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"Peter 1": a short summary. "Peter 1" by Tolstoy: content by chapters

This novel by Alexei Tolstoy is a historical, but simple chronology of events can not express it even the most concise content. "Peter I" by Tolstoy is filled with events from the life of not only real historical figures - Tsar Peter, Menshikov, Lefort, Charles XII, etc.

On his pages - characters, endowed with the writer typical features of representatives of the most diverse strata of the population of a huge country. They live and die, they speak a language whose expressiveness can be appreciated only after reading the book page by page.

General structure

The novel consists of three volumes or books. At the center of the narrative is the autocrat of the Romanov family, who was the first to be called the emperor of all-Russia - Peter 1. The brief content of the novel is the initial period of his stormy rule, from the time of the joint wedding to the kingdom with half-brother Ivan before the first victories in the war with Sweden for access to The Baltic Sea.

The events of the first book take time from 1682 to 1698. Summary of Peter 1 by Alexei Tolstoy, book one: Young Tsar Peter Alekseevich understands the need for reforms on the European type, triumphs in the struggle for power with Sophia's sister, who relies on the streltsy regiments.

"Peter 1": a summary of the chapters

Book I. In the first volume there are 7 chapters.

A.N. Tolstoy, "Peter 1", a summary of the chapters of the first book:

Chapter 1, parts 1-5: Ivashka Brovkin - a cunning and strong man, by order of the master - Vasily Volkov - sends his son Alyoshka with a train to Moscow. There, Alyoshka is robbed, he is lost in the capital's suburbs.

Part 6. Tsar Feodor Alekseevich dies of scurvy. His sister Sophia, one of the daughters of the first wife of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, Maria Miloslavskaya, claims his kingdom. Near boyars choose the healthy and lively Peter, son of the second wife of Alexei Mikhailovich - Natalia Naryshkina.

Parts 7-18. Alyoshka Brovkin gets acquainted with his peer - enterprising and smart beyond his years Alex Menshikov, who escaped from the house from beating his father. They are hired to sell the pies to the merchant, and then they witness the armed performance of the archers, instigated by the supporters of Sophia, who shouted that the Naryshkins had killed the heirs of the tsar. Patriarch Joachim shows the living Peter and Ivan, but the demands of the crowd are fulfilled: a joint wedding on the throne of Ivan and Peter, above them - Sophia.

Book I. Chapter 2. Summary of "Peter 1" Tolstoy A.N .:

Parts 1-3. The schismatics try to raise the streltsy to revolt "for the old faith," Sophia collects the nobles and extinguishes the unrest. Alexasha gets acquainted with the boy Peter, and running away from a father he meets on a random basis, gets to the German settlement - Kukui, where he is taken into the service of Franz Lefort. On Kukuya appears and hidden from the boring nannies Peter. Lefort shows the curious king many new and interesting things.

Parts 4-6. Vasily Vasilyevich Golitsyn - a man of progressive views, can not resist the demands of his mistress - Sophia - go "to fight the Tatars." There is no opportunity for war.

Parts 7-11. Peter with the help of foreigners is engaged in training "amusing troops". The Kukuyans are impressed by the energy and curiosity of the young Russian monarch.

Peter likes the attitude of the inhabitants of the German settlement to work and to the fun. He turns the head of a young beauty Anna Mons. Alexasha could become necessary to Peter and he was appointed an imperial bed-liner.

Book I. "Peter 1", a summary. Chapter 3:

Parts 1-2. Inglourious trek to the south of Vasily Golitsyn. The Russian army, suffering from lack of fodder and strong heat, finally stops the steppe fire. Arson accused of Ukrainian hetman Samoilovich. The author of this denunciation, Mazepa, himself becomes the ruler of Ukraine.

