Design of the yard - basic rules of arrangement

When viewing landscape design magazines, the reader finds many attractive ideas, which he then implements on his plot of a summer cottage, cottage or just a rural house, creating a yard design. Often these ideas come to us from magazines on the design of other countries and other climatic conditions. We take them a little bit from here and a little bit from there, and we try in our yard, for example, under Tver, to recreate the Spanish patio, which then for 6 months will be covered with snow.

The design of the yard has its own rules. Rule one: the creation of the design should be based on the specific features of the site, although there is the technical possibility of creating a personal brook or a mountain where it has never existed.

Rule two: the style of the yard must match the style of the house. Especially it concerns small courtyards. But if you want to create something in a different style, then this should be at some distance from the home. The house should dominate and be the main part of the design of the yard. The path from the gate to the main entrance should not be past economic unfavorable buildings. If there are any on this way, you can hide them by planting trees or arranging a hedge.

Rule three: you need to immediately plan what will happen in the yard. It takes into account the composition of the family, traditions, desires. Some zones can be combined to save. So, you can combine the summer kitchen and dining room in the open air. All zones must be connected by paths, the location of which is also better to think in advance. The areas themselves can be divided by garden walls or screens.

Rule four: you need to evaluate the structure of the courtyard, having inspected it from the windows of the house, or even better, if you can see the territory from the top floor of the house. It is through this that you can assess the correctness of what was done and make corrections if necessary.

Rule five: no design of the yard can not do without decorations. It can be functional things: original bird feeders, a birdhouse, and you can use purely decorative large sculptures and small figures, various arches. All this should emphasize the general style.

The principle of the sixth: a very modern and aesthetic element - lighting.

The luminaries produced today can not only illuminate the territory, but also be an amazing element of the decor. It is necessary to think that their light does not interfere with the night, but only gently highlighted the right places.

Rule seven: you need to carefully consider the landscaping of the yard, choose pots and containers for plants, their location, planting areas and tree species. If the yard is small, then its gardening should be vertical. Of course, if there are planned thorough work on the arrangement, for example, tiling large areas, or some fairly large buildings, then without the help of specialists, builders here can not do. But you can create a beautiful landscape design of the yard with your own hands. There is a lot of space for imagination here. It can be any fences in the style of country, carved elements in the finish, gravel tracks or wooden decking. All these elements are completely accessible for manufacturing by hand.

To date, there are many shops selling garden lamps, statues, plastic hedges and containers for creating decorative reservoirs. The use of these products will help to carry out the conceived design of the yard with their own hands.

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