the dead skin cells of the skin, renew them;
  • The thermal water of La Roche-Posay reduces inflammation and the degree of redness of the dermis.

The product is available in plastic tubes with a volume of 50, 200 and 400 ml. The gel is curled with a lid, which has a small opening, allowing the product to be dosed when used.

The gel has an average degree of density, transparent, with a strong floral fragrance. During use, when combined with water, begins to foam.

Exposure to skin

Gel for washing "Efaklar" operates in two directions, it is purification and treatment. First of all, the remedy removes all contaminants, bacteria, dead cells of the dermis and excess sebum from the skin of the face. Thermal water, due to its qualitative characteristics, effectively removes the inflammatory process and removes redness.

The product acts gently and delicately. Does not contain soap, parabens, dyes and alcohol. Perfectly carried by the skin. It has a pH balance of 5.5. Does not cause allergies and does not contribute to the formation of comedones.

Salts of zinc and glycasil are endowed with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-lime component (EDTA) softens the impact of hard water.

The product is ideally combined with other products from this series. It can be used simultaneously with dermatological medicamental treatment.

The gel helps to maintain problem skin in a healthy state and after washing gives a feeling of freshness, purity. It has a particularly mild effect, therefore it delicately affects both the fatty and dry parts of the skin. Does not cause irritation of the dermis.

Recommendations for use

Gel for washing "Efaklar" is indicated for the care of oily and problematic skin, which is very sensitive. Does not dry the skin even when exposed to dry areas of the dermis.

"Efaklar" (gel for washing): instruction

This product is recommended for washing twice a day: morning and evening.

To use it, a small amount of the product must be squeezed into the palm and foamed, adding a little water to it. The resulting solution should be spread evenly over the face skin, and then washed off.

The gel not only removes dirt, but also relieves sebum, penetrating deep into the interior of the pore. The skin after washing La Roche-Posay becomes matte, and greasy shine does not appear during the day. Acts on the surface of the epidermis delicately, does not cause irritation. Reduces the degree of inflammation and redness. Retracts enlarged pores.

When using a means for washing the dry and normal skin type, a feeling of tightness and dryness may occur.

Care is recommended to continue with other means from the "Efaklar" series. This is an additional stage of purification with micellar water or lotion to clean the pores. Further on the skin should be applied a cream or emulsion from this line. If necessary, a corrective agent of local action can be applied to separate areas with inflamed acne.

The complex effect of these products gives a more tangible result, but you can use a gel for washing yourself or with cosmetics of other brands.

Pros of using a cleansing gel

The use of La Roche-Posay gel for washing is able to simply save fat and sensitive skin prone to acne. So, this tool:

  • Helps to gently and delicately remove all pollution, as well as sebum from the face;
  • Helps maintain the problematic dermis in a healthy state;
  • Does not provoke the appearance of an allergic reaction and does not cause an irritating effect;
  • Gives after washing a feeling of freshness;
  • Exfoliates dead cells from the epidermis surface;
  • Removes the inflammatory process and irritation;
  • Economically consumed, and therefore one tube is enough for a long time;
  • Easy and simple to apply;
  • Has a pleasant scent.

These are the main advantages of this product, which have been repeatedly confirmed in the process of applying the gel to the owners of oily and problem skin.

Means for washing

In addition to the positive side, when using Effaclar (gel for washing), there are also negative ones, among them:

  • Cost of the facility;
  • Presence of sodium lauryl sulfate in the composition;
  • The ability to dry and tighten the skin, especially when applied to dry and normal skin;
  • Badly flushes decorative cosmetics.

These are the main disadvantages that were formed as a result of using this tool. Some people in general believe that this tool is completely devoid of shortcomings.

"Efaklar" (gel for washing): analogues

If for some reason this product does not fit for washing, then you can replace it with similar make-up of other companies, this is primarily:

  • Ultra Facial Cleanser by Kiehl's. Can be used for all skin types.
  • "Propeller". It is a cheaper analog. Does not contain soap.
  • Kamill. Has an extract of chamomile. Helps to fight acne.
  • Avene Cleanance. Contains zinc, pumpkin extract and cetrimonium. It has brightly expressed antiseptic properties.
  • Bioderma Sebium. Matiruet. Narrows the pores. It cleanses the skin well. Helps to keep the skin healthy.
  • Clarins Doux Nettoyant Moussant. Contains extract of cotton. Foamy. Effectively removes all dirt, without disturbing the natural balance of the skin.
  • Garnier Skin Naturals. Contains salicylic acid. It has antibacterial action. Dries out acne.
  • Clean & Clear Advantage. Removes the inflammatory process. Helps to fight acne. Contains extracts of Atlas cedar and portolac, cinnamon oil and salicylic acid.
  • Clearasil. Struggles with black dots. Removes the inflammatory process. Eliminates the skin from greasy shine.

