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Pension "Fakel", Sochi: reviews and photos

Sochi is a traditional Russian resort. For comfortable rest, treatment, health improvement at any time of the year, all conditions are created here. The number of boarding houses and holiday homes in the city is incredibly high, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice, especially if treatment and rest are required at the same time. One of the places where you can get the most benefit and pleasure from staying is the boarding house "Fakel" (Sochi).


The territory of the recreation center is located in the ecologically clean area of Mount Batareika, which belongs to the central part of the city. To your own comfortable beach only 900 meters, which can easily be overcome on foot, but the administration for those who want to every twenty minutes provides transport. You can take sun baths not only on the beach area, but also in the water park "Mayak", where there are lots of attractions.

The boarding house "Fakel" (Sochi), the only one on the entire city coast, has 4 stars of comfort. And this is no wonder, because it is a departmental institution of the MSC of Gazprom Transgaz Krasnodar. On the territory there is a dendrological park, where flowering plants, medicinal herbs and decorative trees with evergreen foliage are collected. Here are laid the paths for outdoor activities, if it becomes difficult to run or walk, you can always relax on the numerous benches.

To the pleasure of tourists, in the central part of the park there is an outdoor swimming pool, around which there is a relaxation area with sun beds, sun loungers. You can reinforce your strength and refresh yourself in the nearby bar. Stay near the pool is included in the system of recovery by the method of climate therapy.

Therapeutic profile

The boarding house "Fakel" (Sochi) has a medical base and will help in the fight against the following types of diseases:

  • Diseases of the heart, cardiovascular and nervous systems.
  • Diseases of the respiratory system (excluding tuberculosis of any form).
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Treatment and procedures are prescribed for medical reasons. To clarify the diagnosis, a biochemical, general clinical analysis of the patient's body condition is carried out on its own research base. After receiving a complete medical history, the doctor makes appointments.

Procedures are provided in the complex "Matsesta", focused on balneotherapy, as well as in the specialized treatment department of the health resort. The boarding house "Fakel" (Sochi) offers the following procedures:

  • Six types of therapeutic baths (hydrogen sulphide, matsestinsky, radon, hydromassage, iodide-bromine, geyser).
  • Aromatherapy and inhalation.
  • Exercise therapy.
  • Oxygen cocktails.
  • Aqua aerobics.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Massages.
  • Reflexology.
  • Electrophoresis.
  • Laser therapy.

New Years 2016

In 2016 the boarding house with treatment "Fakel" (Sochi) opened a new room for health and treatment procedures, equipped with the latest equipment intended for magnetotherapy. The procedure allows to improve the overall well-being of the patient, increases the immunity and adaptive functions of the body. The course of treatment procedures has a prolonged effect, even in half a year the state of health will be excellent, tiredness will be replaced by vivacity, a healthy sleep and excellent working capacity.

Also for those who want to find a good physical form a new kind of sports activities is opened - Scandinavian walking. Participants of the group are taught the walking technique with specially designed sticks. During training, the body receives a moderate load with the maximum healing effect. The results of training will be noticeable bonuses: a good muscle tone, active burning of calories and weight loss, reduced joint load, training of the cardiovascular system, airway cleansing, posture correction and much more.

Number of rooms

For living there are 2 residential buildings and separate cottages. The total number of seats is 150 units.

Room Categories in Building 1:

  • One-room category «standard» is designed for double accommodation. The cost for 2016 is from 4200 rubles.
  • Two-room suite for two people in the prestige category. It consists of a living room and a bedroom. The cost - from 5000 rubles per day (the price of 2016).
  • Three-room suite, category "apartments". The room has three rooms: a living room and bedrooms, as well as a zone designed and equipped for cooking. The price of accommodation per day in 2016 is from 5500 rubles.

All rooms of the first building are equipped with air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, safe. For communication, telephone and internet are provided. The bathroom is equipped with a bath, shower, hair dryer, clothes dryer.

Building №2

  • "Junior" and "standard": a double one-room room, whose cost in 2016 starts from 3950 rubles. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, safe (except "Junior" rooms). Bathroom with shower, hairdryer and dryer. The cost of the price of 2016 - from 3950 rubles per day.
  • "Standard": a double room consisting of two rooms. There are 2 air conditioners, safe, TV, refrigerator. In the bathroom there is a bath, hair dryer, clothes dryer. The cost is from 4450 rubles per day (2016).
  • "Family": a room of three rooms (living room + 2 bedrooms). In the room there are 3 air conditioners, TV, refrigerator, safe. The bathroom is equipped with a bath, hairdryer, clothes dryer. The cost of living in 2016 is from 4450 rubles per day.

