The Berlin TV Tower is Germany's main attraction

Each city has its own zest, a landmark that the whole country is proud of. In the German capital, this is the Berlin TV tower. Her today is called the "icon" of Berlin. From the height of the object opens an unrivaled panorama of the city. Statistics show that this landmark is the highest artificial point of the state. The television tower from the first days of its appearance became the symbol of the capital of Germany. And she deservedly earned her success.

History of a popular property

The Berlin TV tower was commissioned in early October 1969. But this event was preceded by a long story. To build such a structure was decided in the 1950s. The design was to stand on the Muggelberg Mountains. In the vicinity of this area was the airport Berlin-Schönefeld, so the construction robots were suspended, because a tall structure could be dangerous for flying aircraft.

In 1964, Walter Ulbricht proposed the construction of a television tower on the Alexanderplatz square (Berlin, Mitte). The project of the future facility was developed by Hermann Hanselmann, Günther Franke and Fritz Dieter. In early August 1965, the construction of the site began. The construction manager was Gerhard Kozel, but soon after the campaign began he was fired. They explained the removal of Kozel from his post by the fact that he spent 200 million marks on construction, which is six times the amount of the planned budget.

To create the tower, German-made materials were used. Exceptions were only cables, elevators and air conditioning. All this was mounted by a company from Sweden. A separate item of expenditure was also the protective glass ordered in the Netherlands.

It took four years to build the pride of Berlin, and the tower was commissioned on October 3, 1969.

Three design names

The Berlin TV tower has three names. "Pope's place" locals call it when the balloon design is illuminated by the sun. At that moment, the image of the cross is formed on it. By this name the Germans hint at the discrimination of the church in the GDR and the atheistic views of the socialist society.

Also, the Berliners refer to the construction of the church of St. Walter - in honor of Walter Ulbricht. The Ulbricht Memorial Church is the third name of the tower, which arose after the death of Ulbricht.

How the attraction was built

Berlin (Mitte - the most prestigious metropolitan area) is the city where the eponymous sight is located. Expensive objects should be located in fashionable districts. This is the very center of the village. The tower is the highest building in the country and is one of the four highest constructions on the planet. Only the Moscow, Kiev and Riga TV towers are ahead of it in height.

The height of the TV Tower in Berlin is 368 meters. The pipe of the object was poured with concrete, using sliding formwork for this purpose. The ball was collected on the ground, then a crane was installed on the top of the pipe and the ball was lifted and mounted on the fragments. At the top of the structure and to this day is this crane, only today its arrow is omitted. The rotating ball makes a full turn in 30 minutes. There is an observation deck in it.

A smaller crane was also used to mount the antenna. It was also collected in parts, the length of each of which was four meters. The antenna is 118 meters long. With a strong wind, it deviates by 80 cm from its axis. In winter, it is sometimes heated with electricity to prevent icing.

The tower has two elevators and 986 steps, and also has a restaurant, a spire and a floor with a panorama.

Visit the tower

Every day the Berlin TV Tower hosts thousands of tourists. The ticket costs 13-23 euros depending on its type. The choice of guests is offered to buy one of the four provided options for tickets:

  • "Skylark" - on this pass you can see the landmark at nine o'clock in the morning from March to October and at ten o'clock in the morning from November to February. A children's ticket costs 8.5 euros, and an adult costs 13 euros.
  • "Midnight" - ticket, giving the right to inspect the tower from 21.30 to 23.00. There will be such an option in as much as the previous one.
  • "High-speed inspection" - this tariff allows you to reserve a ticket for a specific date and go on a tour without a queue. The price of the pass for children is 12 euros, for adults - 19.5 euros.
  • "VIP-person" is the most expensive, but the best pass: it allows not only to inspect the object, but also gives privileges in the restaurant Sphere.

Interesting facts about the tower

The television tower in the German capital belongs to Deutsche Telekom.

In the 1970s, at its foot on the free square, a garden with flower beds was set up. Also there were planted decorative trees and broke up the pink parterres.

When the World Cup was held in 2006, a ball on the tower was decorated with red foil. Thus, the football turned out to be a giant size.

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