Tunisia - where is it? Recreation and attractions of Tunisia

Perhaps many of us have heard of such a toponym as Tunisia. Even more on hearing is the ancient city of Carthage. But where on the map of the planet should I look for Tunisia? In which country is this city located? And than it can be attractive for foreign tourists? Read all about this in our article.

Tunisia - where is it?

Let's try to understand in detail with this geographical toponym. After all, the question: "Tunisia - where is it?" Can drive even the most experienced travelers into a blind alley.

The fact is that this name is borne by the city, the state, and one of its provinces. In addition, there is also the Tunisian Gulf and a lake with the same name. So it's easy and confusing! On what continent is Tunisia? Where is this all located?

Fortunately, all these geographical objects are located within the same country in North Africa. Tunisia is a small Arab state on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The country derives its main income from the export of agricultural products (primarily olive oil), as well as from tourism. This is what lives.

The main attractions of the city

Tunisia is the capital of the homonymous state, located on the shores of the Tunisian Gulf of the Mediterranean, surrounded by low, gentle hills. In the center of the city, among the modern multi-storey buildings, there is an ancient Arab quarter - El Medina. It is here that first of all all tourists and guests of Tunisia aspire to get there. Narrow city streets, ancient mosques and noisy markets with a huge variety of goods - that's what attracts travelers here. In El Medina, you can also visit the unique incense bazaar, founded as far back as the 13th century.

Of course, everyone who comes to Tunisia can not help visiting the remains of ancient Carthage, located near the city. Often tourists also drop into the Dar Osman palace, built by a pirate - local "Robin Hood". There are also several interesting museums in Tunisia. First of all it is worth visiting the Museum of Money, as well as the National Museum of Bardo.

Holidays in Tunisia

After a busy excursion program in the city and its surroundings you can have a good rest and relax. There is everything for a full recreation - hot sun, clear sea and well-groomed beaches with an abundance of cozy restaurants. The most popular resorts are Sousse and Hammamet. However, at the height of summer, you should not abuse beach rest - you can "burn out" very quickly and unnoticeably.

Tunisia is one of the few Muslim countries in the world where the standards of behavior for visiting tourists are very mild. However, in the ancient quarters of the capital, as well as in holy places, it is undesirable to appear in open clothes (shorts and T-shirts).

In Tunisia you can eat delicious and very inexpensive. National food of the country can be considered sandwiches with a variety of (meat, vegetable or fish) stuffing.

Bardo Museum in Tunisia

In the suburbs of Tunisia is one of the shrines of Tunisian culture - the Bardo Museum. Here is the famous collection of Roman mosaics, sculptures, exhibits of Moorish painting, as well as a magnificent exhibition of ancient sarcophagi. The museum was founded at the end of the XIX century and today is the second largest in Africa (after Cairo).

Big trouble came to the Bardo Museum in Tunis in the spring of 2015. On March 18, there was a terrorist attack, which killed 21 people (mostly foreign tourists). Responsibility for him was taken by representatives of the so-called "Islamic state".

A week after the tragic accident, the museum resumed its work. However, the traces of the armed attack on the shrine were decided to be left as a living reminder of what had happened.


Now to the question from the interlocutor: "Tunisia - where is it?" You will confidently answer: "In North Africa!" In this city you can not only have a good rest on the shore of the same name bay, but also delicious to eat, see dozens of historical monuments and visit the most interesting museums!

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