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The most popular films: rating, list, reviews and reviews

What kind of movie do you like? Action, adventure, the most popular fantasy films or melodramas - today you can choose from thousands of tapes of any film for the mood. Some of them are so magnificent that they can be reviewed again and again.


Oh, comedy! The most underrated genre of cinema, which is considered to be not too intellectual entertainment. Although in fact, it is these films that help to get away from the daily routine, to relax, to laugh a little, even over stupid and flat jokes.

And if you approach this issue more closely, some comedy films can give odds to any drama or melodrama in the depth of the feelings and seriousness of some of the issues raised.

Here the rating of 10 best world comedies is offered:

  1. "In Jazz Only Girls", 1959. Very rare films are usually seen only by rare connoisseurs, but this tape can be seen today on any channel. Magnificent Marilyn Monroe as Dushechki, classic humor and an amazing ending.
  2. "1 + 1. Untouchables ", 2012. When you see the role of the main character of a disabled person, then you expect drama. But here it does not even have a hint, the plot is simple and understandable. This is not a film-overcoming, it's just a movie about the friendship of two men.
  3. Eurotour, 2004. Best Youth Comedy. The plot is based on the road adventures of Thomas and the company of his friends.
  4. "Slaughter Vacations", 2010. After viewing, you understand how a quality parody film should look like, in this case it's a parody of the classic youth horror film "student company on vacation + two maniacs". Very funny, although there is a lot of blood in places.
  5. "Features of national hunting", 1995. If you do not take Soviet comedies, then this tape is the most memorable among all Russian.
  6. "Groundhog Day", 1995. Funny, a little lyrical, a little bit fantastic and very kind. You can watch the whole family.
  7. "Wasabi", 2001 This film could replenish the rating of the best fighters, after all, Jean Reno is very cool, and he has to reckon with even the Japanese mafia. But the comedy scenes looked even better, so he's here.
  8. "The Taming of the Shrew", 1980. Adriano Celentano as the most inaccessible man in the world.
  9. "Bruce Almighty," 2003. In fact, the entire line belongs entirely to Jim Kerry - "Dumb and Dumber", "Mask", "Ace Ventura," etc. Classics of the genre.
  10. "Back to the Future", 1985 Not a comedy in its pure form, rather a comedy fiction, but the best of its kind.

The average rating of all the proposed films is 9.5 out of 10.


What does a real male movie look like? The militants are the most popular films chosen by the stronger sex. Here everything that men love: muscles and fights, steep wheelbarrows, many weapons of cold and gunshot, beauties that need to be rescued and sexy fighting friends.

Top 10 fighters:

  1. Terminator, 1984
  2. Leon, 1994
  3. "Armor of God", 1986.
  4. Die Hard, 1988
  5. "Highlander", 1986.
  6. "Brother", 1997.
  7. «007. Coordinates Skyfoll », 2012
  8. "The Rush Hour", 1998.
  9. Mr and Mrs. Smith, 2005
  10. "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol", 2011

The average rating of films ranges from 8 to 9.5. Here only classical fighters are offered, without a fantastic or historical entourage (in the first part of the "Terminator" still more from the action movie).

Melodramas and dramas

The most popular cinema in the genre of melodrama can often be attributed to dramatic works. Why is this happening? Maybe because the brightest love is only the one that quickly burns out. And maybe because only after the loss you begin to understand what exactly was lost.

Top 10:

  1. "Diary of Memory", 2004.
  2. "Ghost", 1990
  3. "Roman holidays", 1953.
  4. Gone with the Wind, 1939
  5. "Meet Joe Black", 1998.
  6. The Great Gatsby, 2013
  7. "Real Love", 2003.
  8. "Hurry to love", 2002.
  9. Memoirs of a Geisha, 2005.
  10. City of Angels, 1998.

The average rating of films is 8.5. Describe each of them is meaningless, because the action of each unfolds around the same - a man and a woman. Everything else is tinsel.


How to determine the genre of cinema? Adventures are the most popular films that most viewers like, but everyone means something of their own. For example, someone likes action-adventure, to others - adventure-fantasy or fantasy, or say, adventure comedy. Therefore, this list contains films for the widest audience.