Parts 3-5. In Preobrazhensky, where Peter resides with his mother, the fighting efficiency of the amusing regiments-Preobrazhensky and Semyonovsky-is increased, which is alarming for Sophia. Alexashka enjoys Peter's growing confidence and recommends him a new drummer - Alesha Brovkin. The behavior of the young king is condemned by the mother Natalia Kirillovna and her boyar surroundings. The queen wants to marry Peter to Evdokia Lopukhina. The cousin of Basil Golitsyn Boris supports the beginnings of Peter by word and money.

Part 6. Vasily Golitsyn offers the Boyar Duma a mutually beneficial cooperation with French merchants to cover the needs of the troops, and receives a snobbish refusal.

Parts 7-8. The father of Anna Mons dies. Peter agrees to a marriage.

1689 year. Marriage

Book I. A.N. Tolstoy "Peter the First", a summary. Chapter 4.

Parts 1-5. Alyosha Brovkin, with the help of Menshikov, is saved from beatings of his father, who brought a grocer's ration to his master, Volkov. Ivan at first does not recognize his son, then pretends to beg for a huge sum - more than three and a half rubles.

The wedding of Peter and Evdokia is played according to the ancient rite, but on the eve the young king escapes to Anne Mons for the night, and a month later leaves at the shipyard to Pereslavl. The second Crimean campaign of Golitsyn ends with large losses on both sides.

Parts 6-10. With money from his son, Ivan Brovkin raised his household and began to grow rich. After the war with the Tatars increased poverty, robbery and robbery. Everybody wants the matter to be decided in someone's favor: Sophia or Peter. Streletskie chiefs, at the direction of the ruler, organize a conspiracy to kill Peter and his mother. Peter comes to the uncle - Lev Kirillovich Naryshkin, tells about the plot of Sophia, awakening in him childish fears and provoking convulsive seizure.

Parts 11-15. During the church service, Peter enters into an open conflict with Sophia, who at the time of the procession undertook to carry the icon, which should be done only by the royal male. Golitsyn's entourage encourages him to take decisive action against the inhabitants of Preobrazhensky, but he hesitates. The tsar's table Vasily Volkov, sent by Peter to the reconnaissance, was seized by the archers and brought to questioning Sophia. Fulfilling the Tsar's order to remain silent, he provoked the wrath of Sophia, who ordered him to be cut off. But among the streltsy there was no volunteer-executioner, and Volkova was secretly released. Streletskie chiefs appoint at midnight speech, and a group of guard archers, not believing in success, decide to send two messengers to Peter to warn of the danger.

Part 16. Peter and his entourage understand that if all the Strelets' troops rise, the forces of the Preobrazhensky and Semenov regiments will not be enough. It was decided to go to the Trinity Lavra under the protection of the monastery walls and the patriarch. Peter's nerves are at their limit. As soon as the archers arrive with a warning about the coming alarm, he jumps unconcerned in a panic to the Trinity.

Parts 17-19. Sophia fails to strike the alarm. Almost all of her supporters are moving to the side of Peter, and she herself is not admitted to the Trinity. Following the instructions of Lefort, Peter behaves in accordance with the wishes of the mother, provoking the approval of Natalia Kirillovna and her entourage.

Parts 20-23. Sophia suffers a complete defeat. She was transported from the Kremlin to the Novodevichy Convent, her most ardent supporters were executed and tortured. Vasily Golitsyn, whom his brother Boris saved from execution, was sent into exile to the north. Companions of Peter are lamented with money and lands. Everybody is waiting for executions, but the young autocrat of the heads did not chop.

The beginning of the sole government

Book I. A.N. Tolstoy "Peter the First", a summary of the chapters. Chapter 5.

Parts 1-5. Lefort becomes a true friend and chief adviser to Peter. In the Lefortovo palace Peter hears from foreigners about the inability of Russians to conduct business, about the savagery of their customs.

Parts 6-7. Patriarch Joachim requires Peter to protect the Orthodox faith from foreign heretics and drive the Germans out of the Russian land. The king surprises him with his firmness and asks not to interfere in his plans. Evdokia reproaches her husband for a connection with Anna Mons, they quarrel.

