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It's not a secret for anyone that most of the trinkets we use every day have been brought to us from China. This explains the incredibly low cost, and low quality of goods, leading to a short period of their operation. With the spread of the Internet, most products of similar origin that were sold on the domestic market with insane margins can be purchased directly from Chinese vendors on the Aliexspress website. Most often in the shopping basket are clothes, shoes, accessories for phones, kitchen utensils and much more. However, this is not the only thing you can find there. In the site directory you can freely find products that are included in the top as the coolest things in online shopping. What is included in their number, we will consider in this article.

Buy a house online

It turns out that all sorts of little things for home are not the limit for the site "Aliexpress." Recently, many sellers offer their buyers to buy a real home! Of course, it is not performed in the traditional form. Rather, it resembles a glass oblong sphere with a transparent floor, ceiling and walls. A large sofa, table, TV and small closets can be easily placed on its area, which makes it look like a real living room.

Many users note that it's a pleasure to be in a starry night or rainy weather. However, he will pay a very large sum. Chinese sellers put this lot at a price of 50 to 100 thousand rubles. However, for those who love really cool things, the cost of a futuristic design seems completely justified.

Ready for anything

On "Aliexpress" there is a section worthy of attention devoted to the equipment for traveling, fishing and hunting. Along with the classic equipment, you can find a multifunctional bracelet of essentials, which can easily be attributed to the group of "cool things."

It looks like an ordinary massive men's bracelet of light green in color and perfectly in harmony with everyday clothes. This small subject contains several important functions that you may need to survive in the wild. The bracelet easily turns into a five-meter high strength rope, and the fasteners on the fasteners have a whistle and flint built for fire.

Some models also have a small flashlight, powered by solar energy, a sharp tip or an awl. This bracelet is made in black or green. In this section of the site you can find other cool things, for example, various women's accessories with similar functionality.

The best of the best

If you take the site in general and consider all categories of goods, you can select a number of things that are now very popular and are included in the unofficial top-10 of the coolest things:

  • Clothing and accessories with symbols of superheroes.
  • Vintage comics and posters.
  • Pictures.
  • Modern kitchen utensils with sensors.
  • Electric cars.
  • Chinese analogues of expensive smartphones.
  • Plants with non-standard color and predator plants.
  • Soft toys of various shapes.
  • Accessories for mobile phones.
  • Chinese jewelry designers from natural materials.

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