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Biography of Dmitry Dyuzhev, a popular Russian actor

The popular Russian actor Dmitry Dyuzhev, whose biography will be described in this article, despite the fact that his parents worked in the theater and from his early years attached his son to art, he did not dream of becoming an actor, he was more interested in mastering the profession of a policeman or sailor. But, fortunately, the genes took their toll, and the country gained not only a talented theater and film actor, but also a director.

Biography of Dmitry Dyuzhev: childhood

In 1978, on July 9, in the city of Astrakhan, in the family of Peter and Lyudmila Dyuzhevy, a son was born, whom they named Dima. The child from early childhood often went to the local theater, where his parents worked. He was a calm, assiduous boy, but he did not study well in elementary school. But at an older age he became worthy of having his photo hung on the school's Honor Board. When he was in the sixth grade, he was appointed chairman of the squad of pioneers, and when he studied in the ninth-tenth grade, the teacher was so trusted with him that they even instructed him sometimes to teach mathematics to the youngest.

Biography of Dmitry Dyuzhev: the beginning of a career

Dmitry's father could not find his director for a long time and played only minor roles in the theater. His dream of becoming a great actor, he wanted to embody in his son, he was confident that he will be able to make a career in theatrical field. And not mistaken, Dmitry became not only an outstanding theater actor, but also one of the most talented representatives of Russian cinema. Plans to become a sailor, Dima voluntarily left and listened to the advice of his father, enrolled in GITIS at the director's faculty.

Creative biography of Dmitry Dyuzhev. "Brigade"

Debuted Dmitry Dyuzhev in the movie, starring in the film "24 hours", only in 2000, a year after graduation. And the real glory came to him after the release on the TV screens of the series "Brigade", in which he played a bandit named Cosmos. The actor for a long time doubted whether to take him for this role or not, because the character is far from positive, but in life Dmitry is a deeply religious person. The priest advised him to play the hero with the understanding that this is an example of such a person as it should not be. The role of the Cosmos brought Dmitri the recognition and love of the viewer, he increasingly began to receive proposals from other directors. For today in the actor's arsenal Dmitry more than forty works in serials and cinema, and also two director's projects.

Biography of Dmitry Dyuzhev: trials of fate

Few people know that in the life of the actor, there were many sad events, which he experienced with great difficulty. First, he lost his eleven-year-old sister, who was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis - blood cancer. Neither expensive treatment, nor prayers of relatives helped her to defeat the disease. Dmitry dropped the institute and decided to return to Astrakhan to be with his parents, but they dissuaded him. After some time, and not recovering from the tragedy, Dmitry's father committed suicide. And a few months later my mother died from a heart attack. After all these events, Dmitry was gone, no one knew where he was, or what happened to him. And he went to the monastery, washed floors and windows there, prayed regularly and observed a strict fast. With full confidence that he will no longer be removed, Dima switched off the phone and broke all communications with the outside world. But one day he came to Lungin Pavel with the proposal to star in the film "The Island". Dyuzhev doubted, but still agreed to return to the profession.

Biography of Dmitry Dyuzhev: family

After six months of working far from civilization, he returned to Moscow. Together with fellow students he went to the cinema, where he met Tatyana Zaytseva. Six months later they were married, and in August 2008 they had a son, who was given the name Ivan. Dmitriy Dyuzhev's wife supports him in every way, with the whole family they go to church every Sunday.

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