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Regular exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle

Regular physical exercises must be performed at any age. In sports, not only are muscles and joints strengthened, the strength of bone tissue is maintained, the human posture improves, but the endurance and resistance of the organism to stresses also increases. They also contribute to the normal operation of internal organs and the excellent mood of a person.

There are complexes not only of general physical activity, but also of point action, aimed at strengthening individual muscle groups. This is due to people's striving for the perfection of their figure and, for example, the need to strengthen their breasts. But there are cases when a person in connection with certain diseases, can not perform all exercises, and some are simply contraindicated by the treating doctor.

This article proposes to consider physical exercises for women who want to increase their breasts. In this case, one should not confuse the breast with the mammary glands, since the first is defined as a set of pectoral muscles and mammary glands. And the glands themselves do not have muscles.

Thus, physical exercises for breast augmentation provide the creation of a relief of the corresponding musculature, due to which the woman will look taut and have an effective appearance.

Any physical exercises a person performs only after a mandatory warm-up, providing stretching, warming up the muscles and preventing the occurrence of injuries during classes. Warm-up is energetic slopes, jumping rope or a short jog.

The first exercise is called "East" and allows you to give the tone of the breast and increase its muscles. You need to stand up, with your back against the wall, or sit on a chair (always with a straight back). During the exercise, you need to make sure that the back is tightly pressed to the surface, otherwise most of the load will fall on it, rather than on the pectoral muscles. It is necessary to close your palms in front of your chest and press one on top of the other until you feel tension in your muscles. Counting to 10, put your palms forward 5 centimeters ahead, count again to 10, then go ahead again and so repeat until you can hold your hands together. Open your hands, shake hands and repeat this exercise twice more. When performing, you need to concentrate your attention specifically on the work of the muscles.

Exercise "Wall" is very convenient to carry out at home. Become in the doorway, put your hands in the doorpost. Within a minute, press on him, imitating the attempt to move the wall, and then bending slightly in the opening, apply one more minute. The muscles will receive the maximum load under pressure with all their might. Similarly, you can perform this exercise while standing against the wall, but keep your back straight upright, without tilting. The best execution time is 2 minutes in three approaches.

Very effective exercise on the pectoral muscles are push-ups from the floor. To achieve the effect, you need to perform at least 20 times at a time. If from the very beginning it is impossible to achieve such a number of repetitions, then this should be sought through constant training.

As already mentioned above, there are cases when physical exercises can not be performed in full because of the presence of a certain disease. Exactly such limitations of physical activity include hypertension.

Approximately half of people suffering from high blood pressure are very sedentary. Experts still hold the view that hypertension should perform the simplest exercises, which, first, lead to a small weight loss, and secondly, they can even slightly lower the pressure.

So, physical exercises for hypertension are selected individually for each person. And for people suffering from high blood pressure, even extra weight, swimming will be effective enough. It is also recommended that hypertensive patients walk more.

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