Parts 8-12. The fugitive servant Gypsy and blacksmith Kuzma Zhemov asked to "go to the artel" to the same homeless sufferers - Ovdokim and Judah, in order to get food right or wrong. Like them, many people went into the woods to rob or hide from the authorities, holding on to the old faith as schismatics.

Parts 13-16. Peter not only betrays bickering, but continues to build a new country. In Arkhangelsk, where there have long been settlements of overseas merchants, personally sees the difference in the standard of living of foreigners and Russians, and starts a serious conversation with Lefort about the main goals for the future. He hears from him about the exit beyond the Azov and Black Sea, about the war with Sweden for access to the Baltic. In everyday affairs: complaints of robbery, bribery and the first Russian "commercialism" - the organization of merchants for international trade.

Part 17. Natalya Kirillovna, mother of Peter, is dying. Having quarreled with his wife, he seeks consolation with Anna Mons.

Parts 18-21. Artel Ovdokim, pobraboynichavav on Tula roads, fell apart, and Gypsy and Zhemov were sent to hard labor at the arms factory. The war in the south is becoming inevitable - foreign allies and internal forces pushed it. The Duma called for the militia to be gathered.

Part 22. Ivan Brovkin's life changed dramatically: former relatives and fellow villagers were dependent on him, he was given a row for oats and hay for the army, his daughter Sanka came to woo for the former master - Vasily Volkov - the Tsar Peter himself.

Book I. Summary, "Peter 1" Tolstoy, AN: Chapter 6.

In February 1695, a campaign began to the lower reaches of the Dnieper and to the Azov fortress. At the head stood voevoda Boris Petrovich Sheremetyev, and the tsar went with the army as bombardier Peter Alekseev. In the capital remained to rule the prince-Caesar Fyodor Romodanovsky, who was afraid. The army descended to the lower reaches of the Volga, where it was necessary to replenish supplies. Due to the theft of contractors, this was a difficult affair - only Brovkin fulfilled the obligations as needed. Azov could not be taken from the attack, the Russians suffered heavy losses. A long siege with undermining began. The Turks received support from the sea, where they were in charge - troops and supplies were brought in, so the siege failed. An open assault was also repulsed. Lefort and other military advisers considered it necessary to transfer the military company to the next year. But Peter insisted on a repeated assault from land and from the sea. Only when he was repulsed and lost two-thirds of the troops, it was decided to retreat - so ingloriously ended the first Azov campaign.

1696 year. Capture of the fortress of Azov

Book I. Summary, "Peter 1", A. Tolstoy: Chapter 7.

Part 1. In two years, much has changed in the country, but most importantly - the king grew up. After the "Azov ignorance," he immediately left for Voronezh, where the construction of new ships began. The fleet was built at a great price. In May, Azov was besieged and two months later taken. After the triumphant return of Peter to the capital of the boyar Duma, it remained only to resignedly resigned new tsarist decrees on the construction of the fleet, the digging of the Volga-Don canal, the training of noble children abroad, and so on.

Part 2. Peter decides to go to Europe for the support of his policy and for new knowledge. He travels as part of a large embassy under the name of Peter Mikhailov. Departure was detained by the defeat of the Cossack conspiracy led by the former ally of Sophia, Colonel Zukler.

1697-1698. Great embassy

Parts 3-7. As part of the embassy, Peter visits Konigsberg, where he enters into an alliance with the Brandenburg Elector, inspects iron factories and workshops, and receives a certificate of training in artillery. He is struck by a reasonable and neat way of life, he dreams of introducing such a prosperous way of life in Russia.

Part 8. Peter and his companions make a strong impression on the reception, organized by the elector's wife and his daughter. They hit the nemok with their energy, curiosity and rude manners.