Top 10:

  1. "The Last of the Mohicans", 1992. Classical military adventure film.
  2. "Gladiator", 2000. A movie with a telling name about a fickle fate: today you are a general, and tomorrow - a slave fighting in the arena.
  3. "Jurassic Park", 1993 What will happen if the ferocious predators escape from the cells and begin to hunt people. Someone would have turned out a horrible horror film based on this idea, but Steven Spielberg created a masterpiece in the genre of "fantasy and adventure."
  4. "Indiana Jones. In search of the lost ark ", 1981. Classics of the genre, to watch all, you can all family.
  5. "White Captivity", 2006. Forgotten in the Antarctic, dogs are trying to survive and wait for the hosts.
  6. "Mummy", 1998. In some places a terrible, but very interesting adventure film.
  7. The Hobbit. Trilogy. The best fusion of fantasy and adventure.
  8. "Family Cruds", 2013 The cartoons are rarely included in the general ratings, but this one is so good that it looks great on any list. Watch the whole family.
  9. Sherlock Holmes, 2009 Freestyle interpretation of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
  10. "Survivor", 2015 A mixture of drama and adventure. According to the American Film Academy, in this film, Leonardo DiCaprio played a better role.

The average rating is 8.5-9.5 out of 10.

The most popular movies: fantasy

The most popular genre of recent years. It is these tapes that turn out to be bright and memorable at the expense of interesting invented worlds, stunning special effects, fairy-tale characters and other tinsel, which makes it possible even from the average scenario to make the leader of the world hire. The most popular cinema in the genre of "fantasy" is all movies about superheroes, space ships, fairy-tale adventures, worlds of the future and all possible anti-utopias.

Top 10:

  1. Terminator 2. Judgment Day, 1991
  2. "Avatar", 2009
  3. The Stranger, 1979.
  4. "The Fifth Element", 1997.
  5. "Star Wars. Episode 4: A New Hope, 1977
  6. "Martian", 2015
  7. Interstellar, 2014
  8. "Hunger Games", trilogy.
  9. Cloud Atlas, 2012
  10. "The Face of the Future", 2014.

What's wrong with this list? It consists of only 10 positions, and the most popular cinema in the genre of fantasy is about 100 different tapes, and all of them can not be listed. Here, only the tip of the iceberg, the cream itself, something that fans of fantasy and simple viewers, far from dividing the movie into genre components and recognizing one type of classification - good or bad cinema.

Overall rating is 9.5 out of 10.

More than a movie

Sometimes, the most popular movie is not just a mix of tapes of different genres, it's really a cult thing. The films on the list are an atomic bomb. These works of great directors force us to rethink the world, ourselves, to change something in ourselves, and maybe in the world.

Top 10:

  1. Raven, 1994
  2. "The Matrix", 1999.
  3. Sin City, 2005
  4. Kill Bill, 2003
  5. Forest Gump, 1994.
  6. "Lord of the Rings". Trilogy, 2001-2003
  7. "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", 1975
  8. Fight Club, 1999
  9. "Escape from Shawshank", 1994.
  10. "The face with a scar," 1983.

This is a genius movie out of the rating and out of time. To look all.

Reviews and reviews

The films that occupy the top lines of different tops usually do not have bad reviews from viewers. And the critics are very sympathetic, and there are reasons for this: as a rule, in films with high ratings everything is in order and with direction, and with acting, and with sound, and in general with a visual series.

True, there are individual taste preferences, so some criticism is present. For example, the same "Interstellar" was condemned for its tightness and lack of dynamics; Many did not like the last part of the "Hunger Games", and in general, to Katniss, as to the heroine, there were many questions. And as Christopher Tolkien, the son of a famous writer, hates the adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, everyone knows.

In addition, today any movie of film criticism (and all who consider themselves as such) is disassembled almost by staff and looking for the slightest inconsistencies, operator's flaws, film-holes, check it for technical certainty or conformity to the historical epoch. And they find mistakes, sometimes in huge numbers.

But, by and large, all this is nonsense. People look at popular cinema for the sake of spectacle, mood, and it should not look like a scientific aid. And to deny yourself viewing, say, the "Martian" only on the grounds that the film is not reliable from a technical point of view, just silly.

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