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Many often do not have enough time to visit the gym or sports club. However, there is a way out of this situation - Pilates at home. The lesson can be spent for yourself, having organized a kind of fitness club at home. By the way, you can add to this lesson and your friends, because everyone knows that it's boring to be alone. In order to achieve tangible results, it is necessary to conduct pilates at home regularly and it is very important to properly dispose of the time allocated for training. The lessons of the house have their obvious advantages. First, you save your time, because you do not need to get to the fitness club, you can spend this time on training. Secondly, there is no need to buy special sportswear and an expensive subscription. Agree, in our time, such arguments are significant advantages in deciding whether to engage in fitness on their living space.

Requirements for classes

Carrying Pilates at home, you must comply with certain requirements. Training should be regular, and most importantly - quality. It is necessary to treat this occupation fairly responsibly and not relax, making yourself indulgent. Carrying out in accordance with these tips Pilates at home, after a while you will be able to notice the results. Doing exercises, you need to concentrate on breathing and make sure that all muscles are used during training. Before embarking on Pilates classes, it is not superfluous to visit several workouts in the fitness center and consult a specialist, having mastered the basic exercises and received recommendations. Beginners can also take video lessons.

Choice of exercises

Pilates at home should be held regularly, allocate special days for classes and do not violate your regime on any pretext, even if it seems to you that this is a very weighty reason. We are very often lazy or just feel sorry for ourselves, making the decision to make an exceptionally short day off. It does not hurt to buy a CD with the recording of classes and instructions of a professional coach. With such a disk it will be much easier to learn the technique of training, and before you will be an example of how to correctly perform this or that exercise, and explained to which muscle groups it is calculated.

Optional Accessories

To practice Pilates at home, you can also purchase various auxiliary items. This can be a special mat, which is very convenient to deal with, as well as additional sports attributes (hoop, ball, small dumbbells, etc.). Clothes for training should be necessarily very comfortable, free, not constraining movements. To conduct classes best barefoot or in socks. Also it is worth noting that it is better not to start training earlier than thirty minutes after you have eaten. If you do not feel very well (the head is spinning, there is weakness in the limbs), then it is better to postpone pilates the next day.

Lessons learned

After a few lessons you can feel the extraordinary lightness in the whole body, and you yourself will notice how much your physical and emotional state has improved. After such occupations, the physical form significantly improves, the body becomes more flexible and plastic. Exercises help to update the whole body, improve overall health, strengthen muscles. Pilates is useful to all of this . Moscow has a large selection of fitness clubs, where you can learn the exercises, and then you can successfully engage in Pilates at home, saving your money and your free time, which is very important with the current accelerated rhythm of life.

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