Men's bracelets made of steel and leather: features of choice

There is a misconception that any body jewelry is exclusively for women. However, it is not. The representatives of the stronger sex also have their preferences in costume jewelry. And although the choice of such accessories is not so great, the original men's bracelets made of steel and leather are very popular. The subtleties of choosing such products will be described in this article.

Features of the appearance of fashion for decoration

Fashion for bracelets goes back to the distant past. For many years (and even centuries), similar products were worn by the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, Egypt and ancient Greece. They were wicker and metal decorations, which were worn by women and men. At that time for their owners, these were not just beautiful trinkets, but objects of pride connected with a lot of local legends and legends.

In those mysterious times men's bracelets made of leather and steel could tell a lot about the character and social status of their owner. For example, some of them were considered integral attributes of wealthy nobles, ambassadors and even representatives of royal families. Others - were called to drive away evil spirits, and performed the role of talismans, passing from father to son. Still others were worn exclusively on holidays.

Today, such accessories have not lost their former popularity, although they have acquired a somewhat different meaning. What can say today's jewelry? And how difficult is it to pick them up for a man?

What materials are used to create jewelry?

If earlier various jewelry decorations were created exclusively from gold and silver, then today you can find bracelets made of steel and leather. These are beautiful and stylish decorations, complemented by a variety of decorative studs, rivets, stones, clasps, pendants, plastic or ivory beads. And most importantly, they all create a single harmonious composition.

Jewelery from steel: features and decor

Brilliant jewelry made of high-quality jewelry or medical steel, can turn a head to anyone. They can have different widths, diameters and configurations. For example, in the modern world there is a costume jewelry with spectacular silver or gold plating. Often similar products are covered with rhodium, which does not darken and does not change its color for a long time. The main advantage of such accessories is that they can be worn under almost any clothing and footwear.

Costume jewelery with leather elements: advantages and characteristics

Everyone who is fascinated by adventure films, where they talk about the world of fairies, elves, knights and dragons, will certainly like bracelets made of genuine leather. Such items look stylishly on a thin and full hand, and also give the image a certain zest. The choice of models of such decorations is various. Therefore, you can see ornaments with elements of plaiting braids or techniques of macrame, with metal or silver inserts and rivets.

Men's leather and steel bracelets (branded): where can I find them?

You can buy the "pleasant little things" you like in online stores, at virtual auctions and even second-hand. There are they in the markets and specialized outlets.

If you want to present them as a gift to your beloved person, friend or leader, give preference to firm representative offices. In such stores you can find exclusively high-quality goods from manufacturers with a worldwide reputation.

Therefore, narrow or wide men's bracelets made of steel and leather at a similar outlet will have a corresponding certificate of their authenticity. This means that your gift will not crumble in a week after the delivery, but will be a perfect reminder of the day of its receipt.

What should I look for when choosing a product?

Before you start buying a man's jewelry, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Appearance, design and style;
  • Shape and peculiarity of weaving;
  • Thickness and size.

Speaking about the size, you should make a preliminary measurement of your man's hand. If this is not possible, try to visually assess its thickness. This nuance will allow you to choose exactly those bracelets (men's) made of steel and leather, which are ideal for your chosen one. So, beautiful jewelry with a thin strap will look great on a thin hand with long and thin fingers. And, on the contrary, massive ornaments like holders of a wide wrist and full hands.

In addition, in each specialized store there is an appropriate dimensional grid, which will make the right choice. For example, in such outlets there are accessories of the following sizes:

  • 16 and 16.5 cm;
  • 20 cm;
  • 21 and 22 cm;
  • 22.5 cm, and so on.

How to choose a product in size on a personal visit to the store?

The ideal way to choose the right gift is to come to the store together with a close friend, friend or colleague to carry out the measurement of the product personally. So, actually, and the accessories are selected on hand, for example, it can be men's bracelets made of steel and leather "Impulse" (a well-known jewelry manufacturer). By the way, the products of this company can be made of combined fabrics and accessories, for example, leather and metal.

When choosing an accessory, pay attention to the following points:

  • He should not cause discomfort (squeeze and squeeze the hand);
  • Can not hang on the wrist (be too loose).

And remember, for example, leather jewelry is not adjustable over the entire length. Therefore, choose men's bracelets made of steel and leather, according to the size of the man's hand. And, of course, consider his wishes, taste and style.

Shape and feature of weaving

Another important point is to study the shape and features of weaving the product. In particular, here pay attention to the preferences and interests of your close or just a familiar person.

For example, you plan to make a gift to your boss, who adores everything antique (vases, books, furniture). In this case, you can use bracelets made of steel and Greek leather.

They can be depicted in hieroglyphics, drawings of mythical characters or gods. Such a present, undoubtedly, will emphasize the individuality of your boss and make an unambiguous hint at his hobby. And if you make a memorable engraving on it (from you personally or from the team) in the style of Greek writing, such a gift will be simply unforgettable for him.

Appearance, design and style

Before making a memorable purchase, conduct a visual assessment of the man who is planning to present a beautiful jewelry as a gift. Remember what style of clothes he prefers, what he wears on his head (hat, baseball cap, beret), what shoes he wears, etc. And, of course, do not forget about the type of his occupation.

In a word, your chosen men's bracelets made of steel and leather (the antique kind of jewelry, for example, is today the most popular) should not be "screaming" and too stand out. On the contrary, they must harmoniously combine with the style of the male representative. For example, an ascetic model is ideal for a business person. She will emphasize the stability and permanence of him as a partner, husband and father.

If your man prefers a sporty style of clothing and shoes, he will use decorations of a more extravagant style. These can be products made of colored leather, thick or thin with a variety of weaving. Fans of punk style, for example, like wide accessories with different lacing, rivets and spikes. Or they can choose models from metal with skulls, crosses and other such tinsel.

People of creative professions will like models that were created using different materials, for example, leather and silver parts, steel and rubber, etc. Such a choice will emphasize the diversity of their inner world and inspire them to create literary works, writing paintings and Songs, will give a fine mood.

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