The boarding house "Fakel" (Sochi) also has separate lodges for a family or a company. Four cottages (three floors) of the category "Sewitt": total living area - 280 square meters. On the ground floor there is a sauna (booth, shower, rest room, accessories). On the third floor there is a study with equipment. The premises are furnished with modern furniture. The cottage has three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen. In the dining room there is a bar, a cozy fireplace, a dining table, a TV set and a soft furniture set. The kitchen has all the necessary equipment: electric stove, refrigerator, dishes, cutlery. The cost is from 6500 rubles per day (2016).


The dining room is equipped with the best equipment, a team of specialists is involved in the work. Holidaymakers are given the opportunity to choose dishes from the assortment that the kitchen prepares. The general system of three meals a day is organized according to the "buffet" system. The menu provides meals as a dietary table, according to the recommendations of doctors and national cuisines of the world.

The total number of seats in the cafe is designed for 120 people. In high season, meals are organized in 2 shifts. During the recession of resort activity, vacationers have the opportunity to make orders for cooking according to the recommendations of the attending physician and nutritionist.


Pension "Fakel" (Sochi, "Gazprom" - the actual owner of the hotel) is a comfortable place with developed infrastructure, where the stay gives a feeling of unity with nature without breaking away from the rhythms of the modern way of life. For recreation, sports and entertainment there is everything you need:

  • Two residential buildings and four cottages.
  • Dining room for 120 people, bar (20 seats).
  • Administration building.
  • Medical building.
  • Own equipped beach with a water park "Mayak".
  • Outdoor pool with heated water, underwater geyser, countercurrent, cascade shower.
  • Children's playground with a safe covering and a game complex.
  • Summer bar in the pool area.
  • Dance floor, cinema.
  • Outdoor sports ground (volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton).
  • Gym with modern equipment.
  • Volumetric excursion program.
  • ATM, guarded around the clock free parking for cars.
  • Conference service (hall for 30 seats, equipment).

By the recognition of many, the place of good, quality rest is the boarding house "Fakel" (Sochi). The photos of the health resort and happy vacationers confirm the reputation of one of the best resorts of the Krasnodar Territory.


The location of the boarding house within the city of Sochi provides a large space for a rich leisure. Transfer to Krasnaya Polyana gives an opportunity to use sports facilities built for the Summer Olympics. For hikers, tours are organized for mountain passes, where you can see tea plantations. In search of adventure you can raft on the mountain rivers and visit the famous waterfall Dragon's mouth.

In the boarding house there are animators, who daily devise new fun and ways to have fun. There are dance floors, a cinema hall, where new films are shown. Lovers of the song genre leave positive feedback about the karaoke system with a large list of songs and the best playback equipment. Excursions around the Krasnodar Territory, historical places will add to the treasury of knowledge.

Helpful information

  1. Where is the boarding house "Fakel" (Sochi)? Address: Sochi (Krasnodar Region), Voikova Street, building 48.
  2. Children from five years are accepted for rest and treatment.
  3. The discount for accommodation of 30% subject to placement on an additional place in the room is extended to children from 5 to 14 years old (inclusive).
  4. Documents required for settlement: adults submit a passport (civil / foreign passport), a voucher, a sanatorium card, a medical insurance policy. Insurance. For children (up to 14 years), a birth certificate is needed, a certificate of epidemiological control. If the child arrives without parents, a power of attorney is required to accompany the person.
  5. Estimated time: spa stay - 00:00, accommodation without honey. Services - 12:00.
  6. In the free sale comes 20% of the total number of those that have a boarding house "Fakel" (Sochi).


About the holiday in "Torch" reviews are few. Those who described their impressions, give positive assessment to all parties to stay in the sanatorium. There are modern equipment of the medical building, polite staff, delicious dishes in the dining room. Many like the beauty, the well-being of the arboretum around the buildings. The opportunity to swim in the pool with heated water until the fall is also assessed positively.

There is a high level of service provided by the boarding house with the treatment of "Fakel" (Sochi). Reviews of the beach vacation are only positive, especially the opportunity to visit the water park "Mayak".

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