How to tie a scarf on your head: from classics to exotics

Headgear is able to transform any image, but the ability to wear hats is not given to every woman. Yes, and the availability of such an accessory in a single copy, right, leads to longing. Having mastered such art as tying scarves on your head, you can constantly surprise others with originality and uniqueness. It is necessary to clearly understand that, firstly, such an accessory is not always appropriate. Secondly, the material and color scale of the scarf or scarf must harmoniously combine with the color of the skin and eyes of its possessor. And, thirdly, this design of the head should not attract much attention to itself, but fit organically into the chosen style. There is a logical question: " How to tie a scarf on my head to be in a trend?" There are different ways.

In the style of Hollywood cinema stars

The scarf is thrown over the head, the ends overlap from the front and are thrown over the shoulders. Then, if desired, they either stay on their shoulders, or they are fixed on the neck. A simple and elegant option for women of fashion.

In the style of hippies

In this case, the scarf is folded into a strip about 15 cm wide and wrapped around the head over the hair, its lower edge closest to the eyebrows. The ends of the product can be hidden or left to be released. A similar scarf, tied as a "bandana", will give an image of insolence and rebellion. These are the most common ways of tying a scarf on the head among young people.

Turkish turban

A strip of scarf is passed underneath the hair, overlapping in the forehead and fixed below the hairdo. To decorate the head in this way it is possible and with the help of "snug". Since tie a scarf on your head in this way is not a very difficult task, then you should take advantage of this trendy technique.

African turban

The scarf covers the whole head, then follows the overlap of the ends in the forehead, then on the back of the neck. The remaining ends are twisted as much as possible and fixed by a knot at the top. If you take a handkerchief, fold it with a triangle, cover the head from the bottom up, cover the knot in the forehead area, wrap it with the corner of the product and fix the entire composition with a bow on top, then you will get a light version of the turban in African style.

Eastern motifs

How to tie a scarf on the head, if there is no experience? In the east. The whole head turns into a scarf, it is tied with a knot in the neck under the hair, and then the tail is completely placed in the scarf and fixed with additional knots. Such a technique will help to be irresistible, even if the time for a hairdress is sorely lacking.

It should be noted that the scarf is a universal accessory and can be used both in winter and in summer. Warm thin woolen models are suitable for cool weather, linen and cotton for the heat of city streets. How to tie a scarf on your head is up to the woman. The presence of even one copy in the wardrobe will create an incredible number of mysterious images. And men can only guess, who is this beautiful stranger - humble modest or wild cat?

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