MZKT-79221: technical specifications. Military vehicles

MZKT-79221 - wheeled chassis, which has increased performance in terms of power and carrying capacity. It works on 16 wheels. And the power of the power unit installed on it reaches 800 horsepower. Used chassis for the transportation of particularly large loads. It is the base for the transportation of the Topol-M missile mobile complex. Now it can even transport nuclear weapons.

Historical facts

The prototype of the chassis MZKT-79221 was assembled in 1992. Its development was carried out on the basis of the car MAZ-7922, which by that time had time to prove itself from the best side. The chassis was produced by the forces of the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant.

Developers of the mobile missile complex Topol-M faced such a problem as the transportation of their offspring. The platform that performed this work earlier did not fit. Therefore, the developers had to look for an enterprise that could produce the necessary vehicle. Unfortunately, among domestic enterprises such was not found. Therefore, a contract was signed to create a chassis with the Minsk plant.

For the next few years the development continued. In the serial production model arrived only in 2000.

Purpose of the car

A special wheeled chassis is used to transport bulky goods. These can be rocket launchers, rigs for drilling oil wells. On the basis of the chassis, even heavy-duty cranes can be installed.

The main purpose - the performance of military defense functions. In addition, it can also be used for civil purposes. For this purpose, a special modification with index 100 is developed. This version of the chassis can accelerate up to 45 kilometers per hour.

Features of the tractor

The military vehicles are equipped with power units YaMZ-847. They are able to develop power up to 800 horsepower. The total weight is 120 tons. Off-road tractor is able to transport 80 tons of cargo.

Tractor MZKT-79221 has huge dimensions. Its width is 3.4 meters. In length it is 22.7 meters. Moves due to 16 wheels, tires in which with varying pressure. Represent their size can be, if you find out that the height of each such product is almost 2 meters. It is very difficult to pump such a wheel with air. Therefore, special pumps are installed, which pump tires in the event of a breakdown on the fly. The pressure in the wheels is controlled by the built-in system. In case of repair, it is necessary to follow the specially developed procedure for the replacement of the wheel MZKT-79221.

Of the 8 axes, 6 are controllable (except for two central axes). Due to this, the radius of the turn significantly decreased. It is almost equal to this parameter, characteristic of a four-axle truck. The turning radius of the tractor is 18 m. There is enough of a 34 m 2 area to turn the car. Due to this, maneuverability for a tractor of similar dimensions is at an altitude. To improve this indicator, an interesting wheel rotation system is used. At a time when the wheels set on the first axes are turned in one direction, the wheels of the rear axles rotate in the opposite direction.

All road irregularities are smoothed out due to wheels with a large diameter, suspension and flexible frame, which is capable of predictably deforming. For the same purpose, the elements are attached to the chassis at three points.

Acceptance test truck passed with a positive mark. Therefore, he was recommended for serial production.

Power unit and gearbox

On the tractor MZKT-79221 diesel engine with turbo-supercharging YaMZ-847,10 is installed. Four-stroke engine with direct fuel injection. Cooling of power unit of liquid type. The output he produces reaches 800 liters. from. The engine capacity is 25.8 liters.

When driving "to empty" the tractor consumes 240 liters. In a state of full workload, the consumption increases to 300 liters. The capacity of the fuel tank is 825 liters. The fuel is sufficient so that the tractor can move 500 km without stopping.

The Gearbox Automatic. But in the automatic mode, transfers are switched only after the tractor's speed is above 10 km / h. To develop the maximum speed, you must also switch gears in manual mode. The working interval of the gearbox is divided into 4 ranges. The forward or reverse movement is controlled by an additional button.

The cockpit is located in the front part, slightly shifted to the left side. The interior is equipped with metal elements. There is no windows, no air conditioning. Manage the tractor must three people (one driver and two assistants), the salon is almost completely filled with various buttons and levers. And management training lasts a year. While driving, the driver must perform all actions "ahead of the curve".


MZKT-79221, the technical characteristics of which are discussed above, has a number of advantages. Among them are:

  • The ability to transport goods with a total mass of up to 80 tons.
  • Endurance (the car withstands the heaviest loads while driving in the presence of obstacles).
  • Maneuverability (despite its large dimensions).
  • The control of wheel pressure is carried out from the cabin.

  • The presence of an on-board computer that monitors the state of the main components and mechanisms of the machine (engine, suspension, running elements, pressure in the wheels and so on).
  • An engine of automotive type is installed. He has a resource before major repairs (5 thousand hours). The predecessors were equipped with tank engines, the resource of which did not exceed 300 h.
  • The ability to wade if the depth does not exceed 1.1 m.


By its design, the MZKT-79221 tractor is an SUV, since it has several axles. Accordingly, it is designed specifically for cross-country traffic. But the tractor can not move along a route that has not been tested. All wheels must touch the ground. If even a few will hang in the air, there will be an overload of the entire structure. And the car is not designed for such overloads.

Among the shortcomings can also be allocated a large fuel consumption. A powerful engine mounted on the car consumes fuel with a vengeance.

Analogues and competitors

The serial production of the tractor MZKT-79221 began in 2000 after a series of tests. All this time the car is produced in limited quantities, in small batches. Over the years, neither domestic nor foreign manufacturers of special equipment have been able to offer an analogue of this wheeled chassis. The technical characteristics of the tractor make it a unique vehicle. You can get a hold of it, but it's not easy. On sale there are only modifications MZKT-79221-100, which are intended for use in the civilian industry. You can order the model from the manufacturer or from the usual buyer. Only in the latter case will the technique be second-hand, not new.

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