Parts 9-11. In Holland, Peter works at a shipyard in the town of Saardam, lives with a carpenter whom he knew by Voronezh, leads the simplest way of life, although he does not remain incognito for long. He is interested in everything, it is everywhere - in the tavern, and in the anatomical theater. In England he studies mathematics, learns to draw ship plans, hires marine specialists. A lot of money is spent on weapons, tools and various oddities. Meanwhile, in Moscow there are rumors about the death of the king abroad and the substitution of him. In the streltsy regiments, standing on the northern and southern borders, there are letters of Sophia with the demand to go to the capital to put her on the kingdom.

Parts 12-13. Peter is aware of the duplicity of European politics, and in Moscow Ivan Brovkin brings Prince Caesar Romodanovsky news about suitable to the capital streletskikh regiments.

Parts 14-17. Sagittarians, having no unity in the plans, were shot from guns to battalions loyal to the tsar. Peter, interrupting the voyage, returns to the capital.

1698 year. Streletsky riot

Parts 18-21. After his return, Peter arranges a demonstrative shaving of the boyar beards, without meeting his wife, goes to the German settlement to Anne Mons. Long terrible tortures and executions of participants of the Strelets' Troubles last. It ended Byzantine Rus.

In 1698-1703, the second book, Peter the First, was published. Summary of the second volume.

With the help of numerous supporters of people of simple origin, Peter is building a new industry, a new fleet, a new trade. The war for access to the Baltic Sea begins with severe defeats.

Book II. "Peter the First", a summary of the chapters: Chapter 1.

Parts 1-2. Gloomily in Moscow, there is no trade, schismatics prophesy misfortunes, they are called to go north to the sketes or to the Don, to prepare a new distemper.

Parts 3-4. Prince Buynosov is one of those who do not like new customs, new clothes, new nobles - without clan and tribe.

Sanka Brovkina-Alexandra Ivanovna Volkova-teaches his daughters Politez, and they envy her.

1699 year. Death of Lefort

Parts 5-7. Peter lost a loyal friend: Franz Lefort died. At a lavish funeral some grieve, others gloat.

Parts 8-9. Peter teaches the merchants how to put the trade business in a new way, the schismatics want to live the old way.

Parts 10-12. The Voronezh shipyards are completing the construction of a large fleet. Peter works as a forge apprentice, and a carpenter. The thought of the need for peace with the Turks and the inevitability of the war in the Baltic grow stronger. The conclusion of peace with the Sultan is helped by the appearance on the Black Sea of a Russian fleet, unexpected for the Turks, passing through the shallow waters of Azov.

A.N. Tolstoy, "Peter the First", a summary of the volumes: Book II. Chapter 2.

Part 1. Lieutenant Aleksey Brovkin with the detachment gathers people from the White Sea monasteries for the sovereign service.

Part 2. At a secular reception at Anna Mons, Peter is told about the young Swedish king Carla. He is assured of an easy victory.

Part 3. Ivan Brovkin's house is arranged in a foreign manner. The gathered guests discuss secular news and rumors about a future war with the Swedes.

Part 4. Swedish ambassadors did not wait for Peter to confirm the peace treaty. The Russian Tsar also sends a secret offer to the Polish king about a military alliance against Charles.

Part 5. Young Karl sends his mistress Atalya to spy on the Polish King Augustus.

Part 6. Peter wins Junior Brovkin for Princess Buinosov from an ancient noble family. He is surprised at the education of Artamon. Alexandra Volkova with her husband goes to Europe, going through the road attack robbers.

Part 7. In Moscow, out of the peasants recruited, foreign officers prepare a regular army.

Part 8. Alexei Brovkin gathers on the northern hermitages of recruits. The schismatics are ready to burn people, if only they did not serve the king-antichrist.

Entering the Julian calendar

Part 9. By the decree of Peter introduced a new chronology, celebrating the beginning of the new year 1700.

A.N. Tolstoy, "Peter 1", a summary of parts and chapters: Book II. Chapter 3.

