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What will be the consequences if I pierce my nose

Recently, various types of bullying are becoming popular. Where did this trend come from, it is difficult to say. Perhaps the craving for self-torture lies in the depths of the human subconscious, not for nothing that many religious cults practice masochistic rituals. And quite a large number of people go to such an execution with great enthusiasm. Most likely, this has given rise to today's fashion for tattoos, piercing, scarring and mutilation of one's own body with the help of silicone implants.

The most common adornment of young attractive girls today is piercing in the nose. The photos of such frisky girls, thanks to the efforts of photographers and image-makers, look pretty impressive. And, looking at these photos, our young generation is infected with a not very successful example. True, few of the young people know that almost all models do not dare to pierce their noses, and for shooting use rhinestones that only mimic decorations. But this does not prevent the creation of a unique image, the bait of which our girls come across.

Before inserting a piercing in your nose, you need to have at least the slightest idea of the consequences that inevitably will make itself felt after carrying out this operation. The most harmless consequence will be a heated discussion of one's own identity by acquaintances and not very people. And the discussions in their majority will be negative. If the girl decided to pierce her nose, then this will be considered vulgar. Many can say - bold and defiant, but it's essentially the same thing. Those who will object to this and will claim that girls with piercings in the nose are more like guys, you need to know the following: guys like these girls like all for the same reason. Piercing, tattoos and the like for guys - a subconscious sign of access and consent to "bold" adventures.

Other consequences will concern spiritual development. It is believed that a person who decided to pierce his nose or do something else like that, changes his destiny once and for all. And along with fate, the personality of the person changes. It's not known how true this is, but you can see that any person with a piercing really changes his behavior. It becomes rougher, its concepts become tougher, and the person - stale.

And finally, the most terrible consequences. The one who was not scared off by the previous lines, and he still decided to pierce his nose, should remember one very important rule: this is done only by new sterile tools, and the master must always wear gloves. The puncture site and the instrument itself, even though it is sterile, must be treated with alcohol of high concentration before the operation. After the puncture, it is necessary to treat its place with ointments containing antibiotics, until the wound is completely healed.

Do not use silver jewelry right after the puncture. Silver, of course, kills bacteria, but it also kills the normal cells of the body with the same success. This can lead to the development of dermatitis at the puncture site, or, worse, a bacterial infection that will lead to suppuration and infection of blood.

If all this has not yet discouraged your desire to pierce your nose, then in the end, take a little time choosing an ornament. Remember, it should neither interfere nor stand out, but only complement the facial features. Only in this case the created image will turn out to be really charming.

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