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"Ivushka", health resort, Sochi: reviews, photos

Sanatoriums are not just pleasant places to relax. Here you can still get medical treatment and just get some medical wellness services. A vacation with good and good health. Just what is so necessary for many!

Many go to resort cities in order to be cured in some boarding house. For example, there is in Sochi "Ivushka" (sanatorium). What can it offer its visitors? What procedures are carried out here? How much do vacationers are satisfied with their vacation spent in the walls of this institution? In all this help to sort out the numerous reviews about the sanatorium. Of these, you can often draw information that is not disclosed on the official website. So, what should I look for? What can attract or push away from Ivushka in Sochi?


The first step is to find out what the institution is all about. "Ivushka" is a sanatorium located in Sochi. Here everyone can relax, have fun and get medical help in certain areas. This is a place that is designed for any holiday: alone or with a family. People come here from different ages. There are both elderly and young guests.

We can say that "Ivushka" is another health resort, offering to combine rest and treatment. Its distinctive feature is that RZD employees often go here to rest. Very good, quiet place, away from city bustle. It is noted that you should go here when you want peace and quiet near the sea.

Recommendations for treatment

Like any other sanatorium, "Ivushka" (Sochi) offers a variety of therapeutic procedures. Accordingly, in addition to personal desire, there are some testimonies according to which you can get medical help in this institution. What profiles specialize in "Ivushka"? It:

  • Musculoskeletal system;
  • Otorhinolaryngology;
  • neurology;
  • psychology;
  • Skin diseases;
  • Metabolic disorders.

As you can see, in fact there are a lot of indications for treatment. And this pleases the visitors. In addition to the already mentioned areas, it should be noted that the sanatorium "Ivushka" (Sochi) offers treatment in the field of gynecology, proctology. Here you get rid of infertility. Another indication for travel here may be pregnancy. As her planning, and already held. But basically the boarding house specializes in neurological diseases and pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. In the end, a ticket can be purchased even just so that you can relax near the sea, in the resort city of Sochi.

The services

A special attention is required by the range of services provided. In this area, "Ivushka" (sanatorium) reviews earn mostly positive. No specific services are provided, but those that take place are at the highest level. Here are provided:

  • Massage procedures (including manual massage);
  • Consultations of doctors;
  • Reception of analyzes;
  • Ultrasound diagnosis;
  • hydrotherapy;
  • Inhalation;
  • Electrolight therapy;
  • Detensotherapy;
  • acupuncture;
  • Exercise therapy;
  • Phytotherapy;
  • Manual therapy;
  • psychotherapy;
  • Terrenkury.

It is also worth noting that in this sanatorium visitors are pleased with the availability of a special capsule for physiotherapy using water. It is called Dermalife SPA Oceana. This is a hydrofusion capsule that can perform hydration functions. A very convenient and useful device that distinguishes "Ivushka" from a number of similar sanatoriums. Procedures using this capsule leave no one indifferent.


Where is "Ivushka"? This sanatorium, as already mentioned, is designed specifically for those who prefer a holiday away from the city bustle. The territory of the organization extends among the forest steppe, next to the beach. No noise or city walls. Only nature, the sun and the sea. This is very pleasing to visitors.

However, if we are talking about the beach, there are a lot of people here. After all, the sanatorium "Ivushka" (Sochi) is on the coast, where there are so many different resorts and hotels. They are located not too close, but on the fullness of the beach zone, this affects seriously. Although many visitors leave positive comments about "Ivushka": there is its own equipped beach, on which there are no strangers. You can relax here with comfort and all amenities.

Price list

"Ivushka" is a sanatorium, which pleases many with its possibilities. Only for the majority of clients the huge role is played by the prices for rest. Quite normal phenomenon - do not want to overpay for the holidays a lot of money.