Part 1. The whole courtyard and noble people go to Voronezh for the solemn descent of a new huge ship "Predestination" and a whole flotilla. At the height of the holiday, news came of the beginning of the Polish-Swedish war.

Part 2. The wolves on their way to Paris are delayed at a party first by the Polish Pans, then by King Augustus. Alexandra is a great success. The Polish king begins the war and asks Volkov to convey Petro's request for military assistance. Volkov goes to the king. Alexandra has to wait at the Polish court.

Part 3. Atalia tells Karl of the difficult situation of the Polish king and calls him to military feats. Karl enthusiastically begins the war: with the support of the Anglo-Dutch navy, Copenhagen is attacking.

Part 4. Peter reads petitions about widespread bribery and theft of state officials. For poor-quality cloth for uniforms, Menshikov is beaten. He gives Demidov the Urals plants, demanding quality and inexpensive weapons instead.

Northern War with Sweden

Book II. A.N. Tolstoy, "Peter the First," a summary in parts. Chapter 4.

Parts 1-2. Peace with the Turks was signed with the loss of some of the Azov conquests, and in Moscow a royal decree was announced about the war with Sweden.

Part 3. The war began with the siege of Narva. During the campaign, poor preparation was visible. Only the soldiers of the company Alexei Brovkin treated the commander quite well. Foreign commanders and soldiers hated each other. A long bombardment of the fortress did not bring success. Soon came a large army led by Karl. Peter leaves the commander instead and goes to Novgorod to prepare the rear. The Swedes are winning.

Part 4. Peter learns of the embarrassment, requires the merchants money for new guns and equipment of the troops, from monasteries and parishes - people for the defense of Novgorod, cruelly punishes negligent and bribe-takers.

Part 5. The king wants to take from the monasteries bells on cannons and money for war. Prince Caesar Fyodor Romodanovsky, instead, opens up to him a secret depository with the treasures that Father Peter collected - Alexei Mikhailovich. They were kept in the case of military need. "But I'll take the bells anyway ..."

Book II. A.N. Tolstoy, "Peter the First," a summary of parts and chapters. Chapter 5.

Part 1. Karl was dizzy with success, his army became one of the best in Europe. He crushed the troops of Augustus. On the Russian border left the building of Schlippenbach. Peter fortified the fortress, armed and trained the army throughout the winter. The new fortress in Arkhangelsk in summer rebuffed the Swedish fleet, the ship was captured. Sheremetyev, at the head of the new army, defeated Schlippenbach in winter quarters near Dorpat, and six months later at Hummelsgoth, and there was no one to guard the Swedish seaside towns.

Part 2. After the capture of the fortress of Marienburg, Field Marshal General Sheremet'ev bought out the captured girl Katerina from the sergeant, and made his housekeeper.

Parts 3-4. There is a confusion among the people - some were hiding from duties and military recruitment along sketes and forests, while other dissenters themselves offered Peter to arrange ore extraction and iron production. The channels connecting the rivers and seas for the passage of ships are being built. After a brutal battle, Russian troops captured the fortress at the sources of the Neva - Noteburg-Oreshek. Königsek, the lover of Anna Mons, accidentally died, and Peter found evidence of treason from him.

Part 5. Ivan Brovkin rejoices at the successes of children. In Moscow, another fire. Peter is planning to build a new capital on the banks of the Neva. He finally breaks with Mons. Menshikov tells him about Katerina, whom he bought from Sheremetyev.

1703 year. Foundation of St. Petersburg

Parts 6-7. Developed factories, work on which - a heavy bondage. The construction of a new capital begins. Peter meets Katerina.

The events of the final book of the novel cover the period from 1703 to 1704. The summary of Tolstoy, "Peter 1", the third book.

The young Russian autocrat shows extraordinary generic talent and wins a series of victories over the best army of that time - the army of Charles XII.

