Mount for phone in car: review of car holders

In the car there should be a minimum of devices and devices that will make driving more convenient, but at the same time will not become a hindrance. Modern gadgets in the form of GPS-navigators, tablets and phones are perceived by experienced drivers, including as full-fledged assistants in the car. But even if you do not plan to use the same smartphone as a means of navigating or informing about traffic jams, it is quite possible to entrust the performance of primary functions right in the process of movement. But for this it is important to choose a fastening for the phone in the car, which will save problems during the operation of the device. The market offers a variety of options for such locks, and the review below will help you determine the appropriate option for this device.

Suckers for phones

This is the simplest way to fix the device, which allows you to fix the gadget to the glass without much expense. But for the affordable price and simple principle of work, the owner of such an arrangement will have to pay some bother. In particular, the fastening for the phone in the car on the glass in the form of a conventional suction cup is not reliable. That is, when driving on bumps the design is more likely to fall regularly, which is not allowed in the operation of an expensive mobile device.

And yet, for infrequent use or as a spare lock, this option is quite possible to have in service. There is a usual sucker with a niche for a mobile device no more than 200 rub., And for its installation it is almost not necessary to bother with the adjustment of complex fixing structures. This applies to universal versions of attachable accessories, but also on the market you can find a special fastening for the phone in a car from this category, which will be free from the drawbacks of conventional silicone.

Fixing clothespins

These devices are also not difficult to install and, most importantly, do not leave a trace on the glass. Unlike a simple sucker, the clothespin is larger, which makes it difficult to consider it as a convenient and reliable fastener. But since it is in some way the basic bracket for the phone, the driver can adjust the position of the gadget for his needs - turn, twist, lower, etc. Again, there are different types of clothespins and it is very important to pay attention to the density of clamps and the quality of plastic , Which is most often used in the manufacture of this accessory. A poor-quality assembly, for example, can cause the construction to crash when moving, which will not be the best way to affect the machine control process.

Clamps of the brand Kioki

To address to the specialized production calculated on fastening of phones in the cabin of the car, it is worthwhile after it was estimated at least approximate requirements for this accessory. For unpretentious users, you can recommend Chinese inexpensive accessories. Perhaps, in one of such rulers there will be a suitable variant. For example, the manufacturer Kioki produces a car holder in the form of a tape, the cost of which is about 100 rubles. We can say that the fastening is disposable, but it will be able to provide basic support for the device in extreme cases. However, fixation is realized only from the side - there is no provision for lower insurance.

Holders of brand Koto

Another representative of the Celestial market, but this time it is a more serious accessory, the cost of which is about 500 rubles. The company produces devices that are suitable for both phones and smartphones with communicators regardless of their size. The design is formed by a suction cup on the glass and a disk with an adhesive layer, thanks to which it is possible to fasten the phone to the vehicle's torpedo without additional attachments. The creation of vacuum is provided by means of a screw mechanism. As for the controls, the user is able to adjust the design to the width of the grip, and can also adjust the rotation angles.

Fixture from Mini Handy-Telefonhalter

This is a German product manufactured by Richter. Fasteners of this brand also suggest the possibility of fixing both on the glass surface and on the torpedo - the kit contains a special addition. To the features that the fastening for the phone in the Richter car has, it is necessary to include a wide range of adjusting positions, as well as thoughtfulness in small things. Perhaps, for a long-term operation of an expensive device in the process of car movement, this option will do the best. The developers have devised a special system of pads for the phone, which allows you to carefully keep the case regardless of vibration. The flexible bracket allows the installation of a lock in almost any position.

Fasteners Bracketron

Not cheap, but a durable and reliable way to fix any portable gadget. The Chinese firm Bracketron has decided to combine two different approaches to the manufacture of fixatives. For the basis was taken fastening for the phone in the car in the form of a stand. It is a platform that occupies a horizontal position and is able to contain in its niche even a small tablet, while maintaining reliability. To the merits of this holder can be attributed and special coating, which does not leave any traces.

The second part of the fasteners is formed by the platform on which the suction cup-holder is placed. It is desirable to perform direct fixation on the torpedo. Unfortunately, the attachment for the phone in the car can be installed only on this part. This option is suitable in case of regular use of gadgets in the car. In this case, you can fix not only the usual size of phones, but also a larger technique - navigators, tablets, etc.

Holders of brand JIO

Under the brand JIO come not cheap, but high-quality and functional holders with a solid element base. Most devices are also Velcro equipped, have a massive platform and are mounted on the dashboard. As the manufacturer notes, already standard models from the middle level are capable of holding gadgets of the order of 500 grams. In this case, the guiding elements allow the position of the object to be changed in different ways. This is not only a holder for a smartphone, but also a means of mounting under the same navigator or tablet. As for the price tag, then you can buy a younger model on average for 1,000 rubles. More solid, attractive externally and functional accessories are estimated at 1,500-2,000 rubles. In addition to the high cost, there is another drawback to the fasteners of this brand - they are not universal and require an initial reconciliation of the installation possibilities with the characteristics of fasteners.

What is the difference between a magnetic holder?

A feature of such devices is the principle of operation - retention is carried out by means of magnets. Most often, an neodymium magnet is used as the active element, which has a long service life and does not have negative toxic effects on the driver and passengers. You can fix the device on the dashboard, air duct and even the steering column. There are models for both smartphones and tablets - in both cases, the accessory handles weight. In the structural basis, the magnetic holder comprises a metal support of a small size. It can be fixed with the help of an adhesive tape - a magnet, in turn, provide basic support.

How to choose an option for mini-devices?

Manufacturers seek to make models of fasteners for small gadgets small, but functional. Usually the device fixing area itself is a sliding mechanism on the bracket with hinges. In any case, such a performance is considered optimal. Also worth paying attention to the quality of materials. It is desirable that the places of direct contact with the apparatus are rubberized. If you choose a holder for a smartphone with the ability to rotate, then it is better to use multi-functional options. It can be devices with suckers, as well as platform fixings for the instrument panel.

How to choose fasteners for large gadgets?

The reliability of fixing the latch itself and the possibility of placing gadgets in its niche are the main parameters for choosing models of this type. If we are talking about massive tablets and smartphones, then it will be preferable to install on the dashboard. This is a reliable and convenient way of placing the holder. With regard to materials of execution, then should be guided by metal - steel or aluminum. It should be noted that the car holder for large devices may have limitations in the adjustments. Angles of inclination and turns, as a rule, are calculated even before the installation. Of course, and such devices are expensive - about 1,500 rubles. And it's also important to note that for a massive gadget, only a similarly-sized lock-holder will fit, which will surely cover part of the review. You can, as an alternative choose options with fastening on the glass, but they have even more cons.


In addition to the functionality and reliability of fasteners, it will be superfluous to initially take into account the aesthetic merits of a particular model. Still, the salons of modern cars in themselves demonstrate a fairly high level of design performance. Accordingly, and accessories should be selected for a specific interior. In terms of colors, you can note the variety of traditional neutral shades, as well as special colorful versions of the retainers. However, excessively bright fixture for the phone can distract from the road. In terms of materials, the choice is not particularly rich. This is either plastic or metal. Sometimes there are models with interspersed wooden and glass elements, but this is a rarity and, as a rule, representatives of exclusive series. Another thing, the presence of rubber pads and liners, which preserve the outer shell of the shell in its original form. Also, it is worth considering the possibilities for using fasteners for other gadgets. For example, stand with regulators, installed on the dashboard, it is suitable for a small phone, and for a large tablet.

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