Car Honda Elysion: specifications and reviews

It should start with the fact that the car Honda Elysion, the technical characteristics of which will be presented in our review, weighs about 2,000 kg. Its dimensions are from 492x184x179 cm. This brand is a bright representative of minivans that are manufactured by the company. In 2004, this model went on sale. Every motorist knows that if the car from the manufacturer Honda, then about its high-speed data can not survive. However, there are some problems.

Due to the high competition in the market, the Japanese miracle has not been able to implement the implementation plan since its launch. Unfortunately, Nissan and Toyota in many respects surpass the model Honda Elysion.

A few words about the manufacturer

The company was founded in the far 48th year in Japan. Soichiro Honda created and led the future automotive leader. Initially, the government of the country disapproved of the company's global orientation, as there was a risk that competition with Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi would hit the economy hard. But the management of the concern successfully survived the pressure from the state and did not obey its demand. After the crisis of 1973 ended, Honda cars became the most sold in America and some European countries.

Brief characteristics of the car

In order to strengthen its position in sales, the company decides to release a minivan (L), which surpassed all expectations. The body has a swinging structure, the door is sliding. The machine is made in such a way that the people sitting in it are arranged like this: 2-3-3. Therefore, it can be seen that the total number of seats 8. This is quite convenient and can not but rejoice.

Luggage doors (rear and sliding) can be connected to a special device, which allows you to manage them from a long distance. This clearly distinguishes the Elysion model from another minivan of the same company that was released for North America. This brand is front-wheel drive.

Vehicle interior

The length of the cabin is 293х158х126 cm. In the Honda Elysion (photo demonstrates the features of the model) it has 4 doors at once, which are located on the side. Those that do not belong to the driver's line, have electric drives, therefore, while sitting at the wheel, you can control them. The machine is equipped with rear view cameras, a navigator and a turntable.

Passenger seats are comfortable and comfortable both on the second row and on the third, it is possible to adjust their height. In addition, the seats are designed for long trips, so even if you fall asleep in them, no discomfort will arise. The manufacturer also took care of the function of folding the seats (to fit more cargo). It is possible to move them forward or backward if desired. Depending on the year of release on the second row there are 2 or 3 places.

Pros of Honda Elysion

The first thing that catches the eye is the feeling of the far-away wheels being too close (although the base is very long). If you explain it in an accessible language, when driving, the driver feels the position of each wheel. The engine of the car is so impressive that, despite its large dimensions, it works very quietly.

Although the cabin is spacious, but for owners of such famous models as Alphard (Toyota) and Elgrand (Nissan), it may seem a little too small. But it is worth considering that the floor of the Honda Elysion (reviews often relate to this aspect) is lower than in the standard versions, so the cabin height seems huge. Perhaps this is what creates the effect of space.

Racks that are too massive, reduce the feeling of empty space in the cabin. They take up too much space. However, their advantages still fully pay off the disadvantages. It's about how much the body has become stiff due to these racks. It is this aspect that allows the driver to fully feel all the wheels, and the car to be convenient to manage both on difficult routes and on ordinary roads.

Impressions of the owners of Honda Elysion

Most recently, for the public review was released model Odyssey from the famous company Honda. Its technical characteristics, which the manufacturer presented, consisted of a low body and an extended interior. This is more like traditional Japanese cars, which are produced only within the country. The controllability of the machine is also at a better level, as when assembling the wizard, they took care that the center of gravity was omitted.

The opposite of this model is a new car from the same company Honda Elysion. His body, on the contrary, a little tightened, the cabin is higher. The manufacturer described the car as a minivan of the L class. He also has an additional (eighth) place. Armchairs differ in their spaciousness; Glazing of the car at the highest level. In the seats you can "drown". In addition, they are arranged in such a way that each successive row is placed above the previous one by 4 cm. This allows the seated from behind not to feel too restrained.

The engine on the chassis is fixed in such a way that the vibration passing to the body is suppressed and practically not felt. And the technology of installing wheels surprises with their innovations: their impacts and noise in the suspension are softened and also not felt. It is such an unusual car is Honda Elysion. Feedback from owners is 80% positive. Often on the forums there are those who often have a rest in the forest with a large family. Amazing comfort and convenience they feel at every turn. The customers are also impressed by the acceleration of the car, especially when driving on the road: if the speed was 120 km / h, then when you press the pedal it soars to 160 km / h. Many people talk about this model, that it "flies" low on good and high-quality roads.

Alternative to Elysion - Toyota Alphard

Someone is comfortable to drive with the right wheel, someone with the left. Unfortunately, the second option in our case does not exist, so you can not even try to find such a car brand Honda Elysion. The left steering wheel is present at the main competitor Toyota Alphard. Unofficially and for a long time users of the Network and owners of Honda have been recognized as an alternative to this model.

The minivan has a five-door design. The release of this model has been launched since the spring of 2002. The car manufacturer is characterized as a top class car. On sale in the Russian Federation, he entered at the end of 2011. The engine of this version is 3.5 liters.

Alternative Elysion - Nissan Elgrand

The main "native" competitor of Elysion was the model of the Japanese company Nissan Elgland. The first generation of this car was published only until 2002, after this period the second generation version was released.

What attracted customers? Dynamic appearance, original decorative elements, powerful functionality. The engine was originally taken from Terrano, but after a while the car acquired its "own" unit. Two versions of the car were produced simultaneously. The first was an ordinary minivan, and the second was different from it with body kits that are too low.


If to draw a conclusion, being based only on responses of buyers it is possible to tell with confidence, that Honda Elysion - that car which could amaze all with the elegance. In principle, the main advantages that drivers give: lightness on bends, strong stability, a sense of "flight" during driving and large sizes. Although the last nuance may not like everyone.

People leave the wishes, which are that the manufacturer fixes the problem with the rocking of the body when entering the turn. Few people complain about the 2.4-liter engine, but the engine still needs to be replaced. He is not as saturated as we would like. Due to the fact that the machine is too heavy, although the maximum speed is very high, the level of overclocking deserves a solid "four".

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