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The horror film "Vatican Records". Actors: the victim and the exorcists

In 2015, the light saw the first solo project directed by Mark Neveldine - the thriller "Vatican Records". Earlier, Mark in tandem with Brian Taylor worked on the paintings "Gamer" and "Adrenaline." Participating in the project Neveldine "Vatican Records" actors, performers of the roles of the first plan: OT Dudley, M. Peña, K. Robertson, are already quite famous in the world of cinema.

Fair criticism

It is difficult to associate the project of Mark Neveldine with the classic films that have become classic. The film "Vatican Records" the actors involved in the shooting process, compared with the "Exorcist", although professional critics drew attention to the lack of academicity, the excess of surreal exploit-pathos. Almost all the characters of the film are simplified almost to the level of comic books: a black priest, performed by Djimon Honsu, twice nominated for an Oscar, is fairly predictable, the second plan is decorated with the texture of ex-star of militants Daniel Bernhardt and Michael Pare, and in episodes Russian pop -Speaker Alexei Vorobyov.


"Vatican Records" is a film whose plot is not original and even secondary. The main character - a young, attractive Angela (actress Olivia Dudley) on her next birthday contrives to deeply injure her finger with a knife. It is noteworthy that the wound is immediately trying to shred the incomprehensible origin of the raven. Boyfriend of a girl named Pete (DP Amedori), along with a caring father in the performance of Dougray Scott immediately transport the main character to the hospital. And from this fateful moment the girl radically changes. Observing the transformation of a ward priest, ex-soldier father Lozano (actor Michael Peña), understands that Angela is obsessed and turns to the Vatican, hoping for immediate help.

Attention to the psychological aspect

Heroes of the horror film "Vatican Records", the actors involved in the project, embodied on the screen to the best of their abilities and talent. It's not their fault that the individual characters turned superficial, just the stories of some of the characters assumed a more serious psychological study. For example, Bishop Brun, to whom the Vatican instructs the cause of the unfortunate obsessive. It was embodied on the screen by Peter Andersson, an actor familiar to the public in the films "The Girl Who Played with Fire" and "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." The character was conceived as a complex personality. He himself was in the early adolescence obsessed with a demon and his new encounter with the ancient evil was predetermined. But a rather interesting plot branch, unfortunately, has not received any development.

Three actors, not including Angela

The image of the ex-soldier, and now the exorcist priest, the boyfriend of Angela and her father, embodied in the tape "Vatican Records" the actors of the long-known world cinema community. An actor who played the role of a warrior who experienced the fire of all the hot spots of the planet, but later decided to become a priest, is familiar to viewers on the series "Profiler", the films "The Police of New York" and "The Man-Ant". Unfortunately, the creators did not allow Michael to demonstrate his dramatic talent to the fullest. The history of his hero is not fully developed, it can be said, barely marked. The images of the friend of Angela and her father are also deprived, between which there could be a conflict - they are two opposites, but both love the main heroine. Dougray Scott, whose filmography is full of blockbusters: "Ripley's Game", "Hitman", "Mission Impossible," "Doctor Who" - rather passively interacts in tandem with her daughter, mostly expressing constant and intrusive anxiety. John Patrick Amedori, Angela's boyfriend, remembers the audience through the films "Think Like a Culprit", "The Butterfly Effect," but in this picture he seems infantile and often fades into the background.

The main role of women

It seems that the creators deliberately sacrificed all possible offshoots of the story line for the sake of the story of the main character - the obsessed Angela. Therefore, actress Olivia Taylor Dudley had the opportunity to demonstrate the full range of his acting talent. And she coped with her task brilliantly. Scenes in which her heroine was given the dominant role are rightly considered the most creepy in the film. But the episodes in which the actress interacts with other actors, look much weaker, the reason for this may be the fragmentary scenario, the lack of teamwork of the actor's ensemble of the film. Therefore, Angela-Dudley as obsessed - convincing, good and really inspires horror, and an ordinary girl, Angela - is malovyrazitelna and fresh. In addition to this role, Olivia Taylor Dudley is familiar to a wide audience on the film "Forbidden Zone".

Outstanding tragedy of the creators did not work, because, in addition to the main character, the game lacks the actors of the first plan. But fans of thrillers will certainly appreciate the tense and sinister atmosphere of the film.

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