Book III. "Peter 1" is a summary of the chapters. Chapter 1.

Parts 1-5. Petra's favorite sister, Natalia Alekseevna, supports her brother with all her might. She is engaged in the formation of his favorite Katerina, wants to make the royal court truly European. Other sisters of the Tsar - Mashka and Katka - dishonor their brother with stupidity and disingenuousness. Prince Caesar Romodanovsky found their connection with the main enemy of Peter - Sophia.

Book III. Summary. Tolstoy "Peter the Great." Chapter 2.

Parts 1-4. Alexei Brovkin in St. Petersburg gathered all three brothers Brovkin. They command the construction of a new capital and a new fleet. The brothers talk about different things. Gavrila talks about the meeting with the royal sister Natalia. The fact that Karl, using the European civil strife, ravages Poland and threatens Russia. Menshikov came, invited to his governor's palace, where Peter soon arrived. At the table where the companions gathered, the king speaks of the need for a new assault on Narva.

Parts 5-6. Peter goes out to the workers, sees how hard they live, how poorly they feed. One of them - Andrei Golikov - shows his work - a picture of a sea battle made by coal. The king decides to order him a portrait of Katerina and then send him to study abroad.

Book III. A.N. Tolstoy, "Peter the First", a summary of the chapters. Chapter 3.

Parts 1-3. The Russian army, headed by the king, is speaking to Narva. King Karl chases across Poland for King Augustus, listens to compliments about his invincibility and learns about the Russian offensive from the envoy of the Polish king, who is waging a strange war between feasts and amorous pleasures, with the aim of defeating Charles and Peter.

Book III. Abstract "Peter 1", Alexei Tolstoy. Chapter 4.

Parts 1-3. The commandant of Narva Horn is not going to surrender, hoping for a suitable detachment of Schlippenbach and the Swedish fleet. But the ships of the Swedes scattered a strong storm and the supply of the fortress ceased. Menshikov cunningly lured out of the fortress and destroyed about a third of the army.

Parts 4-6. King Augustus, using the strengthening of the Russian army, goes to Warsaw against Stanislaus, the new king appointed by the Sejm. Karl starts off in pursuit. The main thing for both kings is to get hold of the treasury.

Book III. A.N. Tolstoy, "Peter the First", a short summary. Chapter 5.

Parts 1-6. Gavrila Brovkin jumps to Moscow with a letter from Peter to the prince-Caesar and to the artist Andrei Golikov. In the house of Brovkin they see a portrait of Alexandra Volkova in the form of Venus. Prince Romodanovsky, seeking a conspiracy, tortures the former priest, who knew with the dissolute tsarist sisters Katka and Masha. Natalia Alekseevna asks Katerina about her life. They meet with Gavrila and arrange a cheerful feast with mummers. After the feast, Natalia and Gavrila are left alone.

Book III. Summary of "Peter I" by Tolstoy. Chapter 6.

Parts 1-7. Another victory was won-Yuryev was taken. The assault was difficult, Sheremetyev, who commanded them, suddenly lost his vigor, and came to life again when the Tsar himself arrived. Peter summons Catherine. Menshikov defeats the detachment of Schlippenbach, who went to the aid of Narva.

1704 year. Taking Narva

The commandant of Horn and the family, and the starving inhabitants of Narva call for surrender, but he wants to fight. The disposition to seize the fortress was written by Field Marshal Ogilvy, who in conversation with the tsar calls the Russian soldier a rough-assed peasant with a gun. Peter does not mind, but he says that the Russian peasant is a dapper and clever. He makes his corrections to the battle plan, which lead to a quick victory. Peter reproaches the surrendered commandant for stupid stubbornness and unnecessary sacrifices.

Unfinished epic

For about 15 years Alexey Tolstoy worked on the book "Peter the First". The summary of his working materials spoke of grandiose plans to create an even larger chronicle of that era. But also that the master had time to make, became the present classics of the domestic literature.

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