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Avocado: Calorie and Utility

Avocado, the calorie content of which is low, is one of the most useful exotic fruits, because it is endowed with a variety of medicinal properties that can improve human health. Systematic consumption of fruit will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and will also help improve memory. In this product, virtually no sugar and carbohydrates, and yet it does not contain cholesterol. Even on the contrary, avocados contain elements capable of splitting unnecessary cholesterol in your blood.

In the composition of vegetable and fruit salads and many other vitamin dishes there is an avocado. The calorie content of the fruit is negligible, so it will perfectly match with the products of any diet. Moreover, it is useful for health, because it is endowed with all necessary vitamins: D, A, C, B and E.

This tropical fruit is popular in many regions of the world. Mexicans do not care much about how many calories are in avocados, because they are considered to be an aphrodisiac in their homeland, so it is common in all parts of the country. Russians also appreciate the avocado for its nutritional value and unusual taste.

Almost always avocados are used in the raw form - raw, because if you make a dish out of it, it will lose its brightness and become too bitter. This fruit tastes like a nut, but unlike nuts it is less caloric, although it contains a lot of fats. For 100 grams of avocado, there are approximately 120-140 calories. But, if you eat one or two whole fruits, this does not mean that an excess of calories will lead to fat deposits in problem areas. How much you would not use fruits - all their mass will turn into energy in your body.

When buying a fruit, remember that it should be ripe and it should not have brownish spots. Try to choose only pure and undamaged fruit.

Avocado: caloric content

Avocado contains fat, which should not be feared at all. It is processed quickly enough due to unsaturated fatty acids, so it can be safely noted that there will be no problems with the weight of using this fruit.

On the contrary, a person, using avocados, can significantly lose weight, even despite the fact that the ripe fruit can contain 220 calories per 100 g. Nutritional avocado (nutritional value - 30 grams of fat and up to 2.1 g of proteins) will help to quickly satisfy hunger , Even if you adhere to the strictest diet.

Having included the fruit in your diet, you will soon notice how quickly your fatigue will disappear, your bad health, depression and attacks of apathy - and all thanks to avocados. The calorie content of this fruit does not interfere with giving it to children. Elderly people with poor digestion and stomach diseases, it is also recommended to eat a quarter of the fruit several times a week. If you consume avocados, even the person who has had the disease will not feel the heaviness in the stomach.

It should be noted that the cooks have not yet decided, what is more to an extent avocado: fruit or vegetable? Some insist that this is a vegetable, because in most cases it is used with soups, rice, bread and least with desserts. However, opinions diverge, and many are convinced that avocado is still a fruit.

Finally, I want to give one more tip, which will help you more quickly and more correctly to choose a fruit. If you notice that ripe avocados are damaged in the supermarket (which is often enough), pick one unripe fruit (unripe fruits are stronger, so they are rarely damaged during transportation). Bringing home such an avocado, put it in a dark place where it quickly rises to a normal state. By the way, one of the best varieties of fruit is "Hass" (it is known practically all over the world).

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