All about KamAZ-53228

The article will deal with a car that has received universal recognition from the people. We are talking about the KamAZ-53228 car, a photo of which is presented in the article. We'll talk about the history of both the car itself and the car factory that produces it. We will analyze all technical characteristics and their features. We will tell about the fuel consumption and at the end we will denote the cost.

History of the car and car factory

Kamsky Automobile Plant (KamAZ Production Association) was founded in the middle of the last century to produce reliable heavy trucks. Release of the first car fell on February 1976. Up to now more than two million cars and about three million internal combustion engines have left the assembly shops of the car factory. One third of trucks on the territory of the former USSR are cars of the Kamsky Automobile Plant. Among the cars produced there were (and now there are such models) KamAZ-53228, KamAZ-4514 and many others. These machines are popular in more than 80 countries around the world.

Large-capacity chassis with four-wheel drive

KamAZ-53228 has a large-capacity chassis with a full drive and a 6 x 6 wheel arrangement. The car is equipped with a cabin in several versions: with a sleeping place, without a berth, with a high and low roof. Accordingly, this chassis, depending on the equipment, can be used in various sectors of life, from the transportation of agricultural goods, ending with transportation for long distances across the country.


For KamAZ-53228, the technical characteristics in the maximum variation are as follows: the enlarged wheelbase is 4.1 meters, the length of the front overhang is 20 meters and the rear one is 1.32 meters, regardless of the configuration, the maximum length is 8.9 meters , The curb weight is 8.28 tons. The load-carrying capacity of the chassis is 16.07 tons at a total weight of 24.5 tons. The load distribution along the axes looks like this: the front axle is no more than 6 tons, the rear axle is no more than 18.5 tons. The car is equipped with an eight-cylinder diesel internal combustion engine with a working volume of about eleven liters and a developed capacity of up to two hundred and forty horsepower. The maximum speed of the car is up to eighty kilometers per hour.

Fuel consumption

In our time, this is almost the main characteristic of the machine in the conditions of a constant increase in prices for fuel and lubricants. According to official statements of the car factory, the fuel consumption of the KamAZ-53228 automobile averages 35 l / 100 km. In the summer, about 28 l / 100 km. When used in winter - 30,8 l / 100 km. The flow rate is 31 l / 100 km, in the mixed mode - up to 40 l / 100 km.

The cost of cars

If you contact the dealer centers of the car factory, you can see that the price for KamAZ-53228, depending on the equipment, varies from three to five million rubles. When buying cars that have already been in use, depending on the year of production, technical condition, equipment, the cost of this model of the car will be from three hundred and fifty thousand to three or four million rubles.

It is worth recalling once again that KamAZ-53228 is really a universal truck, which, depending on the equipment, can be useful both in production and in agriculture. As in conditions of operation on the road, and in off-road conditions.

Making your choice in favor of KamAZ car, you will get time-tested quality, reliability and, with proper handling, the right assistant in your production needs. The cars of the Kamsky Automobile Plant have been able to compete with foreign manufacturers of multi-tonnage technology for decades. Over time, experts adopt experience and the best technical solutions from their foreign colleagues, and also implement their own developments.

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