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"Black Lagoon": actors and roles

The Spanish mystical series "The Black Lagoon" (actors: M. Rivas, J. Gonzalez, B. Suarez, A. Armas) was broadcast in the homeland by the "Antena 3" TV channel from the spring of 2007 to the autumn of 2010, the so-called farewell week began on November 13, During which the last culminating episodes aired.

Nothing Spanish is alien to us

In Belarus, the broadcast was carried out by Channel 8 in 2011. In Russia, the television series showed two TV channels - Teen TV and Sony Sci-Fi, after which the domestic viewer could not accept as an independent product the Russian adaptation of the Spanish mystical soap opera. Although the actors of the "Black Lagoon" and "Closed School" are similar only to the age period. The Spanish project takes the second place among its relatives, since the budget of its each series is about 600 000 euros, the domestic product of this funding has only to dream.

Plot. String

The actors of the "Black Lagoon" during the filming were so imbued with the fate of their heroes that they played convincingly and believably. This is not surprising, since the plot, written by the efforts of writers Laura Belloos, Juan Carlos Cueto, Rocio Martinez Llano, is capable of capturing everyone. According to the story, in one elite boarding school, in which children are trained exclusively from the most influential families in Spain, a brother and sister, the teenager Marcos and Paula, arrive. Their parents disappeared without a trace, and most of the people around them consider them dead, but the children still do not lose hope of seeing their relatives alive and unharmed. In the same academic year, the work of the maid in the same closed school arranged Mary, who managed to escape from the psychiatric hospital. She continues to search for her son, whom, she said, was abducted by mysterious attackers many years ago. And now she became aware that the boy is studying at this school.


Further, the narration of the movie "Black Lagoon", the actors and roles of which are harmoniously selected by the authors, turns into a continuous intrigue. The fact that the forest surrounding the boarding school, contains a lot of surprises and mysteries: from there people disappear from time to time, it is populated by mythical creatures, and at night exciting things occur in it. Soon, Marcos learns that all the strange events in the "Black Lagoon" in some way connected with his family. Now, together with the new comrades Ivan, Carolina, Victoria, Caetano and Roque (later joined by Julia), the main character tries to get to the truth. But the further the adolescents move forward in their investigation, the more obstacles they have on their way, there is a concrete threat to their life and health. Next, describe the plot twists and turns of the series "Black Lagoon" actors do not advise, spoiling even fans are not welcome. It is better to see once than to read 101 times.

main characters

Actors of the series "Black Lagoon" are selected brilliantly, all gorgeously accustomed to their roles. Since the storyline of the project is quite amusing and confusing, it's hard to single out a few of the most important characters. Almost every inhabitant of the school, be it a pupil, teacher or a person from the service staff, in a separate episode could come to the fore, become the protagonist around which the whole thing was spinning. This is the feature of the picture "Black Lagoon", the actors who took part in the shootings had the opportunity to prove themselves to the fullest. And nevertheless it is possible to designate several names that have flashed in the teleproduct especially brightly.

Launch site and experience exchange

First of all, distinguished Deniss Peña and Carlota Garcia - the smallest actors of the "Black Lagoon". At the time of the start of the shooting process, one was seven, and the second - eight years. Jon Gonzalez, Martha Torne and Elena Furiase before participating in the project also did not have a rich acting experience and decent filmography. But the frantic success of the series drew the young actors' attention not only to the viewer, but also to the filmmakers. Therefore, Jon Gonzalez and Elena Furiase took part in filming other serials and films before the end of filming of the "Black Lagoon". Often during the filming process, novice actors were assisted not only by the ubiquitous directors, but also by their more experienced colleagues in the shop: Pedro Cheevera and Amparo Baro, who had time to take part in the TV series "On-duty pharmacy". The premiere show of the TV series "Black Lagoon" did not have time to end, photo of the actors decorated the first pages of the most prestigious editions of Spain, later moving to the world cinema and TV magazines. They are worshiped, adored by fans around the world.

Detective component

Despite the fact that the story line to the outset is full of mystical elements bordering on frank science fiction, it clearly shows an intriguing detective story. The understanding of this comes to the viewer during the viewing of almost every episode of the picture "Black Lagoon". Actors, regardless of their youth, are sometimes likened to the best detectives of all time and people, surprising the beholder of deduction and the identification of cause-effect relationships.

International analogues

After the successful launch of the project, the rights to shooting and adaptation were transferred to the two powers - France and Russia. The French TV series was called "Boarding School" and could not win the sympathy of the audience, so it was withdrawn from production after the release of only ten episodes. The analogue of the Russian Federation under the name "Closed School", on the contrary, has become one of the popular youth serials in Russia and one of the most rated programs of the STS channel. As it was said, the domestic TV viewer had an opportunity to compare the Russian analogue with the original version, broadcast by the Sony Sci-Fi channel. The success of the series prompted computer programmers to create the game based on its motives.

Secret of success

The secret of the success of the project lies not only in the eternal confrontation between the forces of good and evil - this is too standard and even a banal move in many film and television films. A diverse storyline, the professionalism of the creators and a good casting of actors - these are the main components of success. However, the aforementioned confrontation also played a role. After all, the boarding school is a closed educational institution, its pupils, far from home and family, are left alone with their small and big problems. Their attempts to resist a group of "evil" and influential people cause, if not admiration, then respect. In principle, almost all the heroes of the series can be conditionally divided into a group of "evil" people and pupils who try in every possible way to bring them to clean water. Let the series have a mystical orientation, but even the viewer, who does not particularly like science fiction and mysticism, will be interested in watching the adventures of heroes, experiencing intrigue and striving to get to the truth together with them.

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