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How to distinguish a boy-hamster from a girl: all signs

Small rodents do not have pronounced sexual characteristics. There are often cases when even sellers in pet stores when selling an animal call it sex with doubt: "It seems that it's a female" or "This one looks like a male". But you will agree that it is much more pleasant to start a pet, just knowing who he is. How to distinguish a boy-hamster from a girl - detailed instructions specially for you in our article.

Indirect signs of gender

In many animal species, males from females can be distinguished by the naked eye. The difference can be noticeable in the size and constitution of the body, color, behavior. How to distinguish a hamster boy from a girl, are there any noticeable signs? If your pet is a jungar, it is not difficult to determine its sex. Males have a longer fur than females. Usually this difference is evident even in very small hamsters, which only turned 2-3 weeks old. All other types of hamsters do not have such obvious differences. The length and color of their wool may be identical in females and males. It is believed that boys are more relaxed than girls, but in fact every animal has its own character. If your hamster is not Dzhungar, you need to study his abdomen and genitals.

General inspection rules

The most correct way how to distinguish a hamster boy from a hamster girl is to inspect his pussy. It is advisable to proceed to this procedure when the animal is at least 3-4 weeks old. Well, if the hamster has lived in your house for some time and is accustomed to the hands. Take the animal and, supporting the upper part of its body, gently knead from the palm of the lower legs and tail. In this position the hamster instinctively spreads the hind legs, thus opening the lower part of the trunk for examination.

How to distinguish a boy-hamster from a girl: the subtleties of the anatomical structure

Do not expect to detect a noticeable primary sexual characteristics under the tail of the putative male . Young testicles are not noticeable in principle, in addition, all rodents have a unique ability to hide them in danger. But how to distinguish a boy-hamster from a girl? Pay attention to the distance between the anal and genital opening. In females, it is minimal, and in males it can reach 1-1.5 cm. In addition, this delicate zone in hamster girls is not covered with hair. On the underside of the female body, two rows of nipples are visible, and the male abdomen is covered with a uniform wool coat. Another sign of hamster-boys is the presence of a tubercle, similar to the navel, on the belly. In addition, in males, the abdomen is almost always slightly moist due to the active work of special glands. If you are unable to accurately identify all the signs described, your pet is likely too small. Postpone the definition of sex to a later period and let the hamster grow.

What determines the sex of the animal? You can choose a name for your pet, as if you know whether it's a boy or a girl. It is important to know the gender also in the event that reproduction is planned. Try to remember how to distinguish a boy-hamster from a girl at a month's age. Believe me, it will be easier for you to attach posterity by naming the sex of each animal.

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