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Create your Greek nose with a makeup brush!

The features of our face will tell more than we do about ourselves. Physiognomy introduces us to the psychological portrait of a person. Looking at the face, we primarily pay attention to the eyes and nose. In the eyes you can determine the attitude towards creativity and the inner world. The nose says how strong and active a person is. For example, a straight long nose characterizes its owner as a sensual nature, a snub nose, usually in gay owners, a wide one is worn by clever men, a Greek nose by careerists and gamblers. Its shape is often changed to achieve perfect bends. Most often it is done by public people, because they are attracted by the attention of fans and spectators. The Greek nose is very popular (photo is presented).

To get those forms that are considered ideal, many fall under the surgeon's knife. However, the nose, as well as the rest of the face, is your personality. You can correct some imperfect lines without resorting to surgical intervention. What is so attractive about the Greek nose? We all know the statue of Venus de Milo with its chiseled forms. It's a straight slim nose, the second name of which is classic. Greek nose is considered the standard of beauty. The Roman type of nose has a seal (bump) below the bridge of the nose.

There are wide, upturned, eagle, dull and other forms of the nose. Visually correct outlines, length will help correction of the face. With the help of make-up, you can place the accents: highlight the advantages and hide the shortcomings. Make it so that the eyes, nose, mouth harmoniously combined. Make-up helps balance the shape of the face. You need to know the basic principle of correction - the play of light and shadow. So, if you do not like the shape of the nose and want to correct it, you first need to know its parts. The frontal has the name "back of the nose", which starts from the bridge of the nose and descends to the next part - the tip (cartilage), laterally the lateral parts, each of which ends with the wing.

To straighten the back of the nose, you need to lighten the front part and darken the sides. To do this, stroke the most prominent places on the side of the nose with a matte shade of corrective agents, which can be tonal bases, powders, shadows.

The main thing to remember is that the color of the remedy should be 1-2 tone darker than your natural skin tone or the basic tonal remedy. On the back of your nose, apply a light shade. Borders blend: the tone to tone should go smoothly. Remember that greasy shine will attract attention, so use a matte texture. If you need to make a shorter nose: the tip is darkened, and the backlight is highlighted by 2/3 of the entire length in the direction from the base. Wide wings are similarly "hiding in the shade". Thus, it is possible to correct all imperfect forms of the face.

Often, we exaggerate and take a critical attitude toward our appearance. Natural data is a unique and special feature, and if it is understood and accepted, it does not matter at all whether a Roman or Greek nose makes you unique. To be yourself is what really matters!

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