Gazelle dimensions and not only

Small trucks brand "GAZelle" has long been a rarity in our streets. You can meet this car almost everywhere. Dimensions of GAZel are excellent for light tonnage. But the car can not carry 3 tons on itself, as it is intended for cargoes, the weight of which does not exceed 1.5 tons. With a large overload, the Gazelles begin to burst the rear axles and simply tear the frame. By the way, it is worth replacing that the frame of all gazelles is torn exclusively at the place of connection of the cabin with the body. Of course, managing an overloaded car is quite difficult, and there is a big risk of creating an emergency on the road, despite the small size of the gazelle.

GAZelle cars were always famous for their good overview from the driver. Dimensions GAZelle allow you to have a spacious cabin, which allows you to fit even 2-passenger. On some models, the power steering is installed , which greatly facilitates the driver's work not only at high speeds, but also when driving through narrow courtyard areas.

GAZelle with a body awning - this is perhaps the most common modification of the car. The metal body of such GAZelle is equipped with a special frame structure made of wood and metal, on which the canvas is then stretched. Factory dimensions of the GAZelle with this body: length - 3 meters, width - 2, and height 1.65 meters. Useful body volume - 9 cubic meters.

Special tailgates allow loading and unloading from 3 sides. With the removal of the tent, GAZel can carry oversized structures.

At first glance, this car seems small, but thanks to the lengthened base the truck is able to carry large-sized loads weighing up to 1.5 tons. But even in standard GAZelle it is possible to modernize the body by increasing the carcass and awning. The height of such a body can reach more than 2 meters, instead of the standard 1.65 m.

Thanks to the high load compartment, furniture can be transported in assembled form, and refrigerators can be transported in an upright position.

This is very convenient for city crossings. The total volume of the cargo hold can be 12 cubic meters (this is with the standard length of the body). Accordingly, the space for loading furniture and other household items increases. Also in the transportation of small loads used GAZelle all-metal, the dimensions of which are similar to tilt models. In such isothermal vans, you can transport not only furniture, but also food.

To date, the GAZelle is the most versatile type of cargo transport, designed to transport small-sized cargo.

GAZelle is a very maneuverable and compact truck, which is allowed to move through all the streets of the city, even the central one. That's why it is ideal for office and apartment crossings.

Convenience of this low-tonnage car is difficult to overestimate, therefore for transportation of small cargoes it is best to choose a GAZelle, the dimensions of which are optimal for this.

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