Gel for washing, like any product, should be selected strictly individually. If for some reason "Efaklar" did not fit, then you can safely take advantage of the rich assortment of the cosmetic market and choose a more suitable replacement for it.

How to supplement the care?

The contemplated "La Roche Efaclar" for cleansing the skin can act as an independent treatment in daily care, but it gives the best result in combination with other products of this line, which, in addition to the gel for washing, include:

  • A micellar solution that perfectly removes makeup, mats, does not require washing off with water, softens and moisturizes the skin.
  • Lotion for narrowing the pores. Clears and narrows them. Prevents the appearance of a greasy shine. Aligns the skin relief.
  • Correction cream gel. Removes pronounced imperfections. Reduces the production of sebum. Valid for 24 hours.
  • Seboreguliruyuschaya emulsion. Moisturizes and matiruet. It narrows the pores and reduces the sebaceousness of the dermis. It lasts for eight hours.
  • Correction emulsion. Aligns the surface of the skin. Prevents the emergence of comedones. It has a matting effect. Narrows enlarged pores.

The complex effect of these drugs can several times strengthen the result, prevent the development and appearance of acne, keep the skin healthy for a long period.

Result after application

"Efaklar" (foaming gel) can be used at any age. As a rule, its use is well tolerated by the skin. This result appears after two weeks of regular use, but positive changes in the derma state are visible almost immediately. The constant use of this gel for a long period allows you to maintain a healthy skin condition, prevent the appearance of acne and comedones, as well as the appearance of greasy shine throughout the day.

Contraindications and possible negative reactions

Apply Effaclar (gel for washing) is contraindicated in cases of excessive dryness of the skin, which is caused by medication. In all other cases, the gel can be used regardless of age and skin condition.

The drug rarely causes unwanted reactions and discomfort. When using the product on dry and normal skin, the gel can provoke a slight feeling of tightness and dryness of the epidermis. For this reason, do not use the product on the skin around the eyes.

The gel does not wash off the makeup, but it is not intended for this, so do not wash eyes and skin several times to avoid undesirable consequences. Also, do not put the product immediately on the face, but you need to foil it beforehand in your hands.

The product is not recommended for use for more than twelve months from the date of opening the tube.

The correct application of the skin cleanser is able to give a tremendous effect, improve the dermis and prevent the appearance of acne in the future.

Where to buy gel?

The product for washing is sold only in pharmacies, where it is dispensed without a doctor's prescription. It can not be bought in beauty shops. Also, this product is sold through online pharmacies.

Despite the free sale of goods, it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist before applying the gel.

Product Value

"La Roche-Pose Efaklar" (gel for washing) does not differ in democratic value. Its price can vary between 700-1000 rubles per 200 ml. The cost of a bottle of 400 ml will cost around 1200-1400 rubles. Sometimes there is a more budget option in tubes of 50 ml, it can be purchased for 400-500 rubles.

Feedback from consumers about the means for washing

A lot of conflicting opinions gathered around him "Efaklar" (gel for washing). Reviews positive about the product say that the product helps to remove pimples, reduce the greasiness of the skin, which after its application does not appear even under intense loads. Acts gently and delicately. Do not wash until the creak of the skin, but after the procedure of washing, a certain freshness on the face is felt. Does not cause a sense of tightness and peeling, even when used on dry areas of the skin. Well and thoroughly cleans the epidermis. Due to the action of the active components it removes the inflammatory process, removes the redness. People note that with this remedy really cure acne and prevent their appearance in the future.

The gel, when used correctly, is consumed sparingly, packing in 200 ml is sufficient for an average of three months. To all other things, many are pleased that the composition of the product does not contain soap, dyes and alcohol.

Everyone perceives the fragrance of this product individually. Someone says that it smells unobtrusively with roses and flowers, and when used, the smell quickly disappears. Some people consider the fragrance of the gel to be too concentrated, cloying, and because of it they were forced to abandon the use of this product.

There are people who say that "umyvalka" gives a good result only in complex care, that is, when after it purification with micellar water or lotion is followed and a cream of the same line is applied. They note that as an independent tool, it does not give any special results.

Judging by the negative reviews, many people consider this gel to be too aggressive. It is said that after washing, it causes discomfort in the form of excessive dryness and tightness of the skin. Note that it is expensive, and you can find a cheaper replacement. Some wash it once a day, and the rest of the time they use other means to cleanse the skin. That's right, they say, they manage to avoid excessive dryness of the skin and prevent the appearance of acne.

Consumers say that before using this drug it is best to take a sampler in the pharmacy, and then to purchase the full version. In this case, if the product does not work, it will not be a pity to spend money on it. They say that you should not rush to buy, but it is better to look at the price of it in several pharmacies, since the difference in sales points at a cost can reach 200-250 rubles.

As a result of all of the above, we can conclude that the gel for washing "Efaklar" definitely deserves attention, especially those with problematic oily and sensitive skin. On the other types of skin, it should be used with caution, since it can provoke dryness and peeling.

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