How to set up a bluetooth on a laptop?

Bluetooth is an industrial specification for wireless personal networks. Due to this type of communication, it is possible to exchange between pocket and personal computers, printers, mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, as well as with other devices very reliably, affordable and for a moderate fee. The range of this message is 1-10 meters, and it is not necessary that they are in the same room.

The communication protocol for bluetooth is already quite widespread in a variety of mobile devices. At the moment it is very difficult to imagine a phone, smartphone or communicator that does not support this function. The spectrum of using bluetooth technology at the moment is very wide. Built-in adapters are increasingly appearing in laptops, allowing you to exchange information between portable computers and handheld devices, as well as access the Internet using a phone equipped with wireless technology.

In order to use all these amenities, you need to not only connect, but also configure the Bluetooth on the laptop. Let's figure it out.

How to set up a bluetooth on a laptop?

First you need to make sure that it is generally on your laptop. At the moment, a lot of models of laptops are produced in the same buildings, but their filling is significantly different. That is, if someone on a laptop luminous indicator is an indication that it has bluetooth, then on yours it can be a completely different function. The presence of such a communication module in your device may be indicated by a sticker with a certain marking glued to the case. If the bluetooth is in the laptop, then it only needs to be turned on. In this case, with the question of how to set up the bluetooth on the laptop, there should be no problems. This can be done using the button above the keyboard (on the left) by pressing the special F6 key or selecting the "Enable" option in the settings of the bluetooth itself. For the operation to be successful, you need to make sure that you have the appropriate drivers installed on your laptop. If necessary, you can get acquainted with additional information on the device manufacturer's website.

Now you need to turn on the bluetooth on some other device, for example, on the phone. The laptop should display the detection of available devices. Now you can establish communication between them by selecting a device using a special network name, after which you will need to specify the code for communication, this completes the setting of the Bluetooth on the laptop. If the actions are performed correctly, a connection will be established, after which you can start exchanging information.

How to set up the bluetooth on a laptop if it does not have preinstalled drivers?

Practice shows that the most problems with installing the system arise with the installation of drivers for bluetooth adapter. To begin with, it is worth determining whether there is an adapter in the laptop. After that, proceed to prepare for installing the drivers. The installation process consists of two steps: installing the drivers for the adapter, and then installing special software to work with it. There are many different programs, but the most convenient and popular is the program from Broadcom. If you have the Windows 7 operating system installed, then you should download the 6 version of the application. Usually, the driver is supplied with this program. To install, follow the instructions provided by the wizard. Now you can start working.

That's all, as for the question of how to set up the bluetooth on the laptop.

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