"To plunge into work": the meaning of phraseology and explanatory examples

Our century can be called a century of workaholics. Socialist times, when everyone received the same regardless of whether they did something or not, are in the past. Now, whoever works like that, he so eats and drinks. In this connection, the question arises of what it means to "plunge into work". The meaning of phraseology is not so intricate.


To plunge into work means to take an inspired start. True, the difficulty is that if the work does not like, it's not easy to plunge into it. Imagine, here is a person selling phones. He's already at work, while on shift. How can you sell phones even more intensively? It all depends on customers, how well they come to the store. But let's not underestimate this kind of work. In this work, too, you can find a creative approach and plunge into the work (the meaning of phraseology is given at the beginning of the paragraph) at the full power of its forces.

Hemingway about the drunken labor

It is much easier to give oneself to a completely creative work, for example, writing books. Usually a writer works for 5-8 hours a day. Hemingway said: "If the story is composed easily, it is very difficult to wait for the next day to plunge into work again" (the meaning of phraseology, its definition was given us a little earlier). But he also exhorted the reader: "It is very important to stick to the schedule." Stephen King, echoing his idol, drew the attention of budding writers: in this sense, the body needs to train and work in the same mode, so that a person develops a habit of writing text.

"The mode of selfless labor"

We have already realized that not every job can be plunged, but only in that which is pleasant. Probably, this is self-evident. In general, there are two varieties of people: those who love and worship money, and those who worship the work that it does.

The first one does not care what to do, as they are excited by profits, earnings. The paradox is that they do not even need things that can be bought for money. Such people are excited by statistics. The latter are usually poorer than the first, although not always, but they are satisfied with what they are doing. As it became clear to the reader, to plunge into the work (the meaning of phraseology is clear from the context), they can both, but the causes, mechanisms that trigger the "selfless work" mode, each group has its own.

A metaphor with a reservoir, which gives a visual representation to the reader

It is rare to find a person who does not like open natural reservoirs. And how the children adore splashing in the river or the sea, or in a fairy tale say, or describe a feather. People have watched these pictures hundreds of times. And imagine that a man of 10 years was not on vacation. And now he, at last, reached the sea. You're imagining it, right? In the same way happy people are immersed in business without fear and doubt, and also not distracted by any nonsense.

Those who are less fortunate, just jealous of them. But do not despair, for everything is in the hands of man. Only death is irreversible, everything else can be changed. If you do not like the work, you can change it, find yourself. The truth is that now there is no way to escape from the clutches of hated labor. It does not matter, the escape can be postponed, but it is necessary to implement it someday. Any person needs to feel this magical state of full immersion in activity, and not just to dream: "I'd like to plunge into the work" (the meaning of phraseology, the picture illustrating it, was presented earlier). Everything is possible while the person is alive. Life is unpredictable, which means that one should not lose hope of a drastic change in the state of things.

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