Lacquered bag: rules of choice, care, tips of stylists

The choice of bags is a responsible business for every fashionista. This accessory is not only decorative, but also practical. The bag should be both compact and roomy, and in addition, combined in color and style with your favorite clothes, so that it can create different images.

Lacquer bag - a thing that requires a special approach. It will look elegant and solemn, if you observe several important rules when choosing a model and its further operation. But ignoring some simple recommendations can lead to deterioration of the state and quality of the bag, which, of course, will affect the whole image.

Selection rules

Women's lacquer bags are mostly capricious things that require care. When choosing this accessory, first of all pay attention to the material from which it is made. Natural skin is in the lead in the ranking of tissues, and no dermatine can compare with it.

Carefully inspect the accessories. Bear in mind that, when in contact with the skin, the metal parts will eventually stain and scratch it. If the edges of the eyelets or pads are sharp, then return the bag to the seller and look for another model. Substandard grinding and any shortcomings in the metal fittings will inevitably lead to spoilage.

The lining is also important. You do not want your disheveled thread sticking out of your beautiful lacquer bag. Pay attention to all the nuances when buying, since there are no trifles in this matter.

Current colors

Black lacquer bag - the main contender for the title of universal accessory. It gives the image a restrained solemnity and emphasizes the delicate taste of the owner. In addition, this accessory will be in harmony with a variety of things - from an evening dress to a denim overall with torn knees.

The beige bag in this season promises to be a real hit. Calm beige combines with the absolute majority of colors - from the brightest to the pastel. Glossy casting of noble skin gives this color a special charm.

White lacquer bag - a real luxury. By purchasing such a thing, think carefully about how much you are willing to take care of it. It requires more care than any other. The fact is that white patent leather tends to stain in shades of those things with which it comes into contact. Regular rubbing and treatment with a special tool will solve this problem. But you can not let things go by themselves.

Red bag of patent leather is a serious application for the victory in the nomination "Fatal Beauty". This accessory attracts a lot of attention, it catches your eye. Red bags, especially lacquer, require scrupulous elaboration of the image. Do not overdo it with details, it is better to limit yourself to one bright accent. Do not take risks with the size: it is better to choose a clutch or an envelope handbag than a red shiny bag.

Care instructions

Regularly wipe the handbag with a piece of soft cloth or a washcloth. Ideal for these purposes is a melamine sponge or a bamboo cloth.

If you find contamination on the lacquer surface, first try to eliminate it by chemical means, and not mechanical. To do this, it is best to apply household soap. Do not take risks with aggressive solvents such as whiteness or liquids to remove varnish. But organic chemistry can be applied. Before you wipe the surface of the bag, try the product for some detail, hidden from the eyes.

Tips stylists: what to wear a paint bag

First of all, it's worth mentioning what you absolutely can not do. In the first place antikompononov - things from lacquered or shiny fabrics, more or less similar to the patent leather. Such a tandem will look provincial even in the outback. What can we say about the modern metropolis?

Not too successful is the combination with shiny accessories. Contrary to popular belief, a lacquer bag does not need such an addition, like lacquered boots or sandals. It is better to choose suede, leather or textile.

Lacquer bag, especially a small size, perfectly harmonizes with strict suits in business style, bringing in a strict image the necessary zest. And of course, this accessory can be ideal for a trip to the theater or restaurant. Supplement the evening outfit with a luxurious lacquer handbag and do not be surprised by the amazed woman's looks and the smiles of men.

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