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Anastasia Baranova: roles, films, biography

Anastasia Baranova is an American actress from Russia. She shoots in the movies, works as an actress of dubbing, voices feature films, animation projects and computer games. Height - 168 cm. By the sign of the zodiac Taurus. In her filmography appear 19 projects. A wide audience is familiar with the role of Jennifer "Scout" in the project of the television format "Scout Safari". Famed for the role of Addison Carver in the multi-series television film "Nation Z".

Anastasia Baranova. Biography

The actress was born on April 23, 1989 in the city of Moscow (RSFSR, USSR). From an early age, she started working in the modeling business, taking part in photography. In 1998, the future actress and her mother left for the US in order to continue the career of the photomodel. Two years later the family settled in California, and soon after that Anastasia began to master the profession of an actor. In parallel, I studied English with the help of special educational games. Freely can communicate in two languages - English and Russian. Educated at the University of Chapman. Lives in Los Angeles.

The first step in the film industry

I personally got acquainted with the world of the American film industry while working on the TV series "Lizzie Maguire", in which she got a small role. Later she was offered to play a major role in the project "Scout Safari". The entire filming process took place in South Africa, so Anastasia had to settle for some time in this country. The project was broadcast on television for two seasons and was closed after the 26th series.

Subsequent roles

In the list of Anastasia Baranova there are such famous television projects as "New Jeanne d'Arc", "Drake and Josh", "Malcolm in the spotlight" and others. In 2007 she was a participant of the project "Vampires". Three years later she was involved in the film of the serial format "Svetlana".

In 2014 she began to play the role of Addison Carver in the fantastic series "Nation Z" - the project of the television channel Syfy.

In 2003, the screen was a drama in the style of fantasy "New Jeanne D'Arc", in which one of the secondary roles was played by Anastasia Baranova. This is a series with episodes in 43 minutes about a teenager Joan, who, at the behest of God, goes to work in a bookstore, where she sees the image of the famous French warrior. Of those who are close to this heroine, few believe that she is elected, although the clues that were given her from somewhere above helped to reveal the most terrible crimes.

Work in the youth series

The actress combined shooting in this series and in the youth comedy project "Drake and Josh". This is a multi-part story about two half-brothers. Drake differs dreaminess and excitement, in whose plans to become famous throughout the world as a musician. Josh is a jolly teenager who very often acts on emotions, which is typical of those who look at the world through the eyes of a child. He does not know how to lie, because of what very often gets into various funny situations. The project was broadcast for several years in various countries and gained during this time a huge army of young fans around the world, including in Russia.

Russian Footprint

Actress Anastasia Baranova is Russian by birth, and she came from Russia relatively recently, probably because of this she was offered to play one of the roles in the comedy series "Svetlana", in which the main heroine leaves the USSR in order to open her business - a brothel called " St. Petersburg House of Forbidden Pleasures ". Her dream is realized, and soon Svetlana becomes a real business lady, who has to keep not only herself, but also an unemployed spouse, her son and a huge team of prostitutes. She is quite capable of this, since she brings a lot of money to the house, because in addition to the main work she has an additional: she works as a consultant on political issues.

New roles

In 2016, Anastasia Baranova, whose films have a television format, performed a role in the horror film "Welcome to Willits" with Garret Clayton and Dolph Lungren. This is a story about a small village, from which its inhabitants began to disappear in the nearby forest. At first this situation is perceived as something ordinary, because people could simply get lost, but the search team discovers in the forest bloody remains, which clearly indicates that strange and terrible things are happening here.

Talking about her role in the film "Nation Z", the actress notes that with the heroine of her intimacy and sarcasm.

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