Hydrogen sulfide: what is dangerous for health? Symptoms of poisoning

Hydrogen sulfide is extremely rare in nature. However, in some cases a person is forced to contact this substance. This happens not only at work, but also at home. It is worth noting that a small concentration of the substance is in the intestine. It is impossible to avoid his presence in life. What is hydrogen sulphide? Than it is dangerous to health?

How is the substance formed

Not everyone knows what hydrogen sulphide is, what is dangerous for health and how it is formed. To begin with, it should be clarified that this substance is a gas that has a characteristic smell. It consists of hydrogen sulfide from several components: one part of sulfur and two parts of hydrogen.

The substance is present in certain natural sources, in volcanic waste, in layers of sea water at great depth. How is hydrogen sulfide formed? What is dangerous for human and animal health? This we will consider below. To begin with, it is worth investigating where this substance comes from. In nature hydrogen sulphide is formed as a result of prolonged decay of the protein. Confusing gas with other substances is very difficult, since it is characterized by the smell of rotten eggs.

Where does a person come across him?

In the life of modern man, hydrogen sulphide is found quite often:

  • The substance is a by-product of ironmaking, in the production of asphalt, cellulose and viscose.
  • Gas is released in the laboratory in the process of obtaining salts of copper and silver. It is for this reason that many employees of such enterprises are more likely to get poisoned.
  • Hydrogen sulphide is very often formed in sewage waters during their purification.
  • Some of the dyes include sulfur compounds, as well as hydrogen sulphide.
  • It is used as a component for medical baths.

The content of hydrogen sulphide in the intestine

Where else is hydrogen sulphide present? What is dangerous for health, and how can it hurt? In the intestine, the gas content of a healthy person should be between 0.1 and 0.5 liters. Part of the trace concentrations is attributed to hydrogen sulphide. This is the norm. In this case, the person feels quite normal, since the gas does not harm him.

However, with the appearance of stagnant processes, as well as excessive consumption of protein foods, the concentration of hydrogen sulphide increases severalfold. This negatively affects not only the work of the entire intestine. A person gets poisoned. The first help in such phenomena is a balanced diet.

Hydrogen sulphide gas: what is dangerous?

With sulfur compounds, a person faces daily. Such a substance is dangerous because the body gradually gets used to it. The man ceases to smell gas. As a result, you can get a strong poisoning with hydrogen sulfide. In small quantities, the substance is not harmful. However, with an increase in the gas concentration in the inspired air from 0.01% and higher, poisoning can occur. First of all, the digestive system is affected, and the nervous system is also depressed. If the concentration rises by more than 0.05%, then the person feels a sharp deterioration in health. At the same time, violations of almost all internal organs are noted, which can cause instant death. Most often, a lethal outcome occurs upon contact with hydrogen sulphide for more than 30 minutes. Usually, gas poisoning can occur if the compound is inhaled while working with reagents. The reason often lies in the elementary non-compliance with safety rules.

Influence on the body

Hydrogen sulphide is dangerous for humans, since this gas can cause serious poisoning. If untimely assistance is provided, the victim may die. What are the signs of poisoning?

By inhaling this sulfur compound, a person may have an itchy nose, runny nose, and salivation. It is very dangerous if hydrogen sulphide gets into the eyes. Vapors of this substance can cause edema of the eye, conjunctival hyperemia, pain, iris damage, and corneal opacity. As a result of poisoning, a person can experience photophobia. At a very high concentration of hydrogen sulfide, the victim may lose sight.

Hydrogen sulphide is dangerous to health even if it gets on the skin. If the concentration is low, the substance can cause redness, and if it is large, then a 2 or 3 degree burn develops. In the presence of extensive areas of the affected skin, a person may experience shock.

If hydrogen sulphide is ingested

Gas can damage even internal organs. Upon ingestion, hydrogen sulphide can induce vomiting, nausea, frustration, dizziness, chest pain, and throat swelling. In some cases, the patient develops bronchitis. In this case, cough can be accompanied by phlegm mixed with blood. It is extremely rare for a victim to develop bronchopneumonia.

In addition to the above, a person with poisoning with this compound may experience headaches, fatigue. Often there is a decrease in blood pressure, arousal of consciousness, fainting, and also a rise in temperature. If the poisoning is severe, then the victim can quickly lose consciousness. Such a phenomenon is often accompanied by convulsions, violation of blood circulation and breathing, suppression of reflexes and so on.

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