In general, the sanatorium "Ivushka" (Sochi) reviews in this regard are positive. Yes, tours here are not too cheap, but they can not be called very expensive. Rather, moderate. Clients emphasize that for the money they are paid they are provided with all services. You will not regret the money given.

By the way, the rates for rest in the rooms depend on when you are resting. In the season price tags go up, then decline. For this sanatorium "Ivushka" reviews earnings are also positive. Differences in price are not too big. In any case, given that the cost includes treatment and three meals a day.

How many it is necessary to pay for rest? It is recommended to find out the exact information either by phone or on the official website of the boarding house. But on average, a single room costs in off-season at 2800-2900 rubles per day. But in August and September - at 4,150 rubles. In principle, not too expensive. But, as some visitors point out, on the coast in Sochi you can find a less expensive sanatorium with similar conditions of stay.


What to do in your spare time? "Ivushka" is a sanatorium offering spa treatment. But this does not cancel the fact of having free time. And you will have a lot of it. For the leisure component, this place receives mostly positive reviews. In any case, from the older generation. With long-term stay of young people here can become boring. At your disposal will be:

  • barbershop;
  • laundry;
  • beauty saloon;
  • Pool (with ordinary and sea water);
  • karaoke;
  • cinema;
  • playgrounds;
  • Sports complex;
  • beach;
  • A shop with spa goods.

This is enough to not be bored. Every evening a disco with dances and songs is arranged in the sanatorium. For this phenomenon, the sanatorium "Ivushka" (Sochi) receives mixed reviews. On the one hand, discos - this is a good reason to have fun. On the other hand, sounds are heard to numbers, which often prevents sleep of visitors who are used to going to bed early. On the territory there is Wi-Fi, which is pleasantly pleasing. You will not be cut off from the world. The Internet will help to relax those who prefer to spend their free time on the World Wide Web.


Do not neglect such a component as food. It is offered to all visitors, 3 times a day. Many point out that the menu is made up so that it was both tasty and useful. Indeed, most customers remain satisfied with the proposed food. It is diverse, every day something new.

Most often, the food is offered in accordance with the diet chosen by you and your doctor. Delicious, nutritious, varied and healthy food - that's what the holidaymakers need so much. Even children are satisfied with what this sanatorium offers them. Yes, it is not a home food, some do not like it, but do not feel any disgust towards it.


What can you say about the situation in this institution? Sanatorium "Ivushka" (photo is presented in the article) is a place where you will not see bold design solutions and bright colors. This place "breathes" with tranquility and home comfort. Accordingly, the situation in the institution is pleasant to the eye.

Everywhere repairs are made, although the rooms look, as the visitors say, simply, but tastefully. There is everything that vacationers can only need. The color scheme does not strain, customers have the opportunity to relax and on the beach, in the room, and throughout the boarding house.

Speaking of procedural offices, it is necessary to emphasize that they are also all new. Everywhere is clean, light, the equipment is new. It's nice to be in the walls of this institution. Here is a sanatorium "Ivushka" ("RZD-Health"). If you want to plunge into a simple but pleasant environment, then this place was created just for you. Some, however, note that the numbers are somewhat reminiscent of Soviet-era hotels. Maybe, to some extent this is really so, because there are no "bells and whistles" here. Only all the most necessary things: cabinets and cabinets, desks with chairs, beds and telephones, TVs and mirrors. Nothing extra!

Address and contacts

What phones can I use to communicate with the organization? It all depends on where you live. On the official page you can see the following contacts:

  • For Sochi: 8 (988) 236-84-00;
  • Rostov-na-Donu: 8 (863) 221-48-05;
  • Voronezh: 8 (473) 228-60-95;
  • Moscow and other cities: 8 (495) 797-05-84.

Where is "Ivushka"? This sanatorium, as we have already found out, is located on the territory of Sochi, on the sea coast, near the beach. More precisely, on Luchezarnaya Street, 14, in the village of Loo. It is not difficult to get here. Although, as the customers note, the stop